Are UGG Boots Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Are UGG Boots Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

UGGs are not business casual footwear. They are made for casual wear both indoors and outdoors. In general, UGG boots are not business casual. However, you can wear them if your job permits. 

If you work under extreme conditions such as in freezing weather, you can wear UGG boots to work. If your workplace dress code is flexible, you can also wear them. In this article, I will discuss if you can wear any UGG boots to work and what can be worn with the boots to look professional.

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✒️Are UGGs Meant to Be Worn Outside?

Definitely. You can wear UGGs for most occasions both indoors and outdoors. I wear UGGs outside, especially during the winter. We don’t live in the medieval age anymore. So, you can rest easy; you will not be punished for wearing UGGs outside of your home. 

If you are wondering what people will think about it, stop worrying. Many people wear UGGs outside, you can too.

✒️Can Boots Be Business Casual?

It depends on the type of boot, the design and the color. You can not and should not wear a funky red-colored boot to a professional environment. After the color, the design matters. Fluffy boots with patterns and prints are not suitable for work.

Many people wear boots to work. You should wear boots to work only if your workplace permits it or if you need to wear boots for professional reasons.

Are UGG Boots Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

So, the summary of the answer is boots can be business casual depending on the design and the work environment.

✒️Can I Wear UGGs for Business Casual?

I will not recommend wearing UGGs in a business casual environment. All UGG products are fashionable and comfortable. They are designed for casual wear. If you really want to wear a UGG boot for business casual, you can try out a UGG Neumel boot for your business casual environment. It’s the only model I found to be passable as business casual.

✒️Are UGG Boots Unprofessional?

Yes, UGG boots are unprofessional in most cases. First of all, most UGG boots have an unprofessional design. The boots are fluffy and have unprofessional stitches on the upper. 

The color options of the UGG boots are also unprofessional. Generally, people don’t wear UGG boots to work. It looks unprofessional. However, if your job demands you to wear boots, you can wear UGGs. For example, pet groomers and butchers wear special types of boots to work.

In some cases, UGG boots can be passed as professional. For example, fashion designers typically don’t have any strict dress code. They can wear UGG boots to the workplace.

✒️What to Wear with UGGs to Have a Professional Look?

If you want to wear UGGs to work, you need to wear a business casual outfit to match it. Like I mentioned before, UGG Neumel is the only boot with a little bit of business casual look. You should wear it if you really want to wear a UGG. However, be mindful of the color choice.

The Neumel comes in 13 colors. Don’t pick unprofessional colors like blue, red, or white. Brown and black are the best choices for a professional look.

Are UGG Boots Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are UGG Boots Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Now, let’s talk about the outfit. I don’t recommend jeans for any kind of professional wear. Ripped and shredded jeans are absolutely bizarre for professional settings. Try to wear contrasting shirts and trousers. For example, wear light-colored shirts (white, grey, sky blue, light maroon). I always prefer black trousers because they can be worn with almost everything. You can wear other colored pants. Just make sure they are not too bright. 

My personal favorite is a grey shirt/white shirt with black trousers. Now, wear your favorite UGG and you are good to go.

You can also check our article on choosing Uggs colors.


UGGs are not for business casual settings. UGG products feel warm and comfortable. They are best for casual wear both at home and outside. Most UGG boots have unprofessional colors and designs. You should not wear UGGs to work. I don’t think anybody will accept these shoes as business casual. They will look odd at best.

If you are hell-bent on wearing UGG boots to work, you should only consider UGG Neumel. None of the other boots is suitable for business casual. Pay attention to your outfit as well. Don’t wear ripped jeans. You need to avoid vibrant-colored trousers or pants as well. They don’t look professional as well.

Bottom line: There’s no problem in loving UGGs. I love them too. But they are not good for business casual. 

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