Do On Cloud Shoes Stretch?

Do On Cloud Shoes Stretch?

A comfortable shoe for daily use is extremely important for everyday work. The On Cloud shoes are made to keep the active people that go out every day for their work and these. But while buying these shoes, you would want the shoes to be stretchable too for your comfort and you might end up thinking if the Cloud On shoes stretches or not.

Clod On shoes can stretch perfectly and give a comfortable walking experience. You need to break in these shoes and wear them every day to make the pair stretchable. You can also use a hair dryer or potatoes for the same purpose.

If you want to know more about stretching and the methods to do that, keep reading until the end!

3 Ways to Stretch On Cloud Shoes

Stretching shoes is important as it helps to make your walking experience comfortable. The cloud on shoes is made of natural leather that helps it to stretch much more easily.

The breaking-in process is much needed and it makes the shoes durable. This stretching out can be done while breaking in and the time it requires is at least 3 weeks.

There are three methods that you can use to stretch your shoes easily at home. These methods will not require any assistance nor will take much time or energy of yours. The methods are:

  • Wear the On Cloud shoes with socks
  • Hair dryer method
  • Use potatoes to stuff your On Cloud shoes

Method 1: Wear the Shoes with Socks

The On Cloud shoes can be stretched out with the help of socks. Yes, you read it right. People generally wear socks to make their feet unaffected by any external forces or allergens. Sometimes also to stay warm and stylish.

But you can use socks to stretch your On Cloud shoes. When you pair your On Cloud shoes with thick socks, it helps to squeeze your feet in the shoe and it stretches out eventually. You can also wear a few socks altogether to stretch your shoes.

Practicing it every day can help you fit into the shoes without causing any blisters or foot pain. You can wear socks every day inside your house and practice walking to feel comfortable walking outside.

This way, you can stretch your shoes without wasting any energy and simply have a comfortable walking experience.

Method 2: Hair Dryer Method

A hair dryer is a good electric device to dry your hair. But did you know that you can use it to stretch your On Cloud shoes too?

To work with a hair dryer, you need to first follow the previous step- which is to wear a pair of socks or thick socks. After wearing the socks, use the hair dryer to aim toward the part you want to stretch and turn on the hair dryer.

Keep going on with the process for 20-30 minutes. Make sure to be very careful while using the dryer to prevent yourself from burning.

Method 3: Use Potatoes To Stuff inside The Shoes

Generally, people eat potatoes to add some carbs to their diet. But what better way to use potatoes for meeting both your nutritional needs and also your DIY tricks?

Potatoes are another simple solution to stretch your shoes as much as you want. You need to use one big or a few small potatoes for this purpose.

Just grab the potato/ potatoes and wrap them with tissue and place it inside your On Cloud shoes. Keep it overnight and do not remove them before the night ends. This way your On Cloud shoes will stretch easily without wasting any single penny or energy.

You can also peel the potatoes you want but it’s better not to do that as sometimes the potatoes can sweat and create a smell inside your On Cloud shoes.


On Cloud, shoes are a great companion for everyday working or walking experiences. These shoes are specially made for people who go out and work daily. But sometimes these On Cloud shoes might not fit your feet at once. In such situations, you can try some methods that might sound hilarious but work perfectly for every tight shoe you have. You can use a potato, an air dryer, or thick socks to make your shoes stretchable. These three ways mentioned above can actually make your shoes loosen up a bit and you will not need to spend money on other shoes. If you feel that your On Cloud shoes are not comfortable enough and feel tight after wearing them, you can use these methods and share the results with us.

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