Are UGG Boots Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

Are UGG Boots Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

Most UGG boots don’t come in wide feet. If you love UGG boots and have a favorite model, you need to check if it comes in wide width or not. 

I have wide feet. I know what it’s like to get a narrow-width shoe. No matter how much you love a boot, you cannot wear it if it’s too tight. I have tested many UGG boots and found some of them comfortable. 

In this article, I will share if UGG boots are good for wide feet or not. If the boots are good, which ones are worth considering? You will learn all this and more. Let’s get started.

🏐Do UGGs Come in Wide?

Yes, many UGG footwear comes in wide sizes. You will not get wide-size variants of every product but there are plenty of options to choose from. If you don’t have any particular favorites while picking a UGG, look for ones with extra width. You can also try out the ‘extended sizes’ section if you have really long and wide feet.

You can go to UGG’s website and under the men’s section, you will find extra-width products. Remember not all models are suitable for wide feet. If you are struggling to find the right pair, visit a shop. The sales team will help you find the right pair for your wide feet.

🏐Are UGG Boots Good for Wide Feet?

It’s tough to answer this question directly. Some boots may be good for you and some may not be good. You must shop for boots with extra width. So, are the extra-width boots good for wide feet?

UGG boots are good for wide feet but not great. I liked the boots. There is a different type of feeling with UGG boots. For casual and day-to-day wear, they are fine.

Now, let me tell you why I think UGG boots are good. 

Wide toe box:

UGG boots are known for their spacious toe box. As a person with wide feet, that’s a good thing. There was enough space for my toes which I loved. 

Comfortable midsole:

The midsole of the UGG boots is comfortable. They are soft and have decent cushioning. My feet didn’t hurt while I was walking. However, don’t walk too much. Your feet may start to ache.

You should only wear UGG boots casually during winter. They are not designed for extended usage. There are some problems with the boots which make them unsuitable for all types of use.

Keeps feet warm:

UGG boots are designed for winter. Don’t try to wear them in any other season. The shoes have terrible breathability and great insulation. I loved wearing the boots in the winter.

Are UGG Boots Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

🏐Some Problems with UGG Boots

Poor arch support:

As a person with wide feet, you need boots with good arch support for extended usage. UGG boots have very poor arch support. If you wear them long enough, you will feel them.

Poor stability:

The toe box is generally wide. If you get an extra-wide pair, the toe box will get even wider. Thus, you end up with wobbly feet inside the boots.

Bottom line:

UGG boots are good for casual winter wear. The boots are good overall but don’t wear them for too long.

🏐Do UGGs Fit Wide Feet?

Yes. Many UGGs fit wide feet. There are extra-width options such as 3E, 4E, and 5E. You can also try out bigger sizes if you are feeling uncomfortable length-wise. UGGs are supposed to fit tight.

You will feel uncomfortable with a narrow-fitting shoe. At the same time, you will not get the true feeling of wearing UGGs if the shoes are too loose. So, you need to pick sizes that are not too narrow for your wide feet and not too loose either.

It’s best to stick to the usual size. Just get a pair with extra width. If you are not comfortable with the fitting, you can go up to half a size up. But I don’t recommend going higher than that.

🏐Do You Have to Break in UGGs?

No. You don’t need to break in UGGs. UGGs don’t stretch out much either. The shoes remain almost the same even after a long time of wear. So, you can wear your usual size. Don’t expect the shoe to loosen up. Wear the shoes and see how they fit. That’s how the shoes will fit.

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Are UGG Boots Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)


UGG boots are good for wearing in the winter. They are good for wide feet if you wear them for the intended purpose. Don’t try running or walking for too long, your feet might start to hurt.

UGG boots have a wide toe box, comfortable and warm. But the lack of arch support and stability makes the boots poor for long-term usage.

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