Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Merrell is one of the best outdoor shoe brands in the world. Many professionals love the brand because of the comfort and durability it offers. 

Merrell products have great performance and are suitable for a lot of different activities. The shoes are made for occasional outdoor activities. But how good are they for walking and standing all day long? That’s what I will talk about in this article.

Does Merrell Make Good Walking Shoes?

Yes, I think so. Merrell manufactures performance-oriented shoes made of suede, leather and mesh fabric. The shoes are supportive and quite comfortable which are essential features of a good walking shoe. 

Merrell has a wide range of walking shoe collections. There are shoes for every type of walker. The shoes are not only capable but also stylish. So, Merrell does make good walking shoes.

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking?

Merrell is known for producing high-quality outdoor shoes. However, professionals don’t wear them because there are better-performing shoes for professionals. Merrell is more focused on the general people. General people need shoes that are great for walking and occasional hiking.

I have worn some of Merrell’s walking shoes and I found many of them good for walking. Now, I will tell you why Merrell shoes are good for walking.


Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Merrell shoes are really comfortable thanks to the 3 main technologies; Flexconnect™, Aircushion and ComfortBase™. There are separate lines of products for these 3 technologies. You can choose any one of them based on your preference.

Flexconnect™ allows the natural movement of the foot. The foam is resilient and doesn’t wear off easily so you feel comfortable for a long time. Aircushion technology provides more support and comfort in the heel region so you don’t feel uncomfortable on rough terrains. 

ComfortBase™ ensures you have a pleasant underfoot experience and feel the supreme cushioning all day long. I prefer the ComfortBase™ lineup for walking. They are so comfortable on rough tracks and roads.

• Arch support

Merrell’s Flexconnect™ ensures you have the perfect stability and support while walking on uneven surfaces. As you are considering Merrell’s walking shoes, this may not matter much. But you will surely love the arch support the shoes provide.

Some Merrell shoes have removable footbeds. I love this feature as it allows me to customize the shoe to my liking. I can replace the stock footbed with a better one so I can get the best possible arch support.

All Merrell shoes are designed to provide great impact absorption and energy return so you can have the best walking experience. 

• Breathability

Most of the Merrell shoes have uppers built of mesh material and suede. The upper lets air flow in and out of the shoe so your feet remain dry. The shoes’ water retention is quite low as well. So, even if you get your shoes wet, they will dry fast.

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?
Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?
Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

• Material

Merrell’s walking and hiking shoes are made of engineered materials that are unique to the brand. The shoes have woven and knit materials to provide more durability and quality. 

My Merrell Moab 2 is one of the best shoes I have ever owned. The shoe is unbelievably durable and comfortable. I have taken it to occasional hiking and walking. The shoe is holding up pretty well after 4 months of usage.

• Price and availability

Merrell shoes are quite affordable considering the quality they offer. Most of the Merrell shoes cost $100-$110. This is not expensive at all if you look at other brands. The shoes will easily last a year or two if you wear them for the right purpose. Merrell has sales quite often and the shoes are almost always available.

Also, Merrell offers free shipping on orders over $49. 

• Traction

A good walking shoe needs to have good traction. As a hiking shoe brand, all Merrell shoes have decent traction compared to many other sports brands. When you are walking on roads and tracks, rest assured you will not slip.

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?
Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

Standing all day is a tiresome task. Most shoes cannot handle this type of job. You need to be careful while picking a Merrell shoe if you need to stand all day. The ComfortBase™ lineup is the best for standing all day. The other Merrell lineups are not so good for standing all day. 

The ComfortBase™ technology uses superior cushioning for ultimate comfort. The padding relieves stress from standing and you will feel comfortable standing all day long. 

Which Merrell Shoes Are Best for Walking?

Merrell has a bunch of good walking shoes. I tested some models myself and heard from some athletes about the others. Here are 3 of the best Merrell shoes you can get right now.

Moab Speed GTX  

The Moab Speed GTX is one of the best Merrell shoes supported by athletes. The Moab Speed GTX reflects Merrell’s journey towards more sustainable production. The shoe has recyclable material but it hasn’t affected the performance. 

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?
MERRELL Men’s Moab Speed GORE-TEX®

The Vibram midsole on the shoe is comfortable. There is a rock plate to protect your underfoot and rubber caps to protect and support your ankles. Overall, it is a great walking shoe.

Moab Flight

The Moab Flight is lightweight, protective and a well-cushioned shoe. There is a breathable mesh lining which I love. It also has a sporty look and great color options. The insole is removable so you can customize it to your liking.

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Nova 2

The Nova 2 has a breathable mesh and TPU upper. The padded collar on the shoe feels warm and protective. The shoe has excellent shock absorption and stability because of the Aircushion technology. There are some external straps to lock the heels and prevent them from awkward movements while walking.

Are Merrell Shoes Good for Walking and Standing All Day?
MERRELL Men’s Nova 2

Are Merrell Hiking Shoes Good for Walking?

Yeah, I can tell from experience. The Merrell Moab 2 is a hiking shoe with strong lugs. The shoes are great for walking on trails but I had no problem walking with them on roads. There are similar models. In my opinion, most Merrell models are good for short-medium distance walking. Some models are great for long-distance running as well.

Tip: If you are looking for a Merrell shoe just for walking, get a walking shoe from Merrell. They will be better than hiking shoes.

However, I don’t advise people to run wearing Merrell’s hiking shoes. The extensive stiffness might hurt your feet while running.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Merrell Jungle Mocs good for walking?

The Merrell Jungle Mocs have a great slip-on design. They are great for walking. Don’t take my word for it. You can check out customer reviews.

2. Are Merrell shoes good for walking on concrete?

Yes, definitely. You can try out my recommended shoes in the article to walk on concrete. You will not be disappointed.

3. Are Merrell shoes good for high arches?

Yes. There are plenty of options. If you have a high arch, look for Merrell shoes with high tops and added ankle support. Merrell has plenty of options for high arches.

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