Are Vans SK8-Hi, Slip-On and Old Skool Good for Wide Feet?

Are Vans SK8-Hi, Slip-On and Old Skool Good for Wide Feet?

A lot of people have wide feet, but a lot of shoe companies don’t make shoes in wide widths. You know how frustrating it can be if you’re one of the many people who have trouble finding stylish and comfortable shoes in your size.

You have to shop at specialty stores or order online and hope they fit when they arrive. There is a Vans brand that does offer wide-width shoes. Do you think Vans SK8-Hi, Slip-On, Old Skool, and UltraRange be worn by people with wide feet?

We will cover this post about this topic below. So keep reading to find out more.

Are Vans SK8-Hi, Slip-On, Old Skool, and UltraRange Good for Wide Feet?

The answer is Yes. Each of these Vans shoes comes in wide widths, and they’re all popular styles. But there are a few things you should keep in mind if you have wide feet and are considering buying any of these shoes.

First of all, you should know that the shoes will feel a little bit bigger than usual. That’s because they’re meant to accommodate wider feet, so don’t be surprised if they feel a little roomy. But that doesn’t mean they’re too big – they’ll have a more comfortable fit for people with wide feet.

Another thing to remember is that the shoes might not be as supportive as you’re used to. That’s because they don’t have the same structure that shoes made for narrower feet do. In case your feet are wide and you require a lot of support, you might want to look into other options.

Let’s see each shoe one by one:

Vans SK8-Hi:

The Vans SK8-Hi is a popular style of shoe, and it comes in wide widths. It’s a high-top shoe, so it will give you some support around your ankle. But because it doesn’t have a lot of structure, it might not be the most supportive shoe for people with wide feet.

Vans Slip-On:

Vans Slip-Ons are also available in wide widths. They’re a little bit more supportive than the SK8-Hi, but they still might not be enough for people who need a lot of support.

Vans Old Skool:

The Vans Old Skool is another popular style, which is available in wide widths. It’s a low-top shoe, so it won’t give you as much support as a high-top. But it’s more supportive than the Slip-On, so it might be a good option for people with wide feet.

Vans UltraRange:

The Vans UltraRange is a new style of shoe that’s designed for people who do a lot of walking or standing. It comes in wide widths, and it has a lot of support and cushioning.

So, whether you have wide feet or need a comfortable shoe for walking or standing, the UltraRange might be a good option.

How Can I Stretch My Vans for Wide Feet?

Many people find Vans shoes comfortable but can feel too tight, especially with wide feet. If this is the case, you can do a few things to stretch them out.

First, try wearing a pair of thick socks with your shoes. This will help fill any extra space and make the shoes feel less snug. Next, use a hairdryer to heat up the areas of your shoes that feel tight. As you heat up the material, move your toes and flex your toes to loosen them up.

With a little bit of patience, you should be able to stretch out your Vans enough to make them more comfortable.

Do Old Skool Vans Run Wide?

The Vans Old Skool is a classic sneaker that has been around for decades. They are comfortable and stylish shoes that can be worn for casual or dressy occasions. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a pair of Old Skools is the fit.

The shoe usually runs true to size, but it has been known to run slightly wide around the toe box. If you size down, then the shoe may fit snugly on your foot. But if you size up, your shoe may be too loose and uncomfortable. Ultimately, it is important to try on a pair of Old Skools to see what size works best for you.

Should I Size Up for Vans Slip-On?

When it comes to Vans Slip-On, comfort is key. The classic design and spongy sole make them perfect for those who want a shoe that’s both comfortable and stylish.

However, some people find that the shoes run slightly snug, so they may need to size up. Otherwise, they could risk the shoes slipping off their feet. Overall, the Vans Slip-On is a great choice for those who are looking for comfortable and stylish shoes.

Does Vans Sk8-Hi Fit True to Size?

The Sk8-Hi is one of their most iconic styles. The shoes are known for being comfortable and stylish and come in various colors and designs. While most Vans shoes fit true to size, the Sk8-Hi may run a bit large.

This is because the shoes are lace-up, which allows you to adjust the fit according to your liking. For a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes, the Vans Sk8-Hi is a great option.

Are Vans UltraRange or Converse Better for Wide Feet?

Without any doubt, Vans UltraRange shoes are better for wide feet. The main reason is that they come with an extra-wide width option, which is not available in Converse shoes. Moreover, the UltraRange shoes have more support and cushioning, making them ideal for walking or standing.

On the other hand, Converse shoes are not as supportive and may not be as comfortable for those with wide feet. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that supports your feet, then Vans UltraRange is the way to go.


That’s it. Now you know all about which Vans shoes are best for wide feet. Be sure to try a few different styles and sizes to find the perfect fit. And don’t forget to stretch your shoes out before wearing them for extended periods.

We try our best to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information. However, we understand that everyone’s feet are different. So, it’s always best to try on a pair of shoes before purchasing them. With that said, we hope this article was helpful in your search for the perfect shoe.

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