Are Jordans Real Leather?

<strong>Are Jordans Real Leather?</strong>

Jordans are one of my favorite styles of Nike. They are specially designed as basketball shoes, but I mostly wear them with casual outfits. My favorite pair is the Jordan 6 rings with super cool rubber outsoles and a mix of leather and synthetic leather to the upper. But, hold up. Is the leather used in Jordans real?

In this article, we will know if the leather used in Jordans is real or not as well as the other materials used to make Jordans. Let’s dive in!

Are Jordans Real Leather?

In general, most of the Jordans use real leather, especially the Air Jordan 1 High. Almost all the styles of Jordans use some leather in the combination. They also use other materials like synthetic leather or breathable mesh to modify different types.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid and Low uses leather with a combination of faux leather, canvas, and other synthetic materials.

What Material Are Jordans Made Of?

Jordans mostly use leather for their models. Besides, they also use faux leather, synthetic rubber compounds, phylon, polyurethane, phyllite, and other materials.

The midsoles of Jordans are mainly foam-based for an ultra-cushioned experience, and the outsoles consists of rubber for traction.

Which Jordans Are Leather?

Many Jordans variants consist of leather, especially the Air Jordan 1s. Even though most of it combines genuine and synthetic leather, its durability is never compromised.

The following list has the top collection of genuine leather Jordans with the best quality and durable leather:

  • Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG
  • Air Jordan 1 Mid
  • Air Jordan 7 Retro
  • Jordan Max Aura 4
  • Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT

Are Jordans Vegan?

Nike has both vegan and non-vegan options. Jordans are part of this brand, and many people wonder if this particular model has any vegan options for vegan Nike fans.

Well, good news for the vegans. Billie Eilish collaborated with Nike to produce two vegan Jordans since she is vegan as well. The collaboration comes from her oversized style, and the fans love it.

Does Nike Use Real Leather?

In general, most Nike products use synthetic leather. It is because artificial leather is cheaper and way more breathable. It is also significantly easier to clean compared to real leather. However, Nike also uses real leather in their LWG-certified products.

Nike Blazer Low ’77 is one of my favorite pairs of real leather shoes that is durable and comfortable at every angle. They look aesthetically pleasing and expensive because of the good quality leather used.

Which Leather Is Best?

Full-grain leather is best for durability in consideration. This leather is not scrubbed and shaved to smoothen it out, which is why it holds its durability because of the tight surface.

The next best leather is top-grain leather, which is made by processing the surface of full-grain leather. The outer skin is removed to make it smoother and more flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the name of fake leather?

The fake leather has a lot of different names. One of the most popular of these names is faux leather. It is an artificial leather that does not use animal hide. The most popular types of faux leather are PU, PVC, and silicone.

2. Does real leather crack?

One of the best ways to differentiate between real and fake leather is to see if the leather is cracking easily.

Real leather does not crack or peel. Many retailers suggest the expiry of its quality causes the peeling of leather. However, real and good quality leather gets better with time and gets an improved look. Bad quality leather tends to crack after a specific time of usage.

3. Does vegan leather peel?

Yes, vegan leather peels after a certain amount of time. Vegan leather tends to peel and crack faster than regular leather, but it still has a lifespan of about two to five years, depending on the quality. PU and PVC are good quality vegan leathers that will last long enough if taken care of properly.

4. Which animal has the strongest leather?

Ostrich leather is one of the strongest, even though it is very lightweight. The leather is durable and has holes since each hole holds an ostrich feather. Besides, kangaroo and cow leather are also considered solid and durable for making different clothing and fashion accessories.

5. What is the cheapest type of leather?

Bonded leather is one of the cheapest types used to make furniture and other accessories. It comes from shavings and leftovers of better quality leather, and these particles are bonded together using polyurethane or latex.


The article above contains all the information about Jordans and the usage of leather. Knowing more about what you buy is essential for making an informed choice. You can easily choose your favorite based on what you prefer. Genuine leather, synthetic-leather, vegan, etc., it is all there!


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