How to Break in Nike Dunks?

How to Break in Nike Dunks?

It’s not a good practice to use your new pair of Nike Dunks without breaking in. You might not get the real feel of using this amazing brand because of this. Hence, you should try a few break-in strategies to overcome this unwanted situation.

Rubbing the shoe with alcohol, soap rubbed with wet cloth, wearing thick socks, tightening shoelaces, using water buckets, using extra insoles and having a practice wearing session inside houses are a few of the Nike Dunk break-in strategies. 

You will find a brief description of the above strategies below.

Break in Strategies:

Break-in strategies are meant to be exercised at the beginning of shoe use. Although these strategies are not very hard, we forget the steps and don’t apply them. You can choose your favorite one from the followings. 

Rubbing with Alcohol Mixed Cloth

This process is applicable if your Nike Dunk is already tight and you want to make it lose. At first, take a cloth and dub some rubbing alcohol with it. After the cloth is soaked, then carefully rub the inside portion of your Dunks where you feel uncomfortable. The alcohol will make the leather soft. 

Rubbing with Soap Mixed Cloth or Brush

How to Break in Nike Dunks?

If you don’t have alcohol or don’t want to use them then you can try another method with saddle soap. Take a wet cloth or brush and rub it on the bar of saddle soap until an extra leather of soap is visible. Then gently rub the soap on the upper portion of the Dunk. 

You should cover the whole surface. This will make the Dunk softer. At the same time, it will keep the shape of the shoe intact. 

Wearing Thick Socks

Wearing thick socks is a common strategy in every form of shoe breaking in. Hence you can try for Nike dunk also. If you need you can wear multiple socks too. This will fill the gap between your shoe and feet. Which will give you a comfortable feel.

How to Break in Nike Dunks?

Tightening Shoelaces

Tightening shoelaces is another common strategy for breaking in shoes. When you wear the shoe, you should tighten your shoelaces as much as possible. It will provide you with extra confidence and ease. But when your feet start hurting then loosen the laces.

Using Extra Inner Sole

You can use an extra inner sole for your Dunk. First, take the measurement of your shoe and bring a sole in accordance with your Dunk size. If the sole is slightly large then you can cut it also. Then carefully place it inside.

This will fill the gaps and will stabilize your feet. Hence, your movements will be more comfortable, and will have less chance of hurting your feet.

Wearing Around the House

You can wear your dunks inside the house before using them on road and make a comfortable feel. This process is very effective without damaging your shoe. But don’t move inside the house without socks. Otherwise, your toe, heel or side of your feet might get hurt.  


There are a few common practices of break-in any shoe. As you are using a world-class brand you will not need a long break in time. Even then for better performance and comfort, you can use any of the above approaches to have a nice starting. 

However, you should try the easiest one and gradually move towards the hardest. Try to manage necessary materials beforehand to overcome any unwanted delays. Most of the materials are common and will be available in the nearest stores. 

So, without any further delay, take your shoes and start breaking in and use them with the fullest comfort.

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