Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Birkenstock all you need to know

When choosing comfort and style in one footwear, Birkenstocks never disappoints anyone. From kids to old, from celebrities to their fans, Birkenstocks has always been a cozy and stylish companion for all. Compared to flat soles, these shoes have always been designed to support and curve the foot.

Birkenstock can help in the repair of common foot diseases. Birkenstocks include an orthopedic footbed that provides your feet with both stability and comfort. As a result, you may wear them comfortably, and they will last a long time if properly cared for.

In contrast to fast-fashion shoes that are only good for a season or two at most, Birkenstocks are an everlasting classic that will survive for years to come. So there is less chance of you regretting it after buying them.

By now, your curiosity must have increased after reading so far. In that case, you might be interested in knowing and buying more Birkenstocks. Don’t worry, as here in this article, you will get all the information you need before purchasing a pair of Birks for yourself. By the end of this, you will get to know about:

  • The history of Birkenstocks
  • What are Birkenstocks made of
  • Types/Styles of Birkenstocks
  • Different colors available for Birkenstocks
  • Notable Birkenstock collaborations

So without wasting any minutes, let’s get into it!

The history of Birkenstock

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

The journey of Birkenstocks started by holding the hands of John Adam in 1774. Almost after 120 years, in 1896, two shops were opened by master Konrad Birkenstock in Frankfurt to sell the shoes. These shoes gained popularity over time.

In 1963, Birkenstock Madrid came to the limelight. Shortly after this, in 1966, Birkenstocks was brought to America by Margot Fraser, which later became associated with hippies.

By 1991, many varieties of Birkenstock were added to the collection, and the German shoe manufacturer company, Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co. K.G., started effectively producing these shoes.

By 2013, the popularity of Birkenstocks rose high, and the Birkenstock group was formed. Later in 2018, the first store of Birkenstocks was established in the USA, and by the end of 2020, Birkenstock was named “brand of the year” by “Footwear news.”

More awards came in their way, and till now, Birkenstocks have achieved uncountable milestones that did justice to their establishment.

What are Birkenstocks made of?

When it comes to quality, Birkenstocks leaves no stone unturned. Birkenstocks generally offer different sorts of shoes and sandals with additional features. Natural cork and latex, jute, and suede are utilized in the top layer of every Birkenstock footbed. The wedges and platforms provide extra comfort to your feet.

These natural materials are of excellent quality and originate from environmentally friendly sources. In a lengthy manufacturing process, they are linked together. Moreover, the vegan collection of Birks offers cruelty-free footwear too. Knowing about the materials of Birkenstocks help you skip fake Birkenstocks out there.


birkenstocks footbed

The heart of Birkenstock’s iconic footbed is their footbed. This ergonomically molded inner sole delivers unrivaled ease, stability, and sturdiness in a variety.

All of the angles, curves, and bridges have been constructed well-planned. The Birkenstock footbed has been strategically placed with a specific function in mind.

The footbed comprises four distinct parts, and the core is the most essential part of all. It is made of cork and latex that provides flexibility and shock resistance. Moreover, the core is placed between natural jute layers that support and allow for flexing the footbed core. There are regular footbeds and also soft footbeds.

The suede lining is the final layer that absorbs moisture efficiently and provides effective odor management.

Birkenstocks offer a soft footbed with extra foam padding below the suede lining.

Straps and buckles

Straps and buckles of high quality are used to secure each Birkenstock. These shoes are designed to fit snugly and securely, providing the feature of tightening/loosening and adjusting them. But what about breaking in Birkenstocks? Check our articles on this topic.

Furthermore, each buckle has been treated with an anti-corrosion treatment, allowing you to be confident that it will survive for many seasons of usage with minimal maintenance.

Birkenstock buckles and strap

The lining of shearling

There are many ranges provided by Birkenstocks, and one of them offers the shearling lining. This is manufactured from sheep shearling wool, making seasonal wear even more stylish and comfortable.

Flat soles

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

The flat sole of Birkenstocks is another feature that makes it comfortable footwear. These soles help distribute the body’s weight all through the sole of the foot, allowing it for optimal weight transfer. Thus people easily carry it with confidence. But are they good for flat feet? What about wide feet? Are Birkenstocks any good for wide feet? Can we resole Birkenstocks? You can check our articles on these topics.


Birkenstocks have various collections where EVA or “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate” plastic plays a vital role. Since EVA is a plastic material, it makes Birkenstock footwear wearable at the beach or poolside.

Types of Birkenstock

As a versatile collection of footwear, Birkenstock considers the utmost comfort and eye-catching designs for the customers. Here we will be presenting some of the popular types of Birks:

Unisex and kids:


Birkenstock Arizona:

Arizona is Birkenstock’s most popular sandal, which was first released in 1973 and had millions of admirers across the entire globe. Even if you search for Birkenstocks, you might find these options at first as it offers a wide range of sandals.

