How to Resole climbing shoes? (Complete Guide)

How to Resole climbing shoes? (Complete Guide)

If you’re an adventure junkie and a fan of the outdoors, then mountain climbing is a great sport to keep you fit and healthy as it provides a full-body workout. No matter what type of adrenaline rush or outdoor challenge you are looking for, it won’t disappoint. There is indoor rock climbing, too, if you want to get started in a safer environment.

Mountain climbing requires special climbing shoes to take the impact on the rough terrains which are different from your regular sneakers or running shoes. But the only complaint climbers will often tell you is that the shoes wear out really quickly due to the extensive pressure. And buying a fresh pair often isn’t economical or good for the environment.

This is where knowing how to resole climbing shoes can come in handy. Climbing shoes generally need to get resoled as the shoe rubber tends to wear off due to the impact they get from the rough terrains during climbing. Resoling old shoes is the process of replacing the worn-out shoe rubber from the sole with a fresh new one that makes your shoes as good as new.

In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about resoling climbing shoes- from when to do it and how, get all your queries answered.

The Process of Resoling Climbing Shoes

The workers at the resole stores are professionals who have perfected the craft of resoling shoes and making them as good as new. Basically, the original soles of the shoes is removed and replaced with a new one – if there aren’t any additional problem.

The process may sound simple enough, but it requires a level of skill and precision to do it right. You will need to have a resole kit, rubber sole, tongs, and other equipment if you want to do it yourself. Many people attempt to turn it into a DIY project before resigning and sending them to the stores.

The professionals are more likely to do a better job that will last longer and give you a more efficient result. You can also resole approach shoes or even get them customized according to your needs at the resole stores.

How to resole climbing shoes

Is It Worth It?

If you resole your shoes at the right time before it gets too damaged or broken down, you can extend its life for several more months. A pair of shoes can be resold upto six times based on its existing condition. That is a great deal compared to spending hundreds of dollars buying a new one.

If you are a frequent mountain climber, then you have some sentimental value attached to your shoes. You don’t have to let them go as quickly after the first signs of wear. Get them resoled for a small price and help reduce waste.

When to Resole Climbing Shoes

When you climb wearing climbing shoes, the weight of the entire body falls on the toes, especially on the big toe. And that is where the rubber from the sole of the shoe tends to break down.

To understand the ideal time of resoling your climbing shoes, it is necessary to know about two specific parts of the shoe- the sole and the rand rubber. The sole is the entire rubber cover placed on the bottom of the shoe, and the rand rubber is the thin layer of rubber that protects the toes and sits on top of the sole.

The sole starts to wear down and become thinner with use. The sole, at one stage, wears down to the condition that even the rand rubber starts to thin out. This might be the right time for a resole as further using such shoes would damage the sole and the rand even more, and you might find holes around your toes in no time.

Depending on the use, climbing shoes may run around 4-6 months before needing a resole. If you take proper care of your shoes, you could still use them after upto three resoles and one rand repair. This should extend the durability of the shoes for much longer.

How to resole climbing shoes

Where to Get Climbing Shoes Resoled

There are plenty of repair stores that would fix your shoes for a small price. Resoling climbing shoes can be a tricky job if your shoes are completely worn out and have visible holes in them. But the workers at the repair shop work like wizards to bring your shoes back to life.

Most of the repair shops accept mail. They will even quote you an estimated price if you send them the pictures of your shoes. The repair shops also provide a variety of rubber soles for you to choose from.

Turnaround time for resoling varies based on the complexity of the job. Some are completed in just days, while others may take weeks or even months to complete, depending on how intricate they are. So if you are a regular climber and don’t have an additional pair of climbing shoes, it will be super frustrating waiting for the resoling of your shoes.

resoling shoe

For more area-based locations, check out this link to find the shoe repair shop near you.

How Much Does It Cost To Resole Climbing Shoes

Resoling climbing shoes can change the entire look and feel of your shoes. It also increases the longevity and durability of your shoes. Best part? Resoling shoes is way cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes.

Repair costs depend on the condition of the shoes. A half-sole/standard resole will cost you anywhere around $40. That is a very reasonable bargain compared to buying a new pair. You might need to add the shipping charges if you’re not living near the resole shop. Some resolers even offer discounts on shipping costs if you send in more than one pair at a time. Getting full resole even if it costs you around $70-$80 seems fair as you get a completely new sole added to your shoes.

But you have to know when to take your shoes to the resoler and when to exchange them for a new pair. If the shoe has been to the resoler a few times and needs another rand repair, it probably isn’t cost-effective to get them fixed again. Shoes tend to wear down quickly if you’re a regular mountain climber compared to if you’re rock climbing at the gym. Keep these conditions in mind and compare the prices before getting your shoes resoled.

If the resole costs cross the $100 mark, you might need to consider the benefits of the resole over buying a fresh fair. Overall, getting a resole is pretty cost-effective, and some climbers even like them better after the resole. You’re also reducing waste and creating a positive impact on the environment by not throwing out shoes as often.

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Lets Conclude!

A pair of shoes is an essential element for mountain climbing. If the shoes are too far gone and cannot be saved even by the resole stores, consider finding ways to recycle or reuse them before sending them to the landfills. Resoling climbing shoes can extend the life of your shoe by a year or two, saving you money in the long run.

In this post we’ve discussed how to get your old soles resoled and what it will cost so that you know if it is worth doing before starting the process. It may not always make sense for some people but those who do it often find themselves with an extra pair of climbing shoes they didn’t have before!

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