Spenco vs Vionic (Key Differences)

Spenco vs Vionic

Did you know that up to 87% of the people in the United States suffer from foot pain? Orthopedic sandals are there to the rescue, which is why so many options are available these days. Spenco and Vionic sandals belong to that category. Both are extraordinary orthopedic sandals recommended by podiatrists. Some of their models … Read more

Aetrex vs Vionic (Complete Guide)

With there being tons of supportive shoe companies out there wanting to steal the market for themselves, it can become challenging to find the right company for your foot issues. Most companies may look or offer the same as you keep browsing them. How do you overcome this confusion? To clarify your confusion, we will … Read more

Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)

Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet?

Introduction Vionic shoes gained recognition in the footwear industry with their high arch style. The unique part of Vionic shoes is their arched heels for all shoe styles: beach sandals, regular sandals, sneakers, performance shoes, and even some slippers. Even though Vionic shoes reigned over other companies for comfort and lightweight designs, there are cases … Read more

Vionic vs Hoka (Key Differences)

Vionic vs Hoka

You’re a runner and looking for a new pair of shoes. The Vionic shoes are excellent, but the Hoka shoes are equally good. It can be confusing to decide which brand to go with, Vionic or Hoka? Both brands have positive reviews, but which one is better for you? When it comes to running shoes, … Read more