Are Adidas Non-Slip?

Are Adidas Non-Slip?

Are you a fan of Adidas like I am? I have a lot of stuff from Adidas, and they almost never disappoint me. Especially their shoes. The unique designs and the durability absolutely hooked me in. But, what about an essential quality of a shoe? Are Adidas non-slip?

In this article, I will answer and discuss your most common questions related to Adidas shoes. Are Adidas non-slip? Which Adidas shoes are the best non-slip shoes? What makes Adidas shoes non-slip? Let’s find out!

Are Adidas Non-Slip?

Adidas is a shoe company that focuses on sportswear and workout clothes and accessories. People love Adidas products because of their integrity and durability. But, what about their shoes? Are Adidas non-slip?

In general, Adidas does offer non-slip shoes. The only problem is you will need to scout around both their official site and other third-party sellers as frequently, officially, out-of-stock shoes can be found in other places if you look around enough.

Most Adidas shoes that are non-slip tend to consist of rubber soles that aid in making sure the shoes are as slip-resistant as possible. After all, it is the sole that matters the most to keep a shoe from slipping.

Let’s look at a few popular models of Adidas shoes to see if they are non-slip and what makes them non-slip.

Are Adidas Ultra Boost Non-Slip?

Yes, the Adidas Ultra Boost is non-slip due to having a rubber sole that is known for gripping the wettest of surfaces without an issue.

Thanks to Adidas’ collaboration with Continental (a tire company), they can use rubber made for tires. It sounds like an excellent crossover for any shoe lover who wants to move on slippery surfaces without a hitch.

Are Adidas Non-Slip?
Adidas Ultra Boost

Are Adidas NMD Non-Slip?

Adidas NMD shoes are not much of a non-slip pair of shoes. According to reviews by users online, the Adidas NMD shoes are said to have minimal traction, not to mention it is possible thanks to the rubber outsole the shoes are made with.

However, a minority of users who have used the Adidas NMD shoes have claimed that they can get wet depending on what kind of situation a user is in, say, heavy rain. This is just a heads up to keep in mind before buying the Adidas NMD shoes.

Are Adidas Non-Slip?
Adidas NMD

Are Adidas Cloudfoam Non-Slip?

Some Adidas Cloudfoam shoes consist of rubbery outsoles that make sure you do not slip that easily, making them non-slip.

However, as only some come with the rubbery outsole, you will have to research which shoes have it, as the other Cloudfoam shoes usually have synthetic outsoles.

Are Adidas Non-Slip?
Adidas Cloudfoam

Are Adidas Swift Run Non-Slip?

Only a few Adidas Swift Run shoes have the rubber outsole to provide minimal traction in every possible slippery situation.

In contrast, others have basic outsoles that do not guarantee any form of non-slip promises.

The Adidas Swift Run shoes are one of the well-known workout shoes out there that have been praised for how good it is in general.

Are Adidas Non-Slip?
Adidas Swift Run

Are Adidas Superstar Non-Slip?

Yes, Adidas Superstar shoes are non-slip. Almost all of them have rubber outsoles to minimize traction and keep users safe from slipping.

I used to own a pair myself, and these shoes never let me slip no matter how wet of a situation I was in. Genuinely grateful for owning these.

Are Adidas Non-Slip?
Adidas Superstar

Are Adidas Samba Non-Slip?

Yes, Adidas Samba is non-slip. But they are different than the previously mentioned Adidas that have rubber outsoles. Adidas Samba shoes are not just limited to rubber outsoles. But furthermore, some of them even come in gum rubber outsoles, which offer more grip than traditional rubber.

When I got a pair of Adidas Samba shoes, it did make me feel like there is a huge difference compared to the typical rubber outsole shoes that Adidas offers. I could feel the grip keep my feet locked in so tight that the shoes barely budged! It is something you can only understand when you own a pair.

Do note that the vegan variants of the Samba do not come with either the traditional rubber or the gum rubber outsoles so they may offer zero to no percentage of slip resistance.

Are Adidas EQT Non-Slip Shoes?

Yes, Adidas EQT shoes come with rubber outsoles that make them non-slip.

But the EQT collection is not limited to rubber outsoles. This collection even consists of shoes that come with Adiwear outsoles, which are known to be used on shoes of tennis players.

There is no exact measure of which outsole is better, but you can be sure that shoes of both outsoles will offer decent non-slip performance.

On top of this, there are even Adiwear rubber outsoles that perhaps offer the best of both worlds. I do not play tennis, so I cannot say how the Adiwear shoes perform, but I have used the EQT rubber outsole shoes, and they are great in keeping traction.

Are Adidas Tubular Non-Slip?

Yes, Adidas Tubular shoes, well, some of them offer slip protection. Those with the rubber outsole will not compromise you in wet or oily scenarios.

Unlike the previous shoes above, the Adidas Tubular shoes come with a synthetic or rubber outsole. No gum rubber outsole, not even Adiwear, but that is because Tubular shoes are not tennis shoes. Instead, they were initially made as basketball trainers and used mainly for everyday activities.

Top 3 Adidas Non-Slip Shoes

Are Adidas non-slip? Yes, they are. However, which ones should you buy? Here are the names of the top 3 models of Adidas shoes that will never disappoint you in terms of slip-resistance:

  • Adidas Ultra Boost
  • Adidas Superstar Slip-on Shoes
  • Adidas 3MC Vulc Shoes

Most Adidas shoes are non-slip, but these three models stand out the most regarding withstanding any slippery surfaces. You can walk around wearing them carefree, especially if you work somewhere with wet surfaces.


I hope this article helped you find the answer to “Are Adidas non-slip?” Yes, most of the Adidas shoes are non-slip.

Non-slip shoes are a must for those who care about accidentally slipping on wet or oily surfaces, especially nurses and construction site workers. So, there is no doubt that this part of the shoe industry is a must. Even for the average person, a non-slip shoe could be useful.

I have used a couple of non-slip Adidas shoes in my years of walking and working in the rain, and they have not failed me or disappointed me in any way whatsoever. To anyone out there wanting non-slip shoes, I would recommend them! No regret so far.

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