Are Jordans on Amazon Real?

Are Jordans on Amazon Real?

So, you want to buy Jordans from Amazon but are in a dilemma about whether they sell real or fake ones, right? If yes, then this article might be helpful for you.

It cannot be definitely said whether Jordans on Amazon are real or fake. Because users have different opinions regarding this matter. At the same time, anyone can sell on Amazon maintaining their terms and conditions. Moreover, the plain and simple way to get real Jordans is to verify the quality and features carefully.

However, you will likely want to buy real Jordans if you are a Jordan lover. But the truth is, your probability of getting a real one will increase if you buy from authentic agents and stores of Jordan shoes.

Are Jordans on Amazon Real?

First of all, you have to understand Amazon not only sells brand shoes but also other non-brand shoes. The same goes for Jordan shoes. That’s why nobody can definitely say whether amazon sells real Jordans or not. There are reals as well as fakes.

Furthermore, any company can sell their product in the Amazon store fulfilling the conditions given by the amazon authority. As a buyer, you have the option to choose anyone.

Hence, if you are unaware of the features of Real Jordan then it will be hard for you to choose the real Jordan from Amazon. In addition, after buying a fake Jordan you do not have the option to cancel the order.

How to Tell if Jordans Are Fake or Real?

Although fake and real Jordans will look somewhat similar, not exactly the same. There will be some significant differences.

For this reason, you should know the features of real Jordans. Let’s have a look at some key features of Jordan shoes.


Not only for Jordans but also for any brand of shoes you should first look at the packaging. A real one will have some specific properties.

In the case of Jordan, you will see a Jumpman on the upper end and side of the box. Even if you find the Jumpman logo, match it with the real one. If you don’t know the real Jumpman logo then google it. Fake shoes won’t have the exact Jumpman of Jordan.  

Moreover, the box cover will fit with the box properly. There will be no gap between the box and the cover. Furthermore, the color of the box will be consistent. Color may vary based on the size and model. 

Manufacturing Sticker

You will find a manufacturing sticker outside the box. The sticker will be firmly attached and there will be no air bubbles on the sticker. A fake one will have a misshapen or broken stickers.

Furthermore, check the written texts on the sticker and match them with the one you are buying. For example, shoe color, size, model, manufacturing country, etc.

Shoe Construction

See the tag inside the shoe. It will contain the exact information of the sticker outside the box. See the Jumpman logo under the tongue.

Then look at the laces. Whether the spaces between the laces are uniform or not. Furthermore, the stitching quality should be high quality.

Ways to Buy Real Jordans

As your main aim is to buy the real Jordan it is always better to buy by going physically to the Jordan stores.  However, if there is no Jordan store in your area then find the authentic dealers or agents of Jordan near you. And buy from there. 

However, if you really need to buy online then you can buy. But you have to choose the correct online place with proper investigation and review of the store.


A brand becomes a “Brand” because of its authenticity, reliability, usability, and uniqueness. While you are buying a brand product you have to focus on these properties carefully.

Do not compromise quality with cost. Furthermore, follow the steps described above. You will definitely get the real Jordans.

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