Birkenstock Ramses vs Gizeh (Key Differences)

Birkenstock Ramses vs Gizeh (Key Differences)

Birkenstock has been reigning as the sandal maker for men and women for decades. The collection of versatile styles, unique colors, and top-grade materials gave people options more than any other brand. Gizeh is a popular style of Birkenstock for women.

Birkenstock Ramses is the men’s version of Birkenstock’s famous women’s thong sandal Gizeh. Even though the Ramses is the male counter style of Gizeh, there are differences between the two types along with similarities. Compared to Gizeh, Ramses offers fewer styling options, and the outlook is also different.

Birkenstock Ramses vs Gizeh

Birkenstock Gizeh and Ramses sandals have differences in outlook, availability, and price- but these shoes have the same durability and stability. Here is the contrast between Ramses and Gizeh:


Birkenstock Ramses thong sandals have wider straps. This style comes in stone color, dark brown, black, and only for men.

Birkenstock Gizeh has comparatively thinner straps which is the perfect shoe silhouette for women’s feet. Gizeh is full of color options: black, tobacco brown, Habana, white, iron, gold, silver, high shine chocolate, dusty blue, floral, etc. The strap design also has braids and an elevated platform outsole.

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Birkenstock Ramses price ranges from $99.95 to $130.

Birkenstock Gizeh has a comparatively higher price range. The price of Gizeh sandals is between $59.95 to $220.

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Styling Options

Birkenstock Ramses have three available styles. Two of these are Birko-Flor sandals, and one is Birkibuc.

Birkenstock Gizeh has 48 styles, including synthetic vegan sandals. Gizeh incorporates a wide range of materials like oiled leather, natural leather, Nubuck leather, Birkibuc, Birko-Flor, Birko-Flor patent, macrofibre, etc.

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Birkenstock Ramses sandals have anatomically shaped cork-latex footbeds which decrease the pressure on the forefoot, heel, and ankle. Such support ensures that all movements are stable during prolonged wear and strenuous activities.

Whether platformed style or regular sandals, Birkenstock Gizeh provides stability for the feet. The cork footbed has the shape of human feet- preventing slips and twisting of the feet. The deep heel cup and roomy toe space ensure that the wearer’s feet are stable while taking long walks.

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Which of These Two Styles Stands Out?

Despite Gizeh and Ramses having similar designs, materials, and support, Gizeh stands out more. Gizeh is lucrative for the various styling options, colors, and materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which would be the better choice for a man with narrow and small feet- Birkenstock Ramses or Gizeh?

Birkenstock shoes provide sizes in the UK and US standards and a comparative size chart in inches. If a man with narrow and small feet finds his shoes in Gizeh style with exact measurements, he should pick Gizeh rather than Ramses.

2. Why do I get Gizeh shoes on the Birkenstock website even though I searched for the Ramses?

Birkenstock Ramses is male footwear styled after the Gizeh (woman’s sandals). As the collection of Ramses only stands for one style, the website resends the visitor to the Gizeh webpage with a broad pool.

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