Cloudflow vs Cloud X (Differences Between Cloudflow vs Cloud X)

Cloudflow vs Cloud X Shoes

In the world of athletic shoes and performance sportswear, On Running is a well-respected and well-known brand. The company emerged on the scene in 2010 with its innovative sole design, resulting in a unique cushioned sensation unlike anything else on the market. 

Today, On Running is widely considered to be one of the top names in the industry, and its shoes are worn by some of the world’s best runners. Cloudflow and Cloud X shoes are two of On Running’s best-selling models due to their comfort and style. 

Despite some similarities between the two models, there are some differences between Cloudflow vs Cloud X shoes. Let us explore each model more closely. 

Cloudflow vs Cloud X: What Are the Differences and Similarities?

Most people would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between these two shoes at a glance. After all, they both feature the same basic On Running design elements. However, there are some key differences that set these two models apart. We will discuss the points of difference and similarity between Cloudflow and Cloud X shoes below.


In terms of their appearance, both of these shoes are attractive and modern. But, when it comes to the actual design, there are quite distinct differences between the two shoes. Cloud X has a rounded heel counter, while Cloudflow has an angular design, similar to a reverse crescent moon. 

Both shoes have the same lacing system. However, the Cloudflow’s laces are shorter than the Cloud X shoes. Also, the Cloud X models have an aggressive toe box design compared to the Cloudflows. 

Cloud X also offers a no-sew design, which means that there are no loose threads or uncomfortable seams to rub against your feet. These shoes are made to fit snugly, so you will never have to worry about them slipping off while you are running. 


It is an important consideration when choosing a running shoe. After all, no one wants to be weighed down by a heavy shoe that rubs and chafes with every step. Fortunately, both the Cloud X and Cloudflow shoes are incredibly comfortable. 

On Cloudflow shoes, the engineered mesh upper offers a secure, comfortable fit, while the full cushioning provides protection from road impacts. The shoes are responsive and fast-feeling, making them a great choice for runners seeking to pick up the pace.

The Cloud X running shoe features a mesh upper that is both breathable and strong with low-weight materials that provide flexibility and agility.

Cloudflow vs Cloud X (Differences Between Cloudflow vs Cloud X)
Cloudflow vs Cloud X (Differences Between Cloudflow vs Cloud X)


Cloudflow and Cloud X footwear are designed to deliver maximum performance. Any runner who intends to complete a 5K or marathon will benefit from the Cloudflow shoe. It is comfortable and engineered for high speeds, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to up their running game.

With the Cloud X, you can use it for running and even mixed sport workouts. The shoe is built to handle tough workouts and help you get stronger and run longer.

Easy runs:

Both shoes are versatile and can be used for easy runs. The Cloudflow shoes are comfortable and offer a smooth ride, while the running Cloud X shoes are lightweight and provide flexibility and agility.

Long runs:

For long runs, most people would recommend the Cloudflow shoes. They are comfortable and have a full-cushioning system that will protect your feet from the impact of the road. The Cloud X shoes are also a good choice for long runs, but may not offer the same level of support as the Cloudflow shoes.

Tempo runs and fartlek:

The Cloudflow shoes are ideal for tempo runs and fartlek. They have a rubber grip that provides better cornering, and the Speedboard loads every stride with spring-like energy. Cloud X shoes are similarly good for long runs or interval training but don’t provide as much support as Cloudflows. The Cloud X can be used in the gym for workouts. The shoe has a special cushioning system that provides support and comfort while you train.


The Cloudflow shoe is created with the intention of providing runners with a fast and responsive feel. It features CloudTec® in ultralight HelionTM super foam, which provides full cushioning while still maintaining a responsive feel. Furthermore, the shoes have a low-profile design that enhances the range of motion of runners and provides a more natural running experience.

On the other hand, the Cloud X features a CloudTec outsole and Helion super foam, which provide excellent traction and cushioning. With the molded cushion pad in each heel, you will experience gentle support and security. Meanwhile, the Speedboard will boost your energy levels with each step you take.

Cloudflow vs Cloud X (Differences Between Cloudflow vs Cloud X)


The Cloudflow is made with a durable mesh upper that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. These running shoes are made from 70% recycled polyester, which means they’re gentle on the planet. And the overall construction of the racing shoe is very solid. People can expect Cloudflow to last for many miles.

Likewise, the Cloud shoe is constructed of durable materials and overall is a very strong shoe. Its raised sidewalls provide extra support and stability, while the lightweight construction ensures that you will not feel weighed down.

✒️CloudTec Cushioning Technology

Both the running Cloudflow and Cloud X shoes feature a unique cushioning system that is intended to provide a comfortable, responsive ride. With CloudTec, every landing is softer and every takeoff is more explosive. This makes for a shoe that is both comfortable and fast.


In terms of weight, the Cloudflow, and the Cloud X are both very light shoes. The Cloudflow weighs in at just 8.4 oz, while the Cloud X weighs 8.47 oz. This makes them both great choices for runners who are looking for lightweight shoes that won’t weigh them down.

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Features of Cloudflow and Cloud X

Cloudflow ShoesCloud X Shoes
CloudTec® in ultralight Helion™ super foam for a comfortable fast, responsive feelNo-sew design for a perfect fit
Fully cushioned for road protectionCloudTec outsole that is designed for explosive movements and agility
Engineered mesh upper for a secure fitHelion super foam for comfortable cushioning
Speedboard® loads every stride with spring-like energyMolded cushion pads in the heel for gentle security
Rubber grip traction pads for better cornering at high speedsSpeedboard to energize your every step
Uses 70% recycled polyester that is good for the planetRaised sidewalls to add stability and agility
Ideal for anyone looking to crush a 5K or marathonBreathable and tough engineered mesh upper for durability
Angular heel counter that provide support and structureLow-weight materials that add flexibility and agility


The Cloudflow and the Cloud X made by On Running are both great shoes for runners. They are both lightweight and offer a comfortable and responsive ride. While the CloudFlow is a great shoe for anyone who is looking to improve their running performance, the Cloud X is a versatile shoe that can be used for a number of different activities.

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference. We hope that the differences and similarities between the Cloudflow vs Cloud X shoes have helped you make the right decision for people according to their needs. When it comes to shoes, there is no such thing as one size fits all, both shoes are true to their size and provide a comfortable fit.

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