Nike Dunks Are Not Good for Lifting. Here Is Why!

Are Nike Dunks Good for Lifting?

Lifting puts immense pressure on the feet, whether professional weightlifting or gym training. So, you should pick a sturdy, durable, and stable pair of shoes if you don’t want to injure your legs. Weightlifting shoes are heavy and flat-soled with mid straps to stabilize the feet. Nike offers hundreds of shoes meant for different purposes. … Read more

3 Reasons Why Nike Blazers Are Good for Winter

Are Nike Blazers Good for Winter?

Winter is different worldwide- some places with subzero temperatures, and some regions with dry cold days without blizzards, snow, and ice. If you want to buy shoes for a location with freezing cold weather, you should go for a pair of high or knee-high boots with fur lining, waterproofing, and outsole material that won’t shrink … Read more

Air Force 1 Mid vs Low (Complete Guide)

Air Force 1 Mid vs Low

The Air Force 1 is one of the most successful lines of shoes released by Nike. They were originally designed and released as basketball shoes, slowly becoming casual wear among users. However, some players still swear by the Nike Air Force Ones for their basketball games, depending on their performance style. The Air Force 1s … Read more