Where to sell used sneakers? (Complete Guide)

Reselling Sneakers

If you want to free up some of your closet space while making a little extra cash, selling some of your old shoes might be a great way to do it. But reselling used sneakers can be a little challenging if you don’t know all the right places and procedures to get the best value for your product.

Reselling or flipping Sneakers or shoes can be a little unusual but a very profitable side hustle if you know how to do it right. You can make upto thousands of dollars a month by reselling Sneakers with the help of online platforms like eBay, fight club, etc.

Keep on reading to learn all you need to know about reselling used Sneakers– from choosing the right pairs to the best online marketplaces all in this article.

Choosing the Right Pair

Before you move to sell your old pair of Sneakers, there are some things that you need to consider. If you want to empty your closet or make room for more collections, you might be able to sell your used pairs for a small price. But if you want to make a bit of profit for your next purchase, you need to focus on your existing shoes’ quality, condition, model, etc.

Limited edition sneakers from top brands or collaborations can be sold at a higher price if they are in good conditions with little to no signs of wear. Make sure the sneakers you want to sell have at least some of these qualities. You will be able to sell them in no time.

That is not to say that any other Sneakers can not be resold, but it might not be as profitable. So be mindful about choosing the right pair of kicks to start your reselling journey.

The Best Marketplaces for Reselling Sneakers

Where to sell used sneakers? (Complete Guide)

Here’s a detailed list of the best websites and platforms to get the highest value for your shoes.

Flight Club

If you’re looking for the OG trusted store to sell your Sneakers, Flight Club is the right place. They have been in business even before reselling Sneakers was a lucrative market. You just have to drop off your pair of Sneakers at any of their physical stores in LA or New York, or you can even send them via mail. Your Sneakers will be displayed at any of their flagship stores, and they’ll also be listed online.

Once your shoes are sold, you can collect the cheque by visiting the store or have it sent to your account directly. Fight Club is a great option if you want to sell your limited edition Sneakers and catch high price for it.


StockX makes the job of buying and selling sneakers incredibly easy. As a seller, you just have to ship them the shoes for authentication, and you’re good to go. Although StockX might not be too welcoming of beaten down or old shoes, you can easily resell your premium sneakers without any hassle and get a good price for them.


There is a small processing and transaction fee, but I think that is justified depending on how fast you might be able to sell your shoes. StockX is one of the largest websites to buy and sell Sneakers and has earned the trust of thousands of users to find the best deals as well as the best pairs from them.


eBay has one of the largest numbers of customers, so the chances of selling your sneakers quickly is higher. You can also communicate with the buyers directly and negotiate the price. Once the shoe is sold, you have to ship it to the buyer yourself. eBay doesn’t regulate the authentication of Sneakers, so as a buyer, one has to be cautious in case of fakes.

eBay might be great for you if your Sneakers are a little worn and non-hyped, as a lot of the modern websites are picky about selecting worn shoes. eBay is one of the oldest platforms to buy and resell shoes, and many people choose it over newer models to this date.

Sole Collector App

This is an app dedicated to buying and selling shoes. Sole Collector App compares the prices and models of shoes from its database of 40,000+ shoes from websites like Fight Club, Goat, etc. Buyers can also search for shoes mentioned in their favorite shows.


Sole collector App is a one-stop shop for all sneaker enthusiasts where they can find and compare the prices of all the latest kicks on the market. This app is available to download from the Apple store.


Consignment is for people who have really rare, special edition shoes that are not readily available. You can get the value closest to the market price for your rare collection.

Consignment also offers a good deal with the website where they don’t charge too much for transactional costs. But it might take longer to sell your pairs here due to its low traffic and online presence.

You might also check your local thrift stores and other marketplaces or independent consignment stores to sell your shoes. Or you might even list them on your personal social media handles. Remember to take good pictures that highlight the features of your shoes before posting them. A well-written and detailed description of the product also helps to increase its chances of selling quickly.

Remember to be honest with the potential buyers while selling used Sneakers. Make them aware of any marks or stains on them. Be as accurate as possible about your product.


Another critical factor is the pricing of the Sneakers. You may follow all the above steps, but your shoes won’t sell if the asking price is too much. Be realistic about the pricing. You can compare the price with similar models and brands from other websites. The closer the Sneakers are to their original condition, the higher their price.

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Final thought

Reselling used Sneakers can be a great way to earn some easy cash and make room for new collections. You can also turn it into a profitable business once you get the hang of it. Just requires some research about the market and some patience. Hope this guideline helps you get an idea. Happy selling to you!

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