Road Trip Outfit Ideas for USA in Summer

Road Trip Outfit Ideas for USA in Summer

Are you listening to John Denver’s “country roads, take me home to the place I belong” so much these days? Well, that means it’s officially summer at last and you cannot wait to load your trunk with a cooler filled with watermelons and hit the road for a long road trip!

Take the maps and mark the roads of your trip. Are you wondering about the outfits on the trip? Hand it over to us. We understand what men desire during the trip; style and comfort.

In this blog, we are going to give you some outfit ideas which are both stylish and comfortable. We will surely take the summer and the impact of the heat on various regions on the count.

If you have kids with you, don’t forget to take a printed PDF of would you rather questions for kids. Trust me, it will be a great way to pass the time on a long road trip.

Two Simple Rules for Outfits on A Road Trip in Summer

You don’t want to wear a suit while driving beside the sea and the mountains right especially in summer. Having proper clothing for a road trip is pretty important.

Here are two simple rules for outfits on a road trip:

Wear and Pack According to The Time and Location

The time of your road trip is so important while choosing your outfit. Wearing a leather jacket is never a good idea on the roads of Texas in summer. Just like that, there are some locations like Nevada, where it’s hot in the daytime and cold at night even its summer.

So, the time and place of the road trip play an important role in your outfit. Relax, we will discuss and guide you more about this in the later part of this blog.

A Perfect Layering is the Key

It’s going to be a little hard to find a restroom or changing room in a deserted area while you are on a road trip. Changing your clothes is going to be a really tough task to do there. Dresses that you might need to pull over your head are quite a hassle.

Road Trip Outfit Ideas for USA in Summer
Road Trip Outfit Ideas for USA in Summer
Road Trip Outfit Ideas for USA in Summer

Shirts, buttoned or zipped sweatshirts, jackets, or blazers are suitable for a road trip. You can easily wear them and take them off. Easy layering is the key to staying comfortable during your trip.

Dress as The Summer Demands

As I mentioned earlier, place and time are the two most important facts about choosing your outfit. To make it easier for you, I have listed some famous favorite destinations to go on a road trip in the summer.

According to the climate of that particular region, I will share some outfit ideas with you.

Men’s Outfit for The Unpredictable Summer in Florida

Florida is one of the best states in the country for road trips. This sunshine state will never make you bored while on the trip. You have a lot of things to see around you. It is one of the best places for snorkeling. If you are into snorkeling, here is an article on snorkeling spots in the Florida Keys.

The summer in Florida swings a lot and it’s pretty unpredictable. You never know when the rain is going to start or when the heat is going to get down. Being prepared for all moods of this state is a wise thing to do.

Men, never forget to take some comfortable shorts with you to Florida. You will see a lot of men roaming around the city in shorts and T-shirts. I will suggest you have light color t-shirts. those will reflect the heat. A pair of sandals or sneakers will make you look like you are really enjoying your vacation.

Well, if you are going to drive at night, keep a lightweight coat with you. The temperature goes down a little at night in Florida. Sudden rains are pretty common in Florida. Never forget to have raincoats with you there.

You are on a trip to Florida and will not see those romantic lighthouses? That’s not going to happen! You can climb up them and I am sure you cannot deny the charms of the sea. So, take some swimsuits and boxers with you if you have a plan.

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Texas and Summer Road Trip – Men’s Outfit to Survive the Heat

Texas has a lot of roads for road trips. It’s huge, really huge. Dallas, Austin, El Paso, and San Antonio offer you a lot of scenic road trips throughout the state. Miles after miles you will have lonely roads to spend some time with yourself.

Just imagine, wide deserted red soil on either side of the road and you are on your no-roof vintage impala with a Stetson hat, blue denim, white shirt, and cowboy boots on your feet. In the background it’s playing “Beautiful Texas” by Willie Nelson, yes, that’s the perfect Texas summer outfit for men.

If you plan to spend nights in the Chihuahua desert in west Texas, carry a jacket with you as it’s going to be cold even in summer. A denim jacket will suit the vibe the most.

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Road Trip in Las Vegas – Summers Attires to Fit the Vegas Vibe

Las Vegas is the city of lights and night parties. Apart from that, the fantastic destination offers you some of the best road trip locations. Ever imagined driving your car between the Death Valley national park or between Valley Of Fire State Park?

In summer, these locations become more attractive for a road trips. Simple casual jeans with a Hawaii shirt are the best a man could wear. Well, if you want to visit the cities, you can try some casual button-ups, shorts, and sneakers. A sunglass will surely enhance your personality.

Some printed Hawaii or statement shirts with distressed jeans and sneakers will surely give you a real Vegas party vibe.

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Los Angeles Road Trip – Men’s Outfit in Summer Days

Big Bear Lake, Catalina Island, Joshua Tree, and Laguna Beach are some of the famous road trip destinations of Los Angeles. I am sure you don’t want to miss sunbathing in Santa Monica. You could have colorful shorts and a hat to tan your skin a bit.

Visiting Los Angeles and not wearing a baseball cap sounds weird right? A pair of black trousers and your favorite baseball team jersey with a baseball hat will help you to match the vibe of the city. In summer, you will see a lot of people in this kind of outfit. A sneaker with that outfit will be a great combination.

Men’s Summer Outfit – Style with The Roads of San Francisco

San Francisco is enjoyable during summer. The heat is not extreme and you can feel a little fog in the evening but the days are sunny. This is a perfect combination to enjoy a road trip with your family. Kids may find it a bit tiring as it is a long one.

If you have kids, don’t forget to bring some board games so that they don’t get bored. Here are some board games for 7 year olds. Here is another article on baby travel essentials which will help you prepare all the things needed for your babies during the trip.

The beauty of napa Valley will blow your mind for sure. The air can blow the hat from your head also! Fasten your hat. This is a casual state. Tech and business people also wear jeans and T-shirts here with sneakers.

Any grey or black T-shirt with blue denim and white sneakers best suit the city vibe. Even in summer, people don’t wear shorts too often as it’s never too hot. Avoid that to stop being weird. If you have plans for hiking there as there are so many hills here, don’t forget to have a hiking shoe in the trunk.

Summer Outfits for Men – Hit the Roads of Chicago in Style

Indiana, Rockford Illinois, Lake Geneva, and Springfield are some of the famous road trip destinations in Chicago. Even in summer, mornings and evenings are cool in Chicago. You can always feel the chilly breeze coming from the lakes.

You don’t have to wear something fancy in Chicago. You can maintain your simple casual look. A full-sleeve T-shirt, sweatshirt, or half-sleeve T-shirt with a lightweight jacket will look good with a trouser. It’s good to avoid shorts here.

Outfit Ideas for Men in Montana Road Trip on Summer

Like the rodeo, Montana is also known for the roads and road trips on them. Each road here is suitable for a road trip. Cities, towns, downtowns, and the countryside are all together.

There are so many ranches and farmhouses beside the country roads. You can see so many horses and cowboys there. Why not just have an outfit like the cowboys on this summer road trip? A full sleeve multi-color cheque shirt with blue jeans and cowboy boots will surely make you look like one of them. Don’t forget to wear a cowboy hat.

The towns have a very fewer population and they are very simple. So, try to keep your outfit as simple as possible here and avoid fancy dresses to catch up with the localities easily.


“Take it easy, take it easy, Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” play this famous song at full volume and start driving for the summer road trip. I know you have no worries about your outfits anymore as I described all possible styles above.

The key to a great summer outfit on a road trip is to catch up with the vibe of the local residents and know the pulse of that place’s weather. I am sure you can choose the best outfit if you just follow these tips.

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