These sandals have latex footbed and anatomically shaped cork that provides super comfort and support to your feet. The Birkenstock Arizona range is known for its two-strap open-toe style, and in terms of function and design, nothing much has changed since four decades.

Birkenstock, Arizona, has united generations for many years; hence it offers sandals for men, women, and kids. It has a lot of varieties in terms of design. Birkenstock Arizona Eva also offers plastic Birks that can be styled around beaches or pools. They also provide sandals with shearling and big buckles for more convenience in wearing.

Birkenstock London

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!
Birkenstock London Habana

This unisex Birkenstock shoe range believes in minimalistic views and so they bring out the best aesthetic vibes of all. With a 2.8- 3.2mm durable upper, ergonomic footbed and simple flexible back strap makes these sandals the center of attention in a room.  Its exquisite suede finish makes it an excellent option for a minimalist aesthetic.

Birkenstock Eva

Birkenstock EVA.

These sandals of Birkenstocks are really a great choice when you are looking for water-friendly footwear. Birkenstock Eva has a more comfy cork and foam composition that makes it lightweight to carry. Thus they easily fit your feet too.

Since they are not too heavy to carry and are made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate, you can choose them for your whole family, including your kids. It can be an excellent choice for wearing at home too as they come in a wide range of different colors.

Birkenstock kyoto

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!
Birkenstock Kyoto Suede Leather

These kyoto Birks are a must have if you are looking for comfort and style in one pair of shoes. These sandals ensure best comfort by the elegant style and flexible hook and loop clasp, which supports your foot for a long day.

Birkenstocks with back straps

These are also Birkenstocks unisex sandals which offer variety in colors and designs.


These sandals come with adjustable straps and two widths that ensure a perfect fit for your feet. Moreover, the anatomically shaped footbed promotes your footbed’s well-being, making this range the ideal combination of style and comfort.


These sandals’ curvy, narrow straps make them perfect for your feet. These sandals have an open-pored surface with a cork-latex footbed that promotes comfort and avoidance of rubbing. The outsole is made of EVA, making it more lightweight and cushioned so that you can walk freely with confidence.

Birkenstock Madrid

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Madrid offers different varieties in colors and styles for all aged people. The open-pored surface is anatomically shaped footbed with soft suede finishing, soft straps made of – oiled leather or smooth leather, color-coordinated or monochromatic buckles, etc.; everything makes these sandals perfect footwear for your feet.

These sandals fit your feet, and comfortable cushioning helps to promote an enhanced shoe experience. Moreover, the unique style brings you into the spotlight wherever you go!

Birkenstock Mayari

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Featuring a multi-strap design with an additional protective cross-strap and toe loop for both relaxation and aesthetics, the Mayari comes just after Arizona in popularity. These sandals feature two adjustable straps with two different fits making them an excellent option for everyday office places.

Moreover, these sandals offer a metallic, oiled, and leathered finish. Hence, these sandals are for men and women, and kids.

Shearling Birkenstocks Arizona

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

These sandals are anatomically shaped footbed with EVA sole and shearling lining. Thus it’s not only perfect for your feet but also assures comfort and perfect adjustment.

Sterling Birkenstocks Boston

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

This is an ideal shoe for chilly winter evenings spent in front of a crackling fire. Birkenstock’s Boston clog, shearling classic Boston, is crafted of genuine, extremely high-quality suede in a wonderfully comfortable form. The sheepskin footbed and strap lining are fashionable and functional since they keep feet cozy.

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Birkenstocks tie-dye

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Tie dyes are recent trends nowadays, and Birkenstocks never failed to match up with trends. Their vast collection of tie-dye sandals is an excellent choice if you look for various colors alongside comfort in the same sandal.

Birkenstocks Vegan

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Birkenstocks vegan collection is a great initiative that assures animal-based materials’ non-usage. Instead, synthetic materials such as EVA ( Ethylene-vinyl acetate), microfibre, cork, etc., are used that are generally not made from animals.

Apart from the material, this stylish sandals range offers excellent design and variation in colors. Thus making it wearable on the beach, kitchen, and garden too. From women and men to kids, everyone can style them according to their preferences.

Birkenstock Gizeh

Birkenstock Gizeh sandels

Gizeh is a traditional thong sandal with a deep cushion that naturally wraps around the toes for a comfortable fit. Each type includes an adjustable strap, and it is available in both conventional and thin widths.

It is available in various materials and styles, such as smooth leather, lightweight EVA plastic, metallic leather, and oil leather. These are also available for men, women, and children.


