How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? (Complete Guide)

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? (Complete Guide)

Hey Dude shoes substantially gained popularity after their first release in 2008. After they got owned by Crocs recently, their increase in demand became exponential. So many shoes started being sold worldwide that now it is challenging to say which ones are fake and which are original.

To avoid wasting money on fake Hey Dude shoes, it is essential to be careful and look for a few signs. How to spot fake Hey Dudes? Let’s find out!

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes?

Fake Hey Dudes are mainly sold on fake websites through advertisements. It is crucial to learn which ads are legitimate and which ones are traps. Let’s go through the signs to look for to identify a fake website.

Signs of fake Hey Dude Shoes website:

  • Flash sales are almost always an excellent trap to sell fake Hey Dudes.
  • Fake websites address themselves to be outlets or stores.
  • You may notice spelling mistakes like “Hey Dude Shoess” to make a similar URL.
  • Fraud sellers often use sites like Craigslist and eBay.

If you see a pair of Hey Dude shoes and wonder whether or not they are authentic, you can use a few tips to identify them. Let’s find out the ways to spot fake Hey Dudes.

What to Look for In Fake Hey Dudes:

  • Quality of material

Fake Hey Dude shoes have stiff and unbreathable upper that are uncomfortable to wear. They can mess up your stride and cause pain in the upper part of your feet. Real Hey Dudes are soft and breathable.

  • Cushioning

Original Hey Dude shoes are well known for their comfortable cushioning. Fake Hey Dudes lack that foam lining around the ankles and do not have any memory foam cushioning.

  • Flexibility

The flexibility of fake shoes is terrible because of being super stiff. They wear out quickly and do not bend much. The original ones have light memory midsoles with EVA foam, making them so flexible and durable.

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? (Complete Guide)
Original Hey Dude shoe
  • Fitting

The fitting of the original Hey Dude shoes is loose and comfy. The laces adjust the shoes with your feet to move around freely. The fake ones can have a very tight fitting that can restrict your movement.

  • Pricing

One of the classic tricks of fraud retailers is selling duplicate shoes with a discount. Original Hey Dudes mostly cost at least $40 to $50, while you can find the fake ones even for only $15! Isn’t that so obvious?

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? (Complete Guide)
  • Packaging

The packaging of original brands is always luxurious and top-notch. Original Hey Dude shoes come in robust boxes with a proper print of their logo ok the box. On the other hand, the fake ones come in cheap packages without a logo.

These are a few signs to look for if you are confused about a pair of Hey Dudes being real. It is very tough to differentiate between fake and real shoes these days. However, being a little careful can save you from wasting your money.

The next time you want to purchase original Hey Dude shoes, try to shop from their official website. If not, you can also try to check out your favorite model of shoes online and compare the pictures with the one you are buying. If they are fake, you will always spot some difference in design and quality.

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? (Complete Guide)
Original Hey Dude Shoe Box

Following these simple and easy tricks can avoid getting scammed and always buy the original products.

Do Hey Dudes Have a Warranty?

Hey Dudes have a warranty of 60 days only if the product is purchased directly from their official website. The product is replaced after purchase, and the warranty is not extended.

What benefits do you get from this warranty? Well, they will replace the product free of charge or refund. You have to email their customer service, and they will handle the process.

Can Hey Dudes Be Returned?

Hey Dudes accept returns just like other regular companies. Hey Dude shoes’ return and exchange process are free and straightforward. You can return or exchange a product within 30 days of purchase, but you have to make sure that they are odorless and damage-free.

After returning, you will get your refund within only 10-14 business days. However, if you have purchased an item under the FINAL SALE category, you cannot return that to the company.

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? (Summary)

Now you have the answer. It is very easy to get scammed by fraud retailers because they are getting smarter with time.

However, you can easily outsmart them by remembering all the simple signs above before getting a new pair of Hey Dudes. Hey Dude shoes are famous for their high quality that the fake ones can never duplicate. Look for their quality, material, comfort, design, etc., and you can easily spot the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Hey Dudes come from China?

Hey Dude shoe manufacturing process is carried out in China and Indonesia. Although they are based in Italy, their main headquarters are Riverside, California.

2. Is Hey Dude a US company?

Many people assume Hey Dude to be an American company because 95% of its revenue comes from the US market. But Hey Dude is actually an Italian company because it was founded by an Italian back in 2008.

3. Is Hey Dude outlet website legit?

The Hey Dude outlet website is not legitimate; many users got scammed while shopping from them. It is highly recommended to shop from the official website of Hey Dude shoes if you want to shop online.

4. Are Hey Dudes made in the USA?

Hey Dude Shoes are not manufactured in the USA. According to their official website, Hey Dude shoes are only manufactured in China and Indonesia.

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