Ryka vs Skechers

Ryka vs Skechers

Ryka and Skechers make athletic shoes that come in many different styles and with many different features. Both are well-known for producing high-quality footwear that can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort, but these two brands specialize in different things. In order to put things into perspective for you, I presented the similarities and differences between Ryka and Skechers. Let’s dig in to help you pick the best brand for you.

Comparison Table on Ryka vs Skechers

Material Quality Natural combination of mesh and leather, very breathable High quality leather and textiles. Excellent quality memory foam is included. 
Design and Construction Roomy toebox with high-quality construction Especialized construction for perfect fit 
Comfort Lightweight Excellent cushioning and fit 
Sizing and Fit True to size True to size 
Durability 2-3 years 4-5 years 
Grip Moderate Heavy grip with dedicated series. Moderate on the others. 
Price$100 – $199$30 – $150 
Best For All day wear Walking 

Material Quality:


Ryka makes just women’s shoes, and each design and variety is crafted from a unique combination of materials. Ryka footwear is made from mesh, leather, synthetic leather, rubber, and EVA foam. Ryka is known for her preference for high-quality materials. But the one that combines mesh and leather is my favorite. The mesh is strong and permeable to air. The quality of the materials shines out.


Different kinds of materials are used to make Skechers shoes, depending on the style and purpose of the shoe. Some materials often used to make Skechers shoes are leather, synthetic materials, rubber memory foam, textile, etc. I love the memory foam they introduced recently. It moulds to shape very quickly. In order to maintain the material quality, Skechers rely on their long-trusted factories situated in China and Vietnam. 

Design and Building:


Ryka shoes are made just for women, with a focus on comfort, support, durability, versatility, environmental friendliness, and cutting-edge design.

Ryka shoes have a light, breathable upper, a midsole that absorbs shock, and a durable outsole that gives you a grip. New innovations like RE-ZORB® are used in some models to improve comfort and responsiveness.


Skechers shoes are not just about style but also about science. Every part of the shoe, from the memory foam insoles to the flexible outsoles, is made to support the foot’s natural movement. Traditional shoemaking techniques are mixed with cutting-edge technology during the building process. This makes shoes that are both comfortable and durable. Skechers has you covered with innovative design and construction, whether you want sneakers for the gym or slip-on for everyday wear.


The roomy toe box is one of my favorite things about Ryka shoes. If your feet are wide like mine, you’ll love Ryka shoes. Even when it’s breaking, you’ll always have enough room inside to move your toes around.

Skechers come with marvelous memory foam insoles. I wore them for a year, and they still have the same plush and cushioning. 

During Running:

Ryka shoes are great for running because they have a roomy toe box and are made of light, breathable materials. Ryka shoes are great for running because they have a roomy toe box and are made of lightweight, breathable materials. I really liked how well Ryka absorbed the impact and how cushioned it felt. If you run frequently, I think you’d like these shoes.

Skechers shoes have great anatomy to hold your foot in position during any sort of activity. So when it comes to running, it can keep your feet in place and provide excellent support while running. 

For Standing All Day:

I think both Ryka and Skechers provide excellent cushioning, which is great for standing all day long. Ryka is like my kitchen to treadmill shoe. But the Skechers have an anatomy to keep your foot tucked. This can create some discomfort if you are standing all day. 

Sizing and Fit:


Ryka is a brand of athletic shoes for women that are made mainly for them. When making shoes for women, the company takes into account its unique physical and mechanical needs. So if you find the right fit, it’s a match made in heaven.

Ryka shoes always fit true to size. 


One thing about Skechers is that it comes with many fitting options. So all you have to do is find the right fit for your foot. Skechers offer different widths for different shoes as well. That is the fun here. You don’t need to size up length-wise to gain that extra width. 

Skechers is also true to size. Buy the regular US size, and you are good to go.



I have been using a pair of Rykas for a year, and the uppers still look like brand-new ones. The sole is disintegrating a bit. I guess they will last a year or two more. 


I maintained my pair of Skechers a bit, and it lasted more than 4 years. The high-quality construction makes sure the shoe lasts long. 



When it comes to all-day activities, mild workouts, and casual errand running, I highly recommend Ryka shoe grips. Ryka has you covered with shoes that provide exceptional grip on different types of surfaces. 


Skechers usually provide moderate grip. But what I like most is that they have a dedicated Razor grip shoe line that only targets firm grip. The Razor grip shoe line can provide heavy grip during wet seasons as well. 



Starts at $100. Goes up to $199. 


From $30 to $150. 

◈ Best for:


Ryka shoes are best for women’s all day wear. 


Skechers have a huge collection of different shoes. In my opinion, Skechers are best for walking. This is perfect for casual walkers to serious step counters. 


In conclusion, both Ryka and Skechers have stylish shoes that are comfortable and don’t cost too much. Skechers has a wider range of casual and lifestyle shoes than Ryka, which focuses on athletic and fitness shoes. In the end, the choice between the two brands depends on what you like and what you need. When looking for cheap, comfortable shoes that fit your lifestyle, you should think about bot

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