On Cloud Shoes: Everything You Need To Know

On Cloud Shoes: Everything You Need To Know

What are On Cloud shoes? Are they comfortable? Are they popular?

On, a name you might be familiar with as a shoe user, a name related to Cloud. In the history of the shoe industry, On has been one of the only companies focused on the comfort that users can enjoy without having to worry about other aspects of their shoes.

Come along as we dive into On’s history as a shoe company. Starting from how it all began to end at their current position in the world of shoes, let us look and learn about all there is about it.


Originally being branded as a sporting goods company in 2010, On was founded by the former Swiss Ironman titleholder Olivier Bernhard in a corporation with two others known as David Allemann and Casper Coppetti. On originated from Zürich, Switzerand.

Fast forward to 2011, the efforts of these three friends proved to be a success as The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology researchers and scientists had confirmed that On’s shoes lowered pulse rates and blood lactate levels considerably. This kick-started their mission to launch their shoes publicly.

It was not until 2012 that On decided to release their first shoe based on their exclusive CloudTec technology, the Cloudracer, which later became popularized by Swiss professional triathlete Nicola Spirig.

Other professional sports players from other sports like golfing have recognized the quality of On’s Cloud shoes later down the line.

Later, in 2013, On finally opened a US head office in Portland, Oregon, expanding their company for the first time since their shoes’ launch.

2014 is when things began to move forward faster when On was ready to release their revolutionizing new collection of shoes, the On Cloud shoes.

After On’s Cloud release, the company experienced substantial recognition in the shoe industry. Runner’s World magazine claimed On as one of the top 20 important running shoes of all time in Germany, the USA, and Great Britain. This truly set them apart from others.

On expanded its reach and global footmark to expand its headquarters to Japan in May of 2015.

On Cloud Shoes: Everything You Need To Know

In the same year, Cloudflyer focused on stability without losing lightness and agility, and Cloudsurfer aimed at users who loved running on roads.

Moving forward, after winning awards here and there and appearing in famous magazines, On launched a new collection of shoes called the Cloudventure in June 2016, made for lightweight trail running.

After launching Clowdflow in November of the same year, in January 2017, On opened at least over 3000 shops in over 50 countries while having 3 million customers happy to wear the shoes that received all the praises and glory to set them up even further.

In recent years, like 2020, On’s current revenue is up to 459 million USD! That is more than companies like Nike and New Balance. They are truly ahead of their competition to a certain extent!

What Are On Cloud Shoes Made Of?

In general, most On Cloud shoes consist of tongues made of mesh fabric, and some even come in a weaved pattern so that the shoes can be breathable and durable.

Aside from this, some On Cloud shoes are even advertised to be made of recycled materials consisting of antimicrobial mesh and taped reinforcements.

For users who prefer eco-friendly shoes, these On Cloud shoes are a perfect option if you want to save the planet.

Regarding the insides of On Cloud shoes, you can find their CloudTec foam technology that stands out nicely among the crowd and competition.

For runners, this is a huge deal. Whenever you try to land with On Cloud shoes, the foam ensures your landing is as smooth as possible without hindering your running pace by compressing horizontally and vertically.

on cloud mesh fabric upper

The foam, in turn, also gives the advertised ‘running on clouds’ feeling that the company boasts about so much. It lives up to the expectation that the advertisement builds up so much.

Popular Styles/models of On Cloud Shoes

There are a lot of options to choose from in terms of On Cloud shoes. I know that can be confusing. Let me help you out by giving you an idea about popular models below:

Cloud 5

One of their most famous models right now, the Cloud 5, is their best shoe yet for wearing shoes that can last you all day without a sweat. A favorite of the fans for the right reasons!


On cloudrunner

Cloudrunner shoes are made for the enthusiasts of road running who want the absolute best support from any shoe possible without lacking much in other aspects. The shoes are comfortable enough because they provide maximum cushioning throughout your entire run on the road.

Cloud Waterproof

Not much to say about Cloud Waterproof as these are basically Cloud shoes with waterproof aspects emphasized and improved. This allows the runners who love a good challenge on a rainy day can continue to go for it without worrying about their shoe’s condition. Especially the anxious runners!

Cloud Edge Raw

Hiking has never been easier and more convenient because the Cloud Edge Raw makes it seem so.

With great stability and grip, these shoes scream towards the hikers looking for a good time around mountains, be it in dry or rainy weather. The Cloud Edge Raw was made with primary sustainability kept in mind.


Cloudridge is made primarily for hiking while being ultralight and breathable simultaneously and maintaining a high level of comfort without compromising. This shows how good On is in offering hiking shoes that are great for long-term use.


On Cloud Shoes: Everything You Need To Know

Known as the all-rounder of all Cloud shoes, the Cloudflow is generally perceived as the shoe On released with possibly the least amount of compromise. These shoes are great for things like fast training, racing, marathons (half or full), and even long interval sessions of wearing.


