How to Break in Jordan 1s?

How to Break in Jordan 1s?

Having a pair of Jordan 1s is fantastic, but your excellent feeling might vanish if you start using those without some break-in strategies. Don’t worry!  This article will give you a complete guideline for your Jordan 1s break-in. 

However, protecting the main spots, pushing the toe-heel, tightening shoe laces,  wearing thick socks, blowing, etc., are a few of Jordan’s break-in strategies. Furthermore, Jordan’s incredible features include a complex air pocket in heels, excellent ankle support, toe overlay, side wings, and many more. All these make the shoe easy to use. 

Moreover, using a new pair of Jordan shoes requires some break-in strategies to get complete ease. Probable strategies are as follows.   

Jordan 1s Break-In Strategies:

There are several Jordan 1s break-in strategies. You may not need all of those for better performance. However, you should start from the ones that seem easy and move on to the next one. Now, let’s get into the details.    

Push Toe and Heel

At the very beginning, you should take the shoes one by one in your hand. Hold the toe with one hand and heel with another. Now start pushing the toe and heel towards each other as much as possible. 

But don’t give so much pressure that the side parts get damaged. It should be a soft push to make the shoe flexible to use. 

✦ Protect the Sensitive Spots

In most cases breaking in shoes will hurt your feet. Some blisters may come out on your toe, foot side, and heel. You need to handle it carefully. The friction between feet and shoes mainly causes blisters. Dry feet will cause more. So use lotion or gel on your feet beforehand. 

You should take a practice wearing session in your house for a few hours. Furthermore, you can use paper surgical tape also on these areas to avoid blisters. Even if you have got blisters already, you can use this tape.    

✦ Put on Thick Socks

Another effective break-in strategy is wearing thick socks. However, you can use double socks also to make your feet comfortable with the shoe. It will cover the gaps between your shoe and feet. Hence, you will get a comfortable feel while wearing it. 

✦ Tighten Your Shoelaces

You should tighten your shoe laces while putting on your Jordan. This will provide your feet with a compact feel with the shoe. Ultimately, you will find it easy.

✦ Use a Blow Dryer

After wearing your shoes, you can use a blow dryer. Firstly make the dryer hot enough to blow over your Jordan 1s. Then blow it over the whole shoe. It will slightly squeeze the shoe and make it tight with your feet. 

✦ Use Stretcher Spray

If your shoes are tight and you feel uncomfortable, you can use shoe stretcher spray. Carefully spray over the whole shoe. After the spray, your shoe will be less tightened within a few moments.

✦ Use a Shoe Stretcher

Finally, you can use a shoe stretcher too, which is used to stretch shoes. Buy a stretcher as per your shoe. Place the stretcher inside your shoe and keep it for a few hours. But don’t stretch to such an extent that your shoe gets torn. After removing the stretcher, hopefully, you will get a comfortable Jordan.


Jordan 1s is mainly designed to play basketball. However, it’s always good to use some break-in strategies before going into the field. Otherwise, you will not get the true feel of using the shoe. 

In a nutshell, the most common and easy strategies are described in this article. You of course can choose anyone you like and have an excellent start with your desired Jordan 1s.

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