How to Break in Nike Air Max?

How to Break in Nike Air Max?

Breaking in a new pair of Nike Air Max can be a real pain. You don’t want to ruin their perfect new-shoe feel, but you also don’t want to go too long without wearing them and risk getting blisters. But the question is, how do you break in Nike Air Max without ruining them?

Nike Air Max shoes have large air pockets in the soles to cushion and support your feet. With so many colors and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find a pair that fits your style and needs. If you don’t break them in correctly, you’ll end up with stiff, inconvenient shoes.

Let’s give you some tips on breaking in your new shoes, sneakers, or running shoes without ruining them.

Why Is My Nike Air Max Uncomfortable?

It is not uncommon for shoes to feel uncomfortable at first when you break them in. The same is true for Nike Air Max shoes. In order for these shoes to conform to your feet, they require a break-in period.

During this break-in period, you may experience discomfort as the shoes flex and mold to your feet. Nike Air Max shoes are designed to be super comfortable once you break them in. Give your Nike shoes a little time, and they’ll feel much better.

Tips on How to Break in Nike Air Max

Anybody who has purchased a pair of Nike Air Max shoes has likely experienced some discomfort when first wearing them. The break-in period is essential for getting the shoes to feel comfortable, but it can be a pain (literally) in the meantime.

The following tips will help you break in your Nike Air Max shoes quickly and without too much discomfort:

Start with A Short Walk

Before you break in your new Nike Air Max shoes, you must take a short walk in them first. Start by lacing up your shoes and doing a few laps around the block. Pay attention to how they feel on your feet and make adjustments accordingly. Once you’re comfortable, you can begin increasing your walking distance. 

Wear Them Around the House

Another great way is to wear them around the house simply. You can do this by putting them on and walking around your living room, kitchen, or other home areas.

This is a great way to get used to the feel of the shoes without having to go outside. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to test different sock thicknesses to see what works best for you.

Don’t Forget the Socks

Wearing the right socks is essential when breaking in your new Nike shoe. Socks that are too thick or thin can cause blisters and other issues. The key is finding a happy medium, not too thick or too thin. Wearing the wrong socks is one of the main reasons why people experience discomfort when breaking into their shoes.

Do Some Light Stretching

Once you’ve worn your shoes around the house for a bit, it’s time to do some light stretching. This will help to break in the materials and get them to conform to the shape of your feet.

A simple way to do this is to put your shoes on and sit down with your legs outstretched in front of you. Reach down and grab your toes, then pull back gently. You can also try rotating your feet from the ankle to help stretch things out.

Try a Different Lacing Method

If you’re still having issues with discomfort, it might be time to try a different lacing method. There are many ways to lace your shoes, and some may work better for you than others.

One popular method is known as the “heel lock.” To do this, simply thread the laces through the second-to-last eyelet on each side, then cross them in the middle. Pull the laces tight after you’ve thrown them through the next eyelet. This method helps to lock your heels in place and can prevent rubbing and blisters.

How Long Do Nike Shoes Take to Break In?

The answer may vary depending on how often you run and the type of Nike Air Max shoes you choose. Most runners say it takes 2 to 4 weeks to break in Nike Air Max shoes.

You may experience discomfort as your feet adjust to the new shoes. But once you’ve put in the miles and given them a chance to mold to your feet, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort and support that Nike Air Max shoes are famous for.

What Is the Difference Between Nike Air and Nike Air Max?

Comfort and style are the hallmarks of Nike Air Max shoes. There are exposed Nike Air units in the midsoles of the Air Max, which provide cushioning and support. Air Force 1 also has a Nike Air unit, but it is not exposed. The sneakers are both well-padded and should be comfortable to wear.

Due to the exposed Air unit, the Air Max may take some time to break in. Once broken in, the Air Max 90 will be highly comfortable and provide good support. Air Force 1 is slightly short on padding, but it is still comfortable. Nike Air Max shoes are an excellent choice for more comfort and style.

How Do You Soften Nike Air Max?

One easy way to soften Nike Air Max shoes is to warm up the inside of the shoe with a hairdryer. The heat will help to break down the material and make it more pliable. Wear them around the house for a few hours every day. The material will be able to stretch and conform to your feet due to this perfect break in the material.


Breaking Nike Air Max shoes doesn’t have to be difficult when you follow these simple tips. With a bit of time and effort, you can have your shoes feeling soft and comfortable in no time. Once you’ve broken them in and can enjoy the perfect fit, you’ll be able to appreciate the style and comfort that Nike Air Max shoes have to offer.

If you need to know more about breaking in shoes or have more questions, please visit our other blog post on the topic. And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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