Featuring an unlined suede material, a collapsible heel, and a soft cork footbed, the Gary is a fantastic shoe that may be worn with a lace-up fastening. These sandals offer different styles, making them appropriate for men, women, and children.


Birkenstock clogs :

These clogs are a great companion for both men and women, whether in party or daily wear.


For women, these Birkenstock clogs assure comfort and show exceptional and breathtaking designs. This is why this range of Birks has been a part of women’s shoe collection for years now. The minimal design and excellent material make these shoes wearable for a long time.

The soft footbed helps your feet properly fit into the shoes while ensuring your comfort. Hence it’s a great companion for both your work sector and parties. If you also want this clog design to wash, choose profi or super Birki clogs.


Clogs for men offer different colors and upper material, making it an enjoyable experience for the wearer. The suede leather, oil leather, microfibre, or wool feet can also enhance your look according to your choice. The polyethylene clogs are resistant to water, oil, and grease, which are easier to disinfect. This makes the shoes even more suitable for your kitchen or medical work.

The Birkenstock clogs for men also come with adjustable integrated straps and two different widths. This assures proper adjustment of these clogs to your feet.

Super Birks:

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

The Super-Birki is a clog-style shoe with a PU top and sole that are resistant to water, non-slip, oil- and grease and designed for occupational usage. It also has a replaceable footbed for added comfort.

Because of the wide variety of colors Super Birki is supplied with, it is pretty adaptable. It may be used in various vocational and personal contexts.

Profi Birks:

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

As with the Super-Birki, the Profi-Birki has been intended for use while on the job site. The most important difference between these two is that the Profi-Birki has a longer backstay, which makes it slip-on than a clog in appearance.


Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

There are no stitches on the Montana, which has a leather upper held with two fasteners and shoelaces instead of stitching. Overall, these shoes are an excellent choice for office space and partywear.

For men:


Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

While the top is similar to the Gizeh, the Boston of Medina has an adjustable strap, making for a unique combination of styles. These are specially designed for men’s footwear and promote enough relaxation.


Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

The top is a distinctive cross-cut lace-up design in the Lugano with a lone adjusting buckle at the back. Thus making it a perfect choice for men.

For women:

Birkenstock big buckle:

Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Big Buckle collection pieces are elevated by oversized buckles and high-quality leathers, promoting traditional silhouettes. Arizona, Madrid, Boston, Gizeh, and Siena are just a few styles that offer big buckles. These are the ideal footwear for the winter season.


Birkenstocks: Ins and Out!

Women’s three-strap sandals from Birkenstock are the ideal partners for doing errands, going on a holiday, or simply sitting at residence with friends and family. In addition to conforming to the contour of your foot, the classic Birkenstock cork-latex footbed supports your foot’s naturally rolling action and offers excellent arch stability and support.

Different colors available for Birkenstocks

Birkenstock shoes and sandals offer stability and durability and provide unique colors and designs. These features have made Birkenstocks famous worldwide, and many celebrities are also seen styling them daily.

There are many different colors available for Birkenstocks:

Birkenstock Arizona light blue:

This eye-soothing light blue color gives you the feel of having sky under your feet. You can quickly wear them daily. Birkenstock Arizona offers this color.

Birkenstock Eva pink:

This cute pink Birkenstock can easily be a part of your classic Birks. You can style them on the beach or at a casual date/ party.

Birkenstock gold:

Gold is such a color that it can be wearable at parties and offices. If you want to go for Birkenstock birko- flor, you can definitely give these gold Birks a try! You can also style these gold Birks with a simple black or one-colored outfit.

Birkenstock stone color:

These stone colors of Birkenstocks are really stylish, and you can style them casually on a regular day. Arizona Birkibuc offers this color.

Birkenstock Arizona Black:

Black is such a color that it is always a preference when you fail to choose from a wide range of other colors. Hence you can style black Arizona Birks with any outfit and style them with confidence.

Brown Birkenstocks:

These Birks also give the vibe of stone Birks. So you can have a two-in-one feeling after wearing them.

Grey Birkenstocks:

Birkenstock Arizona offers these grey colors that are perfect for office space. You can also style them contrasting with other colors. Also, it’s a unisex color, so both men and women can pull this off.

Lime green:

Lime green really pops out with any outfit and so if you want to be in the limelight with “Lime green” Birks, make sure to buy them asap.


There are varieties of pink that Birkenstock offers. From dark to neon pink, from soft to metallic pink, you can find loads of them in the Birkenstock collection.


Birkenstock Arizona, Boston, Florida, and Birks offer this purple color. Hence, you can carry them with varieties of Birks according to your choice and destination.

Rose gold:

Rose gold is a unique and pretty color that is very rare to wear. If you buy Birkenstock Arizona, Gizeh or Siena, make sure to try this lovely color at least once!


