Do Allbirds Run Small? | Allbirds Sizing

Do Allbirds Run Small? | Allbirds Sizing

Do you face problems choosing the right size for your shoes? Allbirds shoes are one of the most popular and comfortable shoes out there. But, people often get the wrong size and criticize the brand. That’s not fair!

Hence to save you the trouble, we shall be looking at the Allbirds shoe company today and answer your questions – Do Allbirds run small? Do Allbirds shoes come in half sizes? Do Allbirds shoes stretch out? Let’s dig in.

Do Allbirds Run Small or True to Size?

In general, Allbirds run true to size. This an excellent news for those who have normal feet. But those who have wide feet may experience some discomfort if they do not size up.

Do not entirely rely on online stores for shoe sizes. The best is to go to retail stores physically and try shoes out for yourself to get the best fit for your feet. This applies especially to people with wide feet, as they suffer the most.

However, if you end up ordering online, you may be able to return and exchange in case your feet do not fit the shoes properly, depending on how you get them. For example, third-party retailers may not offer exchanges.

I hope now you have your answer. Do Allbirds run small? No, most Allbirds run true to size.

Do Allbirds Shoes Come in Half Sizes? 

No, Allbirds shoes do not come in half sizes, making it challenging for people with half-size feet to get comfortable unless they decide to go up half a size instead. It is the viable option that every customer chooses when buying Allbirds shoes.

Should I Size up Or Down in Allbirds?

Sizing up for Allbirds shoes is the best thing for anyone with half a size feet unless they somehow manage to get true to size fit ideally for their feet. There is no requirement to size down. Most users who do not fall under half a size tend to go true to size.

Do Allbirds Run Small? | Allbirds Sizing

Do Allbirds Need to Be Broken In?

Yes, Allbirds do need to be broken in. According to their official website, they suggest that you take at least 1-2 weeks to break in their shoes before deciding if they are snug or not.

After a few weeks, you will have noticed a stretch of about a quarter-inch which may be enough to comfort your feet.

This may differ from user to user, so do not hesitate to get a different size even if the break-in period is over and you still feel uncomfortable wearing your Allbirds shoes.

Do Allbirds Shoes Stretch Out?

As mentioned above, Allbirds shoes do indeed stretch out but will require the user to be patient enough to notice an observable change in their shoe fit.

You will need to wear your shoes frequently enough to see a noticeable difference. The shoes will not stretch on their own.

I have noticed from a personal use case that my Trail Runners SWT have stretched quite a bit after wearing them to run for the past 2-3 weeks. Initially, it felt alright to wear them but not that great.

Now I can feel the difference breaking in has made. The shoes feel more comfortable than before, that is for sure!

Do Allbirds Run Small? | Allbirds Sizing

On the other hand, if you end up sizing up, the shoes may not stretch much as typical true-to-size Allbirds shoes. Meaning someone with wide feet who had to size up may experience lesser stretching in their shoes than someone who bought their shoes true to size.

Allbirds for Wide Feet

Yes, Allbirds are good for wide feet, at least that is what it says on their website but indirectly. Allbirds shoes all come in medium width, and according to them, some people with wide feet have found their shoes comfortable, which makes it sure to say that they are good enough. People with wide feet may need to size up, but when they find the right size, it is super comfortable for them.

However, since another part of the user base claims they do not fit right even after having wide feet, it is safe to say that you are better off sizing to be safe. This may not matter much for ordinaryl people, but it is a must at times for people with wide feet.

Are Allbirds Good for People with Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, Allbirds are good for people with plantar fasciitis. Of all the reviews that I have checked and even from personal experience with my own Allbirds shoes,

they are comfortable and will not disappoint you if you have pain around your heels.

Like the Wool Runners, some shoes are so comfortable that users have claimed that it feels like walking on a cloud for them. This says a lot about how good these Allbird shoes can be in comfort.

Plantar Fasciitis

Do keep in mind that a minority of users claim that their shoes did not exactly help their feet and were rather uncomfortable in the long run, to which most of the users usually disagree and claim it is the opposite. It all comes down to what you decide after knowing both sides of Allbirds shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

🔗 Do Allbirds run small or true to size? Now you have your answer.

Since you have made it this far in the article to get your main questions answered, how about we look at some trivial questions? Let us find out about:

🔗 What is so special about Allbirds?

Soles of Allbirds are made out of unique exclusive merino wool fabric known among shoe users as Allbirds’ signature technology which provides the sensation of ‘walking on clouds.’

Used on every Wool shoe they have, this proprietary technology makes their shoes odor-free and moisture-less as much as possible.

🔗 How should Allbirds Wool Runners fit?

Allbirds Wool Runners should fit true to size. If you wear half a size shoes, you will be bound to get the next size up as Allbirds do not offer half sizes for their shoes. This makes sure you have enough room around the toe box area.

🔗 Are Allbirds made in China?

Only some Allbirds shoes are made in China, like their Tree collection. On the other hand, their Wool and Mizzle collections are made in Italy and South Korea. Unsure where your shoes are made from? You can always contact Allbirds or check the tags on shoes.


Do Allbirds run small? You know the answer now after reading this article as a guide. Now that you have reached the end of this article, I think we all can understand what the consensus is about Allbirds shoes – they are generally great, especially for people who have issues with their feet.

While there will always be some users out there complaining about how bad their shoes are, from my experience and the majority of the reviews that I have read, they are very much accepted among people with wide feet and even normal feet.

I trust their shoes, and I would recommend them to any of my friends without a second thought.

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