Merrell Alverstone vs Moab 2

Merrell Alverstone vs Moab 2

When it comes to outdoor activities and adventures, having the right footwear is essential. Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2 shoes are two of the most popular choices for those looking for a superior level of comfort, style, and performance.

But when choosing between them, there are key differences that should be taken into consideration. The material used in their construction, outsole design, insole cushioning, arch support options, and overall style & design all differs significantly between the two models.

Here, we will discuss the subtle yet significant differences between Merrell Alverstone vs Moab 2 shoes to help you decide which one better suits your needs.

Comparison Table of Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2

FeaturesMerrell AlverstoneMerrell Moab 2
MaterialLeather and textile materialsCordura fabric
OutsoleM Select GripVibram Mega Grip
InsoleRemovable EVA footbedsOrthoLite footbeds
Arch SupportYesMore than Alverstone
Style & DesignClassic styleContemporary look

Differences in Between Merrell Alverstone vs Moab 2 Shoes

The Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2 are both excellent shoes with plenty to offer. They both provide quality materials, construction, and comfort but have different features that set them apart from one another. Let’s look at the differences:


The Merrell Alverstone is constructed from a combination of leather and textile materials, with a breathable mesh upper for added ventilation and enhanced comfort. On the other hand, the Moab 2 comprises waterproof nubuck leather, abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric, and an air mesh tongue for improved air circulation.

The Cordura fabric found in the Moab 2 provides more durability than the materials used in the Alverstone. This also makes it heavier than its counterpart. And the air mesh tongue of the Moab 2 helps to keep feet cool and dry during extended periods of wear.


The Merrell Alverstone features an M Select Grip outsole combined with a shock-absorbing EVA midsole for cushioning and support on trails.

And the Moab 2 is equipped with Vibram Mega Grip rubber outsoles designed to stick on wet or dry terrain while providing superior cushioning and stability. These outsoles also feature multidirectional lugs for extra grip when walking on uneven terrain. 


The insoles of both Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2 shoes differ as well in their design. The Merrell Alverstone has removable EVA footbeds that provide arch support while cushioning your feet during long journeys on trails.

Conversely, the Moab 2 has OrthoLite footbeds, which offer additional comfort by combining a unique foam technology that absorbs impact while delivering long-lasting cushioning throughout your day. Furthermore, these footbeds feature moisture-wicking properties to help keep your feet cool, fresh and comfortable all day long.

Arch Support

The arch support offered by Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2 shoes varies quite significantly. Merrell Alverstone features an air cushion in the heel to absorb shock, helping to provide a more comfortable feel for your feet. This cushion helps protect your arches from fatigue and soreness when standing or walking for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, Moab 2 features an ergonomic fit design that follows the natural shape of your foot, providing enhanced arch support and stability. The combination of Memory Foam footbeds and Cordura fabric uppers also helps to provide a custom-like fit while allowing increased breathability.

Style & Design

The style and design of Merrell Alverstone shoes are much more traditional compared to the modern look of Moab 2 shoes. Merrell Alverstone offers a classic style with its simple design elements like mesh panels, lace-up closure, and rubber outsole.

Meanwhile, Moab 2 has a unique look due to its distinctive Cordura fabric upper, which is highly durable while still lightweight and breathable. Additionally, this shoe offers a contemporary look and its sleek silhouette and subtle colorway options, which can easily be styled for any occasion.


Regarding comfort, both Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2 shoes have their own advantages. The lightweight construction throughout the design of the Merrell Alverstone makes it ideal for all-day wear without feeling too heavy or clunky on your feet.

Furthermore, this shoe has been designed with breathable mesh materials and extra padding in the collar area for additional cushioning around the ankle joints.

In contrast, Moab 2 offers added comfort with Memory Foam footbeds which provide hug-like cushioning for every step you take while maintaining optimal breathability throughout wear. It also includes synthetic overlays on the toe-box area that adds extra protection against abrasion while providing durability over time.

Are Merrell Moab 2 Wide Fit?

Yes, the Merrell Moab 2 has a forefoot width of 4.66 inches and is as broad as many other boots on the market. With its wide base, the Moab 2 provides superior support and balance to keep your ankles from rolling or slipping during use.

This makes it an ideal choice for people with wider feet or looking for additional stability when traversing challenging terrain.

Do Merrell Shoes Run Small or Large?

Generally speaking, Merrell shoes are known to fit true to size and tend to provide a good fit for most wearers. Many customers report that Merrell shoes often run slightly wider than other brands, making them ideal for those with wider feet or those who prefer a roomier fit.

Given the generous range of sizes available, it’s easy to find something you can be comfortable in without worrying about whether or not they might run too small. Merrell also offers a variety of widths so that people with different types of feet can find their perfect fit.


Considering all aspects when comparing Merrell Alverstone and Moab 2 shoes is important, including material type, outsole, insole design, arch support options, and overall style. By understanding the differences between these two pairs of shoes, you can find the perfect fit that suits your lifestyle and physical requirements.

Regardless of which model you choose from this well-known brand; you can rest assured knowing you’ll get a quality pair of shoes that offer superior comfort and performance for whatever activity or adventure awaits.

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