Are Air Force Ones Business Casual?

Are Air Force Ones Business Casual?

Business meetings or other places, wherever you go, you need to pull an A game with your outfit. But if you have a pair of Air Force One and you want to look best and different yet elegant from others, you may start wondering if Air Force Ones are business casuals or not.

Air Force Ones are business casuals and you can pull them off with any of your outfits. You can pair up your Nike Air Force One with suits, polo shirt, open collar, ties, blazer etc. The Nike Air Force One comes in different colors which you can easily match with your business attire.

If you want to know more on how to style the Nike Air Force One with your business casual, keep on reading!

Is It Ok to Wear Sneakers for Business Casual?

Wearing sneakers for business casuals is a trendy thing now. Even though people preferred only shoes with no plain colors earlier, nowadays the fashion trends are evolving. People like to wear sneakers for their daily work and also for business meetings or meetups. That’s why, you can wear your sneakers with different outfits without getting hesitated.

Can I Wear Air Force Ones to Work?

Air Force Ones of Nike are really great footwear for wearing at work. The simple yet elegant design with clean leather will make you feel more comfortable and stylish than ever. There are multiple design options to choose from. However most of their shoes are white colors yet versatile to wear with any business casuals.

How to Wear Air Force Ones for Business Casual?

You can style your Nike Air Force Ones with different outfits even if it’s a business meetup indoor or outdoor.  Here are some top outfit ideas for both women and men:

  • Slacks and blazer
  • Khakis and top up shirt
  • Cardigan with flayer pants
  • Sports coat and tailored shit

Slacks and Blazer

When you want to style your neutral/ colorful blazers with your favorite pair of slacks, you can trust Air Force One that time. The entire outfit will really match with office aesthetics and your vibes too.

You can go for printed and vibrant blazers and a clean white variety of Air Force One. Or you can go for patterns such as the plaids to perfectly match your Nike Air Force that comes in other colors except white.

Khakis and Polo Shirt

Khakis are now back in fashion trends and to style it with polo shirts would look more professional. You then will just need to add your Air Force One with it and then it will look more elegant than before.

Cardigan with Flayer Pants

Cardigan is mainly wearable during the winter or late autumn season. People however do wear it in summer times too. If you choose to wear a cardigan then you can also go for flare pants with ofcourse your Air Force One.

 All of these can make your outfit look really cool and trendy. You can also go for jeans instead of flare pants. The color of the cardigan and your  Air Force ones will matter a lot here. If you choose a cardigan that gives more of a neutral vibe, you can pair it with the colorful Air Force Ones.

 But styling it with a neutral/ white Air Force One , golden colored watch and neutral cardigan can make you look more professional in business meetings.

Sports Coat and Tailored Shit

Sports coats and tailored shirts are a good choice for every man and woman and what better way to style it with Air Force One than casual shoes? If you choose to go for a neutral colored shirt then you can keep the same color vibe both in pants and your shoes as well. The sports coat can be colorful this time but it should not be too vibrant.

Final Words

Air Force Ones of Nike are really an amazing choice for business casuals.Even though people earlier had different perspectives for sneakers in offices but now things have changed. The fashion trends are changing every day and wearing sneakers in business meetups or in office places is a thing now. It can be with any business casual outfits you want but make sure to pair them perfectly with neutral or vibrant colors. This will help you look more professional and elegant as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can White Sneakers be business casual?

White sneakers can be business casual. Styling your white pair of Air Force One can make your whole outfit more noticable and make you look more presentable.

2. Are Air Force ones unisex?

Air Force Ones are definitely unisex and most of them are in white colors. Hence you can choose these shoes for any day with any outfits irrespective of your gender.

3. Can I wear Air Force ones to the Gym?

You can wear your  Air Force ones to the gym as it provides a strong cushion support to your feet. Hence makes you walk comfortably and provides enough support for any weight lifting equally.

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