Birkenstock Stone vs Mocha (Material, Footbed and More)

Birkenstock Stone vs Mocha (Material, Footbed and More)

Did you find yourself lost in Birkenstock’s website with so many styles and colors? It is usual for a shopper as the Birkenstocks footwear label has over 300 styles. Ranging from sandals to boots, Birkenstocks has shoes for everyone.

So, comparing and finding the perfect pair of shoes can sometimes be confusing, like stone and mocha varieties. Birkenstock stone and mocha are two popular shoes with many styling options.

Do you believe, like the general populace, that the stone and mocha are the same shoes except for the color? Contrary to people’s understanding, stone and mocha vary in color, material, shoe types, and design factors. 

Birkenstock Stone vs Mocha (Key Differences)

Birkenstock stone and mocha have many similarities in design, material, and shoe silhouette. The design aspects with support and durability of stone and mocha footwear are addressed here:

Style Options

Birkenstock stone created stone coin designs that cover the upper part like slip-ons and crocs. Stone has a platform shoe for women (Namica) with a classic Birkenstock footbed. Mocha has different boots, kids’ sandals, and wool felt slippers- which Birkenstock stone doesn’t offer.

In general, stone and mocha have unique styles for kids, women, and winter slippers that set these options from each other rather than the color only.

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Birkenstock created mocha shoes with wool felt, suede leather, Nubuck leather (high-top boot), patented natural leather, and Birkenstock’s trademark material Birkibuc.

Birkenstock stone has similar materials as mocha except for shoes with textile and Birko-flor. Also, stone doesn’t have shoes with wool felt and Nubuck leather.

Birkenstock is designing footwear with people of all preferences- such as vegans. Both mocha (Arizona Platform Vegan) and stone (Arizona Vegan Women) styles have vegan options.

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Birkenstock mocha has a soft leather footbed in Arizona style, providing comfort for extended wear. Mocha shoes have a specific kind of shoe for winter with wool felt all over the shoes. Birkenstock stone has similar covered shoes with genuine shearling, which is less efficient for frigid weather.

Stone and mocha have corks used for the sole that molds the foot shape due to the heat and pressure caused by movements and prolonged wear. Both styles provide the resoling option even if the heat destroys the footbed. If the sandal upper is in good shape, you can use Birkenstock stone and mocha sandals for years.

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Birkenstock mocha provides high-top and low-top boots. Similar to sandals, these shoes have arch support and enough toe room. These features of mocha boots made them famous beyond their classic sandal collection. On the other hand, the winter shoes with Birko-flor and other leather slip-on footwear from mocha ensure that the wearer is comfortable no matter their feet- let it be wide or flat.

Birkenstocks stone supports the wearer’s arches, so they don’t have Planter fasciitis. The stone women’s shoe with platform heels has a footbed that aligns with the natural foot sole. So, predominantly all Birkenstock stone styles have excellent wearability.

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Adjustable According to Feet

Birkenstock shoes have a higher wearability rate for all of their styles. The stone and mocha styles allow the wearer’s feet to be well-ventilated. Also, the Birkenstocks mocha and stone enable the feet to have a barefoot effect. The natural shape helps the toes to expand with enough wiggle room.

Even the enclosed shoes from mocha (Stalon, Zermatt Shearling) and stone (Boston Soft Footbed) do not squash the toes, leading to long-term deformity.

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Cleaning Method

Birkenstock mocha and stone are made of high-quality natural material sans the vegan options. The mocha style includes shoes with Nubuck leather, which should be cleaned with a brush or slightly damp cloth. The other leather mocha footwear can absorb moisture to a certain degree so that you can clean them with a cleaning solution.

Birkenstock stones have birkibuc material, which can be wiped off with water. The other styles have similar cleaning methods as mocha.


Birkenstock shoes gained fame for their patented leather shoes with unique texture and comfort. Over time, the color options got wider- leading to a lack of style differences. Birkenstock stone and mocha have many similarities, yet the specific styles made them suitable for individuals according to their necessity. Birkenstocks are famous for comfort, durability, and support- mocha and stone provide these features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Birkenstock Mocha shoes have more style options than the stone?

Birkenstock Stone comes in 24 styles, while the mocha offers 25 types. Stone and mocha have similar styling options except for a few women’s shoes and boots.

2. Is there any difference between Birkenstocks Mocha and Chocolate?

If you search for Birkenstock mocha on the website, you will get Birkenstock chocolate as part of the mocha style. But Birkenstock mocha is different from chocolate, with a broader collection of styles and materials.

So, Birkenstocks Mocha and Chocolate are different even though the shoppers easily mix them.

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