The name is to be taken literally to a certain extent, as the Cloudmonster comes with ‘monster level cushioning’ as said on On’s website. The sole focus of this shoe is to provide cushioning as much as possible for those challenging runs on unstable or weird platforms like mountains and hills.

Cloud Monochrome

Users who have an active life that involves standing up and walking all day may love this as this has been made for wearing all day, especially in warm conditions where your foot may feel uncomfortable. Great for summertime activities.

On Cloudflyer 2.0

The On Cloudflow 2.0 shoes are yet another support-focused shoes that On’s engineers created to satisfy customers who had trouble running without proper support from their shoes.

They were satisfied because the reviews proved that customers were pleased with the support the shoes provided, using significant Cloud elements under the foot and a wider outsole so that there is more contact with the ground.

Cloud X Shift

on cloud x

Cloud X Shift is made for the users who want or have to wear their shoes all day long, and the shoe makes it possible via its CloudTec sole.

Cloudventure Waterproof

Do you want the Cloud shoes with the most grip on the road to keep you in control? The Cloudventure Waterproof is the way to go. These shoes are said to be the best choice for those grip lovers.


The Cloudultra is also one of On’s shoes that is well known for its max level of cushioning that helps you run long distances without hurting your feet. Great for pained feet.


Maximum support is the primary goal of creating the Cloudace shoes.

On their website, this shoe is stated to have the max level of cushioning available for runners who want soft landings without feeling that their movement is restricted in any way whatsoever.

Useful for irregular surfaces where running could be challenging.

Cloudboom Echo

On CloudBoom

If you ever wanted to run as fast as possible on the road, then the Cloudboom Echo does the job perfectly. This shoe is made for covering long distances, and even On claims that the Cloudboom Echo is their fastest-ever marathon shoe to be released.

So much so that they claim you can break your record with these shoes.

Cloudsurfer 6

on clouddsurfer

The Cloudsurfer 6 shoes maybe not offer the best comfort that a Cloud shoe can offer (it has moderate comfort, according to their website). But, this running shoe can get you to maintain your pace for a long distance without a problem—a decent model for any runner at the beginner stage of their running life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the main and essential questions, another aspect we can look at about On Cloud shoes is its trivial parts. Hence, let us continue to answer the trivial questions and leave no question unanswered:

Where are On Cloud shoes manufactured?

Do not be fooled by their Swiss branding. In reality, On Cloud shoes are mainly manufactured in Vietnam via contract manufacturers, just like most footwear makers. In fact, On themselves have made it clear that their shoes are not manufactured in Switzerland or anywhere near it.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

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Does On Cloud make kids’ shoes?

No, On does not offer its Cloud collection for kids, or even toddlers or big kids.

Shocking as it may seem, it does make sense considering that On as a company is oriented towards athletic shoes and performance sportswear. These things are not aimed at kids.

What are the Differences between Cloudflow and Cloudswift?

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Are On Cloud shoes made in China?

No, On Cloud shoes are not made in China.

As mentioned above in a previous answer, their shoes are made by contract manufacturers from other countries like Vietnam.

Keep in mind that just because their shoes are manufactured elsewhere does not mean they are also situated there.

How are On Cloud Shoes for Walking and Standing All Day?

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When did On Cloud shoes come out?

On Cloud shoes were first released in 2012 by David Alleman, Casper Copetti, and Olive Bernhard in the Swiss Alps to create a different type of shoes that would comfort users as if they are walking on a cloud, hence the name ‘Cloud’ for these shoes.

Are On Cloud Shoes Ok for Wide Feet?

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Does On Cloud make golf shoes?

No, On does not make golf shoes officially.

However, their shoes have been known to be of great use for casual and famous golfers like Maria Torres, who herself claimed that On’s shoes have helped her deal with her foot pain.

What are the ways to lace On Cloud Shoes?

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Are On Cloud Shoes Non-Slip?

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How to return On Cloud shoes?

You can return On Cloud shoes without a hassle if you return them within 30 days of purchasing whatever shoe you bought.

The company even claims they will take care of shipping in some cases, which is a great advantage compared to other companies in general.

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Is On Cloud shoes a public company?

Initially, On as a company was not a public company. This, of course, changed in 2021 when they finally decided it was time to go public.

To their surprise, going public worked out for them, as the first day on the stock exchange was not disappointing, and their shares spiked up.

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What does the On Cloud shoe symbol mean?

While tons of users have tried to find the actual meaning behind On Cloud’s shoe symbol, there has never been a proper answer to it, let alone the company even clearing it out on what their logo means. Some say the On Cloud shoe symbol means clouds, and others say it means comfort.

How to Wash On