Are Birkenstocks Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Are Birkenstocks Good for Walking and Standing All Day?

Many people love Birkenstocks because they’re so comfortable, but some wonder if they’re good for walking and standing all day. Birkenstocks are a type of sandal that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike other sandals, Birkenstocks feature a contoured footbed that supports the arch and heel. This makes them ideal for walking and … Read more

Why Do Birkenstocks Hurt My Inner Arch? (Complete Guide)

Why Do Birkenstocks Hurt My Inner Arches?

Most people say Birkenstocks provide heavenly comfort. So, I was tempted to try them for myself. Unfortunately, the good impressions didn’t last. Soon enough after wearing the sandals, my inner archers were hurting and I was limping. When I talked to others, I found out that this is normal. Birkenstocks take some time to get … Read more

Why Is Birkenstock Squeaking and Making Farting Noises?

Why Are My Birkenstocks Squeaking and Making Farting Noises?

It’s common for rubber sandals to make squeaking noises especially when they are wet. As Birkenstocks has a rubber build, it’s not an exception. The fart-like noise may sound hilarious but it’s certainly not fun for the wearer. Oftentimes, the fart-like squeaking noises cause embarrassment in front of others. If you’re reading this article, it’s … Read more

Birkenstock vs Cushionaire Sandals (Key Differences)

Birkenstock vs Cushionaire Sandals

A new pair of sandals is on your wish list for summer. You’ve narrowed it down to Birkenstocks and Cushionaires, but you’re not sure which the best choice is. Both brands are popular, but they have different styles and features. Birkenstock sandals are made with high-quality materials and construction. They’re designed for comfort and support, … Read more

Amalfi Leather vs Oiled Leather Birkenstock (Key Facts)

Amalfi Leather vs Oiled Leather Birkenstock

Birkenstock is known for incorporating different types of leather into its footwear. Oiled leather Birkenstock is a unique leather with distinct features such as a rugged outlook, moisture absorption, and stiffness. Oiled leather shoes are popular among individuals who hike or are interested in wearing shoes with a tough stance. In contrast, Amalfi leather is … Read more

Birkenstock Oiled Leather vs Natural Leather (Key Facts)

Birkenstock Oiled Leather vs Natural Leather

Birkenstock is a famed brand for casual shoes in leather. Even though the brand has started to offer shoes in vegan-friendly upper materials, their leather shoes made them the frontrunner in the footwear industry. What makes Birkenstock leather unmatched by other sandal brands? The leather material for the Birkenstocks upper made the shoes stand out. … Read more

Birkenstock Anthracite vs Black (2 Minute Read)

Birkenstock Anthracite vs Black

Birkenstock offers a wide range of footwear styles, not only sandals. The shoes come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. With numerous types, it can be hectic to find the right style as the difference goes beyond the color. Birkenstock Anthracite and black are two options with unique features- Anthracite offers unique colors with few … Read more

Birkenstock Ramses vs Gizeh (Key Differences)

Birkenstock Ramses vs Gizeh

Birkenstock has been reigning as the sandal maker for men and women for decades. The collection of versatile styles, unique colors, and top-grade materials gave people options more than any other brand. Gizeh is a popular style of Birkenstock for women. Birkenstock Ramses is the men’s version of Birkenstock’s famous women’s thong sandal Gizeh. Even … Read more