Dansko vs HOKA Nursing shoes

Dansko vs HOKA Nursing shoes

As a nurse, finding a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes is essential to your job. After all, you are on your feet for long hours and need a shoe that can keep up with the demands of your job.  Two popular brands in the nursing shoe market are Dansko and HOKA. In this article, … Read more

Why Do HOKAs Hurt My Feet?

Why Do Hokas Hurt My Feet?

A lot of people love the comfort and support that HOKAs provide. They are designed to provide more cushioning and support than traditional running shoes, and many people find them to be very comfortable. But, people are often confused about why their feet hurt in HOKA shoes because they seem to be so cushioned and … Read more

Vionic vs Hoka (Key Differences)

Vionic vs Hoka

You’re a runner and looking for a new pair of shoes. The Vionic shoes are excellent, but the Hoka shoes are equally good. It can be confusing to decide which brand to go with, Vionic or Hoka? Both brands have positive reviews, but which one is better for you? When it comes to running shoes, … Read more