Birkenstock Anthracite vs Black (2 Minute Read)

Birkenstock Anthracite vs Black (2 Minute Read)

Birkenstock offers a wide range of footwear styles, not only sandals. The shoes come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. With numerous types, it can be hectic to find the right style as the difference goes beyond the color.

Birkenstock Anthracite and black are two options with unique features- Anthracite offers unique colors with few types, while black is full of well-fashioned footwear. With black Birkenstock, a person can find boots, sneakers, sandals, cozy winter shoes, platformed boots, and sandals, while Anthracite doesn’t offer any specific shoes for women and sneakers.

The differences between these styles go beyond the color, while both shoes have the basic Birkenstock footbed and sole design.

Birkenstock Anthracite vs Black: Similarities & Dissimilarities

Here are some similarities and differences between Birkenstock Anthracite and black footwear:


Birkenstock Anthracite uses a broad mix of materials like wool felt, shearling, EVA (Gizeh), and Birko-Flor, a durable, synthetic upper material with a leather-like finish and soft backing, etc.

Birkenstock black shoes use molded EVA, anatomically-shaped cork-latex footbed, Contoured cork footbed, microfiber footbed lining, suede lining, PU (polyurethane), leather (natural, Nubuck, oiled, patent). Birkenstock winter footwear has wool felt and shearling to ensure comfort and coziness.

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Birkenstock Anthracite ensures maximum grip and stability with a deep heel cup and a robust footbed. The adjustable strap on slip-on shoes ensures that the wearer gets full support and stability along with their necessity.

Birkenstock black is about stable foot movement as the women’s shoes have a well-designed platform, the sneakers have toe room and a deep footbed, and the sandals have adjustable straps, heel cups, and heel back straps. All Birkenstock black shoes ensure that the wearer doesn’t hurt their feet during strenuous activities, prolonged wear, and sudden movements.

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Styling Options

Birkenstock Anthracite 8 types of shoes include sporty and classic thong sandals, two-strap designs, slipper boots, and slip-on.

Birkenstock black offers 161 styles: backstrap sandal, two-strap design, three strap sandals, slipper boot, buckle closure backstrap, crisscrossing straps, woven style sandal, slipper, clog, moccasin-style shoe, ankle-high sneaker, lace-up boots, city boot, etc. Birkenstock has unique styles for women, such as two-strap sandals with a trendy platform sole, wedge ankle boots, backstrap flatform sandals, and strappy wedge heels.

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Birkenstock Anthracite is famous for its unique metallic color. In contrast, the Birkenstock black is a household name for over a hundred styling options. As the price and stability of these two types of Birkenstocks are similar, one should pick the suitable style according to their necessity and taste of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Birkenstock Anthracite and black have any differences except for the color?

Besides the color, Birkenstock anthracite and black differ in the number of available styles, materials, and designs.

2. Does Birkenstock Anthracite offer a unique style that is unavailable in Birkenstock Black?

Birkenstock Anthracite doesn’t offer any style unavailable in Birkenstock black footwear. Birkenstock black has all of the shoes available in Anthracite- only in black color.

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