Merrell: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that the estimated revenue of Merrell per year is around $133.1M?

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know

Merrell is an American footwear company that strongly believes in sustainability and eco-friendly system. One of their goals is to save 300,000 pairs of shoes from littering landfill sites! They have hiking, running, casual wear shoes, and many other activities. The company also produces jackets, sandals, t-shirts, gloves, etc.

This article will tell you exciting facts about Merrell, including their history and current popular shoes.

History of Merrell

Merrell was officially established back in 1981. John Schweizer and Clark Matis first thought about the production of hiking boots and decided to join Randal Ivan Merrell.

R.I. Merrell was the owner of a high-priced production of custom boots which used to cost $500 a pair. Matis innovated a more affordable version of high-performance boots, established in 1982.

1983 was when the brand new Merrell company delivered the first product to different marketplaces. However, by 1986, Randy Merrell decided to return to his previous custom boots-making life and sold his share of the company with his name to Karhu.

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know

The purchase of this company happened in 1987, and the prices of the shoes were reduced to expand the sales massively. By 1988, the sales reached a $4M target with tremendous success. The success oy increased exponentially from there.

Wolverine World Wide currently owns Merrell. Its products are distributed in over 170 countries worldwide, with its headquarters being located in Rockford, Michigan, United States. They now have more than 1151 workers working under them.

Popular Styles/models of Merrell

As promised, now we will take a look at the most famous styles of Merrell shoes below:

Merrell Alpine Sneaker

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Alpine Sneaker

Are you looking for something stylish and colorful? Well, the Alpine Sneakers is your answer! These shoes are made of pig suede leather with a breathable mesh for the upper. The midsoles are 50% recycled EVA with 100% recycled webbing overall. The outsoles are made of sticky rubber to confirm maximum traction.

These shoes are not only stylish but breathable, lightweight, and durable. There are a lot of different color combinations available, and they retail for around $95. They are available for both men and women.

Merrell Jungle Moc

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Jungle Moc

The Jungle Mocs look exotic. These are perfect for you if you want a chunky-looking, lightweight pair of shoes!

The Jungle Mocs are usually single-colored with pig suede leather on the upper. Their signature sticky rubber outsoles are present with an air-cushioned chunky heel for shock absorption. They are also made of recycled materials and are super easy to slip on. They cost around $100, but I have to say, they are worth it.

Merrell Jungle Moc Leather 2

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Jungle Moc Leather 2

The Jungle Moc Leather 2 is not very far from the regular Jungle Mocs except for their full-grain leather upper with leather lining. These men’s shoes, with other common Jungle Moc features like EVA midsoles and air-conditioned heels, cost a little more than the regular ones, around $120.

Merrell Hydro MOC with BLOOM

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Hydro MOC with BLOOM

These shoes look like a hybrid of Crocs and Yeezys. Their injected EVA foam is claimed to be the most durable and water-resistant shoe. They have translucent and 10% recycled rubber with FloatEco Foam for a highly lightweight experience.

And, guess what? They are vegan! They are easy to slip on shoes with a roomy fit, so it is recommended to get a smaller size. These shoes are available in a ton of different colors, and they cost only $42.

Merrell Trail Glove 6 Eco

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Trail Glove 6 Eco

Do you want to have a barefoot experience while wearing cool shoes? The Trail Glove 6 is the one for you.

These shoes are designed by copying the exact shape of the feet with a straight slope upper. Their shape and minimal weight give you a lightweight barefoot experience. Besides, they are made of recycled, breathable, and vegan-friendly material. This is a steal to get all these attractive features at $110.

Merrell Encore Breeze 4

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Encore Breeze 4

The Encore Breeze 4s are women’s shoes with a full-grain upper, including a breathable mesh. The lining and footbed of the shoes also feature breathable mesh making the shoes super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Their removable EVA foam footbed Is 100% recycled, and the extra lightweight midsoles ensure comfort and stability. These are around $100, with a bunch of positive reviews from the users on their website.

Merrell Moab Adventure Moc

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Merrell Moab Adventure Moc

What is there to not like about the Moab Adventure Mocs? These men’s shoes are super comfortable to wear all day with their full-grain leather and mesh upper. Their recycled EVA foam makes the midsoles and insoles incredibly comfortable to wear.

Moreover, the traction of these shoes is phenomenal. I have these shoes in the color Dark Earth, and I can wear them on slippery surfaces without a doubt. Their Vibram MegaGrip featuring outsoles will ensure that there is no embarrassing tripping on wet floors at any cost.

Women’s Antora Sneaker Boots

Merrell: Everything You Need to Know
IMG: Women’s Antora Sneaker Boots

Who doesn’t need the perfect boots for walking on the snow? Well, the ladies are lucky. These Antora Sneaker Boots are your savior!

The most exciting feature of these boots is their waterproof coated leather. This material lets the water escape without locking any moisture. How convenient is that? They have rock plate protection and super-insulated fabric. They are chunky but not at all heavy for the lightweight EVA. You can choose them for comfort as well as security.

Merrell was first introduced as hiking shoes, an attraction for many hikers. The list below has the best Merrell hiking shoes that will be your best friend for a perfect hiking experience.

Top 8 Merrell Hiking Shoes:

  • Merrell Moab 2
  • Merrell Alverstone
  • Merrell Chameleon 7
  • Merrell MQM Ace
  • Merrell Yokota 2
  • Merrell Hydrotrekker
  • Merrell Siren Edge Q2
  • Merrell Pulsate 2


Now you know all the interesting facts and details about the Merrell brand including all their popular shoes. Which one do you like the best? You can choose it easily by using the article above to make an informed decision.

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