UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

Boot lovers, you are going to dig this. In terms of boots, Uggs are known for their classic style of boots.

Despite claims of Uggs’ boots not being Australian and insisting that they are rather Californian-style sheepskin boots, it has never stopped users from buying them. Why? Because at this point, their boots have become a fashion trend, ranging way back from the 2000s.

So, let us take a look at their history and current condition.

✒️ History

The company UGG Australia was founded in 1978 when Brian Smith, an Australian surfer, decided to shift to Southern California. He did this with the hope of designing a product out of sheepskin that would leave the market in shock and awe.

This is when the ‘Classic Boot’ was invented. When the 80s arrived, UGG Australia had become famous, of sorts. They had become a representation of the beach culture that was popular back then. They sped through the competition so well that you could find their product(s) almost in any surf shop.

Slowly the world started acknowledging the company and adopting it as a higher state of fashion. This was the dream that Brian was hoping to achieve, and he had achieved it within time.

In 1995, a company named Deckers Brands bought Smith’s company for around 14.6 million dollars intending to expand as much as possible.

After the company’s buying, UGG Australia slowly became an international brand and started having double the sales than before because of the recent international development.

UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

Even celebrity shows like Oprah Winfrey’s show where it was a part of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

Suddenly in 2006, they decided to open their very first brick-and-mortar store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. If you are wondering where their first international store was situated, it was in Japan in the same year.

Ten years later, in 2016, Deckers thought of renaming the brand after all this time.

Since then, the company has been well-known as UGG instead of UGG Australia. The main reason for this was because they were investigated for using the name ‘Australia’ in their brand despite manufacturing sheepskin boots in China and Vietnam.

Popular Styles/models of UGGs

Ugg Classic Boot

The Ugg Classic Boot is what made the company famous in the first place. It is also why the company keeps coming back in style, as the boots are endorsed by influencers and celebrities alike. It has three variations – mini, short, and tall. The most famous color available for it is the chestnut color.

UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

Fluff Yeah Slipper

Fluff Yeah slippers are one of the most fabulous shoes Uggs offers. With reviews giving positive reviews all around, and even celebrities like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid praising it, how can it be criticized? The Fluff Yeahs come in many colors, like leopard print and neon hues. They are very soft.

Scuff Slipper

Uggs created one of the best gifts a man can receive. These Scuff slippers are so soft that nobody can complain about them. With them being easy to slip in and out of, you can be sure to rock them all day long without worrying about anything.

Chukka Boot

Boots for men is a thing if you did not know. Men love anything handy and sturdy, which the Chukka Boot is, without a doubt, according to multiple reviewers online. They are genuinely great boots for men.

UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

Ascot Slipper

Want tons of styles to choose from, including color? The Ascot slipper is for you. Users have expressed how personal slippers can become, and the Ascot is nice to company them for as long as possible. After all, slippers indeed do matter to men a lot.

Scuffette Slipper

Everyone loves lightweight and fluffy slippers, right? This makes sense because the reviews for the Scuffette Slipper support the claim. These last very long and are very cozy for the feet.

Coquette Slipper

For winter nights, these slippers are perfect. They provide good support and are of high quality. You cannot go wrong with warmth either, as these slippers will warm up your feet within no time.

UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

Bailey Button Boot

Boots with buttons? You read this right – Ugg made these boots so that users who love round boots and dislike boxy ones can rejoice. Users with wide feet will find them to be very comfortable and stylish.

Ansley Moccasin

Suede slippers are usually unheard of, but Ugg has got you covered. With the inside being made from wool and the outside made of suede, your feet will never feel the wrath of the outside environment.

Tasman Slipper

It does not matter if the Tasman Slipper is a slide or a moccasin. It is supportive via the sole, and you can slip into it easily. What else can you even want as long as it covers the basics?

UGGs: Everything You Need to Know

Bonham Boot III

Ever wanted waterproof boots? Bonham Boot III is the one for those rainy weather lovers who want boots that can withstand being wet.

Biltmore Chelsea Boot

Similar to the Bonham Boot III mentioned above, the Biltmore Chelsia Boot consists of a spider rubber outsole that is meant to give traction. The boots are also waterproof, so getting them wet is not an issue.

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I am not a boots kind of person, but I can understand why users hype them up around the world. Uggs has a dedication and quality that has been uncompromised for decades. This being said, one can only hope they can continue to dominate the boot market like this.

Because maintaining such a standard for so long is not an easy task for any shoe company, no matter how successful they are. UGG can only hope its destiny of being a renowned boot company does not end anytime soon.

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