Why Are Doc Martens Tight on Top of Foot? (Quick Solution)

Why Are Doc Martens Tight on Top of Foot? (Quick Solution)

Doc Martens has been one of my go-to pairs of winter boots because they are trendy. They are chunky and shiny, giving you the perfect winter vibe and making themselves essential. However, several users complain about the fit of Doc Martens.

Doc Martens are notorious for hurting your feet and being too tight despite being one of the most famous brands. There has to be a solution. Why are Doc Martens tight on top of foot?

Why Are Doc Martens Tight on Top of Foot?

Many users have faced the issue of Doc Martens being a little tight and stiff when they are new. It hurts their feet, especially the top part. Why is that?

The main reason Doc Martens feels tight on the top of foot is that they are not broken in yet. Doc Martens require breaking in at first before feeling nice and comfy.

In general, Doc Martens are bulky to carry. When you walk wearing them, the weight is mostly carried by the top of your foot. It creates pressure for stability that can end up hurting your feet if they are not cushioning enough.

It is best to get your Doc Martens from stores so that you can check the fit before buying. This will help you to avoid a tight fit and an uncomfortable experience.

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How to Loosen the Top of Your Doc Martens

If your Doc Martens hurt the top of your foot, the first thing to do is loosen up that portion. Breaking into them in the traditional ways can be a process. There are other quicker tricks that you can apply and loosen the top of your Doc Martens.

Get Rid of the inner Sole

If you examine the inside of your Doc Martens, you will find an extra inner lining. You can easily remove it to adjust the fit and instantly notice a difference. The toe box will start feeling slightly roomier, and the top will not feel as tight as before.

Apply the Wonder Balsam

The Wonder Balsam is made of beeswax, lanolin, and coconut oil. It comes with a sponge application that you can use on top of your Doc Martens regularly. It helps the leather soften up and loose, giving you an appropriate fitting inside.

This product does not only adjust the fit but also projects the leather and keeps it shiny without polishing.

Loosen the Laces

It might seem obvious, and it works! If your Doc Martens are a little tight on top, just loosen the laces to adjust the fit. The best would be to loosen the laces and tie them up while you wear the shoes. That way, you will know the exact fit that feels comfortable.

How to Stretch Doc Martens

If your Doc Martens are tight and uncomfortable, you may want to stretch them out and break into them easily. But trying to stretch them in the wrong way may damage your shoes permanently. Let’s look at a few safe and simple tricks to stretch your Doc Martens:

Using Shoe Stretcher Sprays

The easiest way to stretch your Doc Martens or other shoes, in general, is to use a shoe stretcher spray. A bunch of sprays are available online that you can use to experience an instant effect. However, you should note that overusing those sprays can harm the material of your shoes and make them lose their integrity.

Using Boot Shoe Stretcher Equipment

Shoe stretchers are usually shaped like the insides of a shoe or just a simple insole. Pairing them with the shoe stretcher sprays is best to see faster results. Apply the spray on your Doc Martens, loosen the laces and use the stretcher machines for a while to loosen them up perfectly.

Walking in Them Wearing Thick Socks

This process may sound slow, but it is the safest way to stretch your Doc Martens. Try continuously walking in your Doc Martens while wearing a pair of thick socks for 10 minutes. Repeat the process until you see visible results.

Using a Hairdryer

Using a hairdryer will make the process faster. The mild heat applied will soften up the material of the shoes, and then you can wear them with thick socks to stretch them out. It will be quick without damaging your Doc Martens.

Stuffing Them with Newspapers

Many users do not want to go through the hassle of walking to break into their Doc Martens. If you do not have a wooden or plastic shoe stretcher, you can easily use newspapers to stuff the shoes overnight and let them loosen up. It will be a painless process without having to buy any external equipment.

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How to Properly Use Shoe Stretcher Spray and Equipment

Using the combination of shoe stretching spray and the shoe stretcher correctly can stretch your Doc Martens in a blink. Just follow the steps below, and you are good to go:

• Step 1: Loosen up the laces without moving them completely.

• Step 2: Spray the insides of your Doc Martens properly with the shoe stretcher spray, especially the parts that feel tighter.

• Step 3: Spray two pieces of washcloths with the stretching spray and wrap them around the wooden shoe stretcher.

• Step 4: Place them inside the shoes and leave them overnight.

• Step 5: Repeat the process if they do not work for at the first try.

Note: Do not leave them for longer to avoid damaging your shoes.


Doc Martens are perfect for your winter looks if you get the right size. Make sure to get them in the right size before buying and enjoy them during the winter or any other occasion since they are fashionable all year. If they feel a little tight, use the article above a guide to learn how to loosen and stretch your Doc Martens easily at home.

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