How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

Yeezy shoes are generally lightweight despite their bulky look. But all Yeezys are not the same. The design and build material decide the total of the shoes. Yeezy slides are super lightweight.  The weight of the shoes depends on the upper’s material. For example, Primeknit uppers are super lightweight. So, how much do different Yeezy … Read more

Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone (Comfort, Sizing, Material & more)

Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone

Yeezy Slides became popular in no time after Adidas collaborated with Kanye West and released them in 2018. They became a part of fashion accessories for celebrities and other people mainly because of their successful branding and promotion. There has been a recent re-release of Yeezy slides in 2022, which ran out of stock within … Read more

Slave Shoes vs Yeezy : The Truth!

Slave Shoes vs Yeezy

Yeezy is a huge brand globally, especially in the US. The brand is owned by American rapper Kanye West. Adidas has been collaborating with Kanye for a long time. Yeezy shoes are sold on Adidas outlets and digital stores. Recently, Yeezy has made quite a stir in the media. The brand has become controversial after … Read more