3 Reasons Why Nike Air Force 1 Are Good for Flat Feet

3 Reasons Why Nike Air Force 1 Are Good for Flat Feet

Why do people with flat feet need extra care to pick a shoe? Flat feet can cause chronic pain, deformity, and injury if the wrong shoes are worn. Do you find it challenging with your flat feet to buy a pair of sneakers that won’t hurt your leg and feet?

It can be even more challenging if you are looking for a couple of Nikes. Nikes have numerous styles, yet Air Force 1 should be the proper shoes for you if you have flat feet. Air Force 1 shoes have all-around cushioning, heel support, and arch support which are design features necessary to support flat feet.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good for Flat Feet?

Even though Air Force 1 is marketed as basketball shoes, it is suitable for flat feet. Air Force 1 shoes have enough cushioning, outsole support, toe room, and adjustable features to house flat feet.

3 reasons for Air force 1 good for flat feet

Air Force 1 shoes can work as proper shoes for flat feet because of the design that ensures stability and support. Here are the top 3 reasons behind Air Force 1 sneakers being good for flat feet:

Wide forefoot

Flat feet put immense pressure on people if their shoes lack a wide forefoot. The collapsed arches or flat feet make a person shift the bodyweight on the toes rather than the midfoot. So, a broad forefoot with spacious toe room is necessary so the toes don’t get injured.

Nike designed all Air Force 1 styles with a spacious forefoot in rounded design- a pointed forefoot can smash the toes. Air Force 1 sneakers are meant for basketball shoes. Basketball puts immense pressure on the toes of players. Hence, the wide forefoot of the Air Force 1 can withstand long hours and strain without keeping a person with flat feet in pain.

Robust Heel Support

A firm heel prevents twisting of the feet with every step the wearer takes. A strong heel is supported by robust outsoles, cushioning, and spacious room for the ankle. Air Force 1 boots have all these features- protective cushioning inside the shoes, a robust rubber outsole with grip and stability, and an overall design to house the ankles.

The proper heel support of Nike Air Force 1 ensures that the wearer is free of foot ailments (plantar fasciitis) and that the collapsed arches are getting enough support.

Laces and Adjustable Strap

Sneakers have either laces or straps for adjustments. Nike Air Force 1 is unique as these sneakers have laces and adjustable straps. Flat feet make a person’s feet thick, and the thickness and the collapsed arches vary from person to person. So, it is necessary to have adjustments to make the ankle gap, tarsal, and metatarsal area comfortable.

The flexibility of adjustment of Nike Air Force 1 shoes ensures that a flat-footed person has the flexibility to adjust the sneakers during critical movements and prolonged wear.

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