How to Shrink Jordans?

How to Shrink Jordans?

New releases of Jordans sell out in no time, right after their launch. How crazy is that? If you are a sneakers lover, you have wanted to own a pair of the latest Jordans. But, getting your favorite style in the correct size can be tricky.

I got a few pairs of Jordans that were a bit bigger, but I loved the design. In that case, the only question in my mind was – how to shrink Jordans.

In this article, I will describe a few super easy methods to shrink your Jordans without damaging the quality or shape. Let’s get right into that!

How Do I Make My Jordans Smaller?

The most effective method of shrinking your Jordans is to apply heat. Heat can stretch the material of sneakers, but that has different methods. Heat can be beneficial to shrink your Jordans to full size!

Besides heat, there are other methods of getting a smaller fit in Jordans. That mainly includes stuffing up the Jordans or wearing thicker socks. Don’t worry. We will be discussing all the methods in steps and detail right below.

3 Easy Methods to Shrink Your Jordans

Air Jordans are mainly made of synthetic rubber materials that quickly react to heat. They are also flexible, making it easier to change their shape and size using a few easy tips and tricks. Let’s go through 4 simple methods to make your Jordans fit smaller and mold into your feet.

Method 1: Using a Blow Dryer

This method uses heat to shrink your Jordans and has to be one of the easiest methods. It uses mild heat, so you do not have to worry about damaging your precious shoes.

Step 1: Spray water all over your Jordan shoes to dampen them. Do not soak up all over. Or you can just dampen any area you want to shrink up for a better fit, i.e., the toe box.

Step 2: Set your blow dryer in medium to maximum heat range and aim it towards the places you would like to shrink.

Step 3: Heat all over the shoes for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to heat the shoes evenly to keep a good shape.

Step 4: Allow the shoes to cool down completely. Do not try them on when they are warm. This can instead stretch them out.

Step 5: After they are entirely at normal temperature, try them on to check the fit. If they are still loose, repeat the process.

Method 2: The Dryer Method

This has to be one of the most common yet controversial methods. People are afraid to damage their shoes in the dryer. But, you can easily change the size of your Jordans if you follow the steps accurately.

Step 1: Soak your Jordans in warm or normal water for a minute or two.

Step 2: Take the shoes and shake them up to eliminate excess water.

Step 3: Put the shoes in a pillowcase and throw a few dry towels in your dryer along with the shoes.

Step 4: Use medium to high heat for about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Take your shoes out and try them on at normal temperature. Repeat the process to shrink up even more.

Method 3: Using Soles to Stuff In

You can use this method as an alternative to permanently shrink up your shoes. You have to get some extra soles and place them under the original soles of the shoes. Use as many as required until you reach your desired fit. You can also use little pieces of foam if your toe box is too roomy.

You can also try wearing thick socks with the shoes to get a snug fit. This works best during the winters since the thick socks fix your fit and keep your feet warm and cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do shoes shrink when they get wet?

Leather shoes shrink in the process of getting dried after they are wet. When they get wet, the material does not shrink. However, when leather shoes start drying up, the material gets stiff and tight. The same goes for a few canvas and suede shoes as well.

2. Can shoes shrink in heat?

Heating dampened shoes shrink them up because the material gets tightened up in the process. This works especially for shoes made of leather, canvas, and suede.

3. Will putting shoes in the dryer damage the dryer?

Putting shoes in the dryer does not damage the dryer as long as you do one pair at a time with a few towels. Your dryer can get damaged if you put a lot of shoes together without any towel barrier. The shoes will end up banging the walls of the dryer without any protection from towels. This will not only damage the dryer but will also damage the shoes themselves.

How to Shrink Jordans? (Summary)

Now you know everything about how to shrink Jordans. The most basic way to get a smaller fit in Jordans is to heat them for shrinkage or stuff them up. It is that easy!

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