Cloudswift vs Cloud X ( Key Differences)

Cloudswift vs Cloud X

Cloudswift and Cloud X are popular On Running shoes. There are some differences between the two models. This article will give you an in-depth Cloudswift vs. Cloud X overview.

I have been a fan of On Running shoes for a long time. I tried both the Cloudswift and the Cloud X. Cloudswift is built for urban running, and the Cloud X is made for workouts and cross-training. I will share my honest opinion in this article. Keep reading to find out.

Cloudswift vs Cloud X-key Differences

Cloudswift and Cloud X are designed for different purposes. Cloudswift is a good running shoe, while the Cloud X is great for workouts and cross-training. So, understandably there are some differences. Let’s see what they are. 


Both the Cloudswift and the Cloud X use engineered mesh fabric on the upper, making the shoes really comfortable. On’s shoes use sustainable materials. 

The Cloudswift has a 5% recycled material count overall, and about 15% of the polyester used in the shoe is recyclable. On the other hand, Cloud X uses more recyclable materials. It has around 30% recyclable polyester, and 10% of the content is recyclable.

The Cloudswift has strong rubber grips to provide more traction. It works well, even on wet surfaces. The lining, laces, and reinforcements will help you hold your feet better. The Cloud X uses high-quality and lightweight materials. There is a no-sew technology which makes it a versatile shoe for different activities. 

Cloudswift vs Cloud X ( Key Differences)
Cloudswift vs Cloud X ( Key Differences)


The Cloudswift fits true-to-size. You will experience a good foothold because of the construction of the shoe. The shoe’s upper is soft and breaks in fast after a couple of wears. However, the shoe feels a bit tight, which is good considering the purpose of the shoe. If you have wide feet, you can go half a size up or get another shoe that has more lateral width.

The Cloud X also fits true to size and has an athletic fit, giving the wearer a neutral last. The toe box is spacious and comfortable. You should be fine with a true to size pair even if you have wide feet. 
The Cloudswift and the Cloud X are both comfortable and lightweight shoes. The comfort will depend on the type of activity. If you wear the shoes for the intended purposes, you will feel comfortable.

Both of the shoes use Helion Super Foam and the CloudTec technology. The Cloudswift has a soft cushioning, but it wears off fast if you run too much. The shoe is not ideal for running. You can do short runs but don’t try speed running because it’s not designed for that purpose. The Cloudswift is good for casual wear and walking.

The Cloud X has the same material but a different design. Overall, the shoe feels softer than the Cloudswift. The Cloud X can handle short to mid-range runs. I had no issues with it when I ran up to 5 miles. You can also do short-range speed runs. The shoe is comfortable enough for short tempo runs.
The Cloudswift shoe is a bit more expensive than the Cloud X. Currently; the Cloudswift is available for $149.99. The Cloud X is slightly cheaper with a retail price of $139.99. Both of the shoes are quite expensive. So, learn everything you need to know before investing in either one of them.


There are no availability issues with the Cloudswift, and the Cloud X. You will find both of these shoes on On’s website. They are also available on different retail brands’ online and physical shops. 

Cloudswift has a limited edition model. The shoe’s production is limited and is not available everywhere. I found the shoe exclusively on On’s website. The limited-edition Cloudswift costs $180

Cloudswift vs Cloud X ( Key Differences)


On claims the Cloudswift as a short-distance running shoe. It’s true if you run occasionally. If you run regularly, the shoe will wear off pretty fast. The sole underneath the shoe is minimal. 

There is a plushy heel counter for protecting your heels from impact. The rubber patches underneath the shoe are also inadequate. In my experience, within 4 months, the rubber patches completely wore off, and I could feel the roughness of the asphalt.

The Cloud X is a bit more durable compared to the Cloudswift. The shoe will last better even if you run longer. However, it’s not great for heavy weight lifting and cross-training. If you do a lot of weight training, there are better shoes out there. I experienced some stability issues while weightlifting as well.

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Cloudswift is a part of On running shoe. The modern design of the shoe will definitely catch your attention. But the actual running performance of the shoe is nothing extraordinary. In my opinion, it’s a great shoe for daily wear because of the comfort and support. I don’t recommend the Cloudswift for speedrunning. Very short distance occasional running is fine.

The Cloud X has much better durability. It’s engineered for workouts and training sessions. The shoe is comfortable, breathable, and slightly more spacious than the Cloudswift. My recommendation is to run less than 5 miles per session and avoid weight lifting to increase the durability of the shoe.

Both of the shoes are quite expensive. Are they worth the price? Yes, if you wear them for the right occasions. So, you need to think about your use cases before investing in either of the shoes. 

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