Are Nike Blazers Good for Basketball? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Blazers Good for Basketball?

Nike used the sneaker’s aesthetic in their casual lifestyle collections. The use of cutting-edge innovation made it a good fit for different types of sports. The Blazer’s classic simplicity and mid-cut silhouette have made it a perfect canvas for a wide variety of creative partnerships. Supreme, Off-white, and other well-known names in streetwear have all … Read more

Are Brooks Shoes Good for Walking? | Brooks for Walking

Are Brooks Shoes Good for Walking?

Brooks is a main fitness apparel company that is best known as made high-quality and reliable running shoes. Brooks is an almost hundred years old brand for occasional and expanse runners because Brooks shoes are dependable and pleasant. Brooks is an American sporting equipment company. In addition, they created very high-performance sneakers, accessories, and apparel … Read more

Brooks: Everything You Need to Know!

Brooks Everything You Need to Know

Did you know Brooks had to face a massive bankruptcy back in 1981? Because of some production issues, many defective shoes were spotted in the stores. Almost 30% of the shoes were returned, while Brooks discarded  50000 pairs of shoes! This article will deal with more interesting facts like that about Brooks, including its history … Read more