Sneakers Vs Tennis shoes (3 Minute Read)

Sneakers Vs Tennis shoes (3 Minute Read)

Imagine you’ve changed your old rented house and come to a new area. It’s spacious, with open fields nearby and tennis courts too! Your neighbor has invited you over for some friendly tennis games on the nearby court, and you happily accepted the invitation. But there is an issue; you are not sure whether you can play Tennis wearing the sneakers that are available in your flat or you need to buy shoes specifically designed for Tennis.

Now, this is an imaginary problem. But many of us might have asked ourselves this question when we occasionally get invitations from our colleagues/neighbors to play Tennis. This article will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding sneakers and tennis shoes.


We live in a society that is more and more becoming health-conscious; it’s no surprise that people will work to make sure they’re doing their best for themselves. This includes making sure you have the right footwear. Sneakers are an easy way to keep your feet happy all day long and can be a great companion for your daily morning/evening walk! They can also be used for the regular purpose or casual wear. They come in so many different styles and colors; there is something out there for every taste. They are made of rubber soles which make very little noise while walking.

Some characteristics of sneakers are-

  • Not specifically designed for any purpose
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Come with a wide variety of styles and colors.
  • Do not provide lateral support.
Sneakers Vs Tennis shoes (3 Minute Read)

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are shoes that have the sole purpose of assisting a person with their tennis game. Tennis shoes can be made out of many different materials, but polyurethane material is the most common material, which has a reputation of absorbing shock generated from the jerks during the game. Regular tennis shoes often have an asymmetrical lacing system for improved grip during lateral movements to prevent the shoe from slipping off your foot. There is one thing that you need to know is that tennis shoes fall under the broad category of sneakers. So all tennis shoes are sneakers, but not all sneakers are tennis shoes.

Some features of Tennis shoes are:

-A wide and low rubber sole for lateral movements and changes of direction.

-slimmer’ than regular shoes to provide protection for ankle injury.

-made of shock-absorbent materials

-less cushioning and padding

Sneakers Vs Tennis shoes (3 Minute Read)

Difference between Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

Availability in showrooms

Sneakers are available for purchase at any nearby shoe store. Retailers also have a wide variety of different sizes, colors, and styles. It is not always the case with tennis shoes typically only sold in sporting goods stores or local specialty shoe shops.

Lateral support and stability

The difference between tennis shoes and sneakers is that sneakers provide lateral support and stability. It gives them a distinct advantage on hard surfaces and for quick movements from side to side required in the game of Tennis. Tennis shoes provide more flexibility, making them better for grass courts.

Comfortable cushioning and support

To make your walking comfortable, sneakers have more cushioning and padding. On the other hand, tennis shoes are more focused on supporting your ankles so that you don’t have any injury due to all the quick movements required on the tennis court. It is a crucial consideration for tennis players.


Sneakers are not designed for any specific purpose. They are fashionable and comes in a wide variety of styles. They can be used as casual or formal wear. On the other hand, tennis shoes are designed for specific sporting activities, i.e., Tennis. So it is evident that they have some differences in their structure. Using them for casual wear might not be the best choice.

Weight and flexibility

Tennis shoes are designed in such a way that they can match the vigorous and agile movements that take place on the tennis court. So tennis shoes are more flexible. On the other hand, sneakers are lighter than Tennis shoes. But if you consider the other shoes, both tennis shoes and sneakers are comparatively lightweight and flexible.


Generally speaking, sneakers are cheaper than tennis shoes as tennis shoes are specifically designed for Tennis and hence require unique technology.


Sneakers are primarily made up of synthetic and leather materials. The material used in making tennis shoes is important because it determines the durability of the shoe as well as its grip. Tennis shoes can be made from a variety of different materials which possess the shock-absorbing capacity. Sneaker material is generally cheaper than tennis shoe material because sneakers are not specially designed for certain activities like tennis shoes.

Are sneakers business casual?

The answer is both yes and no. It really depends on the office. A sneaker is business casual in some offices and never appropriate in others.

In recent times, some companies are taking the lead by encouraging their employees to come in comfortable clothing, which can be a good signal that they might accept sneakers, jeans, etc, which are not considered as formal wear for business. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are proactively helping foster a casual office environment.

However, some companies may be more conservative when it comes to dressing codes. For example, there is an unspoken law at the various office and firms that sneakers should never be worn before Friday afternoon.

These companies will often require you to wear pants; some even have a dress code that prohibits jeans, so be careful if you’re thinking about wearing your favorite pair of denim for a job interview!

So before wearing sneakers in the office, I will suggest you go through the office rules regarding the dress code. But keep in mind that if you are an independent businessman, you can always wear one of those pairs of sneakers with jeans while having a meeting with your clients/partners/suppliers.

Sneakers Vs Tennis shoes (3 Minute Read)

Can women wear men’s sneakers?

The answer is not straightforward. It depends on some underlying conditions. Some sneakers are specifically for men. Looking at them, anybody can understand that they are men’s sneakers. So women wearing them might get some awkward looks in the streets.

If the sneaker’s style goes with women, they can wear men’s sneakers. But usually, men’s shoes are wider than women’s shoes. If they are the same length and width, then there should not be any problem.

When to replace your sneakers?

The indicators of when it is time to replace your sneakers will depend on the type of shoe you wear. Generally speaking, if you are an active person, you might need to replace them more often than others. A typical pair of sneakers will normally last from 400 to 500 miles. If you are an active person who walks at least 30 minutes every day, you should replace your sneakers every six months.

There are some general indicators that you should watch out for in any type of shoes:

-The heel and stitching have started to come off

– is not as flexible as it used to be

-Heel down or arches up noticeably

-Your toes can no longer wiggle comfortably inside of the sneakers.

– no longer giving you the support and comfort it used to.

– does not fit well or feels too tight

– causing pain.

– making you more unstable.

-outsole wore out and is rough to the touch.

-midsole flattening or wearing out.

Final thoughts

Sneakers have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. If you are interested to know more about sneakers and other types of shoes, you can go through our websites. We have many informative articles regarding different types of shoes on our website.

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