Metallics Birkenstock is a type of footwear that offers a different range of colors. Such as Metallic copper, Metallic maroon or midnight blue, etc. If you are a fan of this range, you can try these options out!

Cosmic sparkle:

Birkenstocks’ cosmic sparkle adds a bit of shine to your footwear. It’s an excellent option to wear at parties.


Since white is a unisex color, anyone can carry off these white Birks with any outfit. These will also make your outfit pop out in a crowd! Birkenstock, Arizona, Gizeh etc., offer this color.


Yellow is a color that can be easily worn with any outfit. Thankfully Birkenstocks also offer this great color that surely can make your day better!

Notable Birkenstocks collaboration:

For years Birkenstocks have served as one of the best footwear anyone can ever have. That’s why they didn’t ride their journey all alone. Some notable collaborations were made on the way that definitely changed the game for Birkenstocks lovers. Here we will be presenting some of them:

Birkenstock x CSM collaboration:

Birkenstock enlisted the help of a group of talented individuals from Central Saint Martins, a prominent fashion school. Students from that institution assured that they were modernizing Birkenstock’s iconic designs.

They drew on their creative arsenal and the company’s 250-year-old legacy to create a new footwear line. This resulted in Birkenstocks’ renowned comfortability anchoring five contemporary styles.

Birkenstock x 032c collaboration:

This partnership was designed for living in the virtual age’s shifting landscape, mixing overall practicality with personalized shape. 032c has modified Birkenstock’s unisex Super Birki clog footwear, including the brand’s famous orthopedic innovations that respond to the customer’s demands.

Birkenstock x Proenza Schouler collaboration:

Proenza Schouler designers `named Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez recreated the classic Arizona and Milano shoes differently by blending both Birkenstocks utility and the marvelous girl looks of Proenza Schouler. They released this unique masterpiece in 2020, where designs were modified for comfortability.

Buckles of Birks were replaced with Velcro fastening, which made Birks’ adjustment pretty easier. Moreover, vibrant topstitching was prioritized over minimal designs, giving the wearer a monochromatic vibe.

Birkenstock x Valentino Garvarni collaboration:

The Italian fashion business has collaborated with Birkenstock a lot of times. Considering the achievement of their first collaboration, the two decided to extend their treasury of footwear by integrating three different versions, all of which featured a macro-print. Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2021 footwear inspires an ’80s sense of joy and liberty while remaining elegant.

Birkenstock x Stüssy collaboration:

A collaboration between a streetwear brand of California, Stüssy, and Birkenstocks brought the Boston clog into the limelight. This combination of both brands came together where both casual sensitivities of Birkenstocks and aesthetics of Stüssy were prioritized. They exude a subtle refinement designed to be flaunted, owing to a smooth corduroy structure and embossed Stüssy insignia.

Birkenstock x Toogood collaboration:

Birkenstocks collaborated with Toogood, a London-based interior decorating, home goods, and fine art business. Their collaboration was a big surprise as both brands have their unique fashion sense.

However, the team has produced three different footwear alternatives: the Forager, Beachcomber, and Mudlark. These were based on their mutual principles and essential qualities of design and function. These shoes assure equal comfortability due to their double strap and padded base. Their aesthetics and colors, however, differ from each other.

Birkenstock x Rick Ownes collaboration:

A designer known for his love for leather named Rick Owens channeled his passion for platform and combat boots into creating new Birkenstock Arizona. With the cork sole’s natural look in mind, he made a unique style by contrasting it with shiny silver straps. These appearances give off otherworldly sensations that are genuinely out of this planet.

Birkenstock x Jil Sander collaboration:

The Birkenstock x Jil Sander partnership is a monument to the pleasure inherent in high workmanship and simple design, embracing the contrast between the outdoors and the metropolis.

Their collaboration modified the looks of Arizona, Milano, and Berlin and introduced a new look: Velan. This shoe features a closed-toe design with silky ankle straps that makes it unique from other collections.

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Final words

Birkenstocks will continue to rule the footwear industry, and there is no ending to it. Their versatile collection assuring comfort in each step you take has undoubtedly made their brand fly higher than ever. It’s now high time for you to have at least a pair of Birkenstocks at your home to be a part of this revolution. Birkenstocks come in a wide variety of sizes.

We should clean Birkenstocks regularly so that Birkenstocks don’t stink or why do Birkenstocks turn black. We have tried to cover many aspects of Birkenstocks. But do you know the difference between Birkenstocks VS Teva or Birkenstocks VS Naot? Are Birkenstocks good for Plantar Fasciitis? You can check our article on these topics like Birkenstocks VS Vionics. You may also want to check Birkenstock Suede vs Leather or whether Birkenstocks are considered business casual.

So are Birkenstocks worth the money? What do you think?

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