Places where you can recycle your worn-out sneakers!

Where To Recycle Sneakers

Your favorite pair of Sneakers will eventually be completely worn out, or you might want to update your Sneaker collection. That means throwing away your old pair of sneakers.

But just throwing them out to the landfills is a waste of the shoes, not to mention that it is not sustainable for the environment.

There’ are several ways you can give your old pair of sneakers a new life. Great for people like us who care for the environment, there are plenty of places that offer to recycle and upcycle your sneakers to make them brand new.

Continue reading to find ways to recycle your pair of Sneakers and bring them back to life.

Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program

Places where you can recycle your worn-out sneakers!

The easiest and most comprehensive way to recycle shoes is through Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe campaign under their Zero Waste Program. You can recycle any Sneakers, even from different brands, and drop them off at the dedicated boxes on any of the Nike Stores around you.

Nike recycles these shoes and turns them into playgrounds, gym floors, carpet padding, bikes, etc. If the shoes are reusable, then they may be given a second chance at being Sneakers manufactured by Nike. You can learn more about the recycling program at their website.

Got Sneakers

Another company that helps recycle shoes is Got Sneakers. They are working towards the noble cause of sending sneakers to parts of the world where shoes and footwear are not that accessible.

Got Sneakers help you host fundraisers and provide for all the necessary tools. You even get paid for every reusable Sneaker to get collected. Talk about a good deal with a great cause.

They also donate or recycle the pair of Sneakers that are not eligible to be reused. This way, all the sneakers get a new purpose.

Brooklyn Running Company

Brooklyn Running Company is a New York-based organization that collects old beaten-down athletic sneakers and sends them to an organization that turns them into entirely new shoes or recycles them by disintegrating the materials. 

If you live in New York, you can drop them off at their in-store bins to collect used sneakers. Brooklyn Running Company will do all the work for you and find a new home for your Sneakers.



TerraCycle launched their Zero Waste Shoes and Footwear Box that allows you to donate almost any type of shoes, including Sneakers. The Shoes need to be packed in one of their boxes and shipped to the factories where they are upcycled, recycled, and reused based on their existing condition.

TerraCycle wishes to turn this initiative into a nationwide program to reduce waste and promote recycling and sustainability. It also partners with brands to produce more sustainable footwear that is clean for the environment.


ReCircled is another such organization working towards reducing waste and giving clothing and accessories a new life instead of throwing them into landfills.

You can send your old and used Sneakers to ReCircled, and they will sort your shoes for you. If the shoes are reusable, they will be repaired and resold. And if they are not usable, then they are broken down into their raw materials and then recycled. 

ReCircled works with most name brands so your sneakers can find their way back to the factories they came from.

Places where you can recycle your worn-out sneakers!

Additional ways to Recycle Sneakers

You don’t always have to depend on companies or organizations to have programs to recycle your sneakers. Recycling old sneakers can be arranged by ourselves and often from the comfort of your home.

If your shoe isn’t completely worn out, you can still recycle them by donating, reselling or turning it into your very own DIY project.

Here are some ways you can recycle your old Sneakers with a little initiative.


If your shoes are still of the quality that they can be resold, it might be a great way to free up your closet space while positively impacting the environment. There are plenty of places and websites like eBay, Poshmark, and even your local consignment shops that you can choose to resell your previously used pair of kicks.

Reselling Sneakers does not only make them a new product to the next owner; it’s also a means for you to earn some extra cash from your old shoes.


If you think that your Sneakers are reusable with just a little help, consider making a visit to your local shoe repair shop. The cobblers work like magic and can fix any minor flaw with the shoe and make it brand new. Repairing old Sneakers is a much more sustainable option than throwing them out after a few wear and tear. Your shoes are more durable than you think!

Although it is a dying industry, shoe repair shops are busy as ever turning old beaten-down shoes into wearable Sneakers that you can use for years to come.



Donating is a great way of reusing old Sneakers if you have outgrown them or simply want to make room for new pairs. There are a lot of organizations that receive shoes and sneakers as donations. You may give your Sneakers to your local Goodwill, women’s shelter, or any thrift store or consignment store of your choice. Sole4Shoes is a non-profit organization that receives gently used shoes and provides income opportunities by selling those shoes. Do a little research before throwing your old shoes in the trash.


You can even let your creative side flourish by upcycling the shoes in any DIY project you like. You will find plenty of inspiration and ideas on Pinterest that can help you turn your old pair of Sneakers into an urban flower pot or a piece of decoration.

It is our responsibility to take care of the planet home we were given. With just a little consciousness and effort, it is not very hard to find sustainable options to reuse and recycle products like Sneakers that are not biodegradable.

Find an option suitable for you, and let us all switch to recycling our sneakers and extending their longevity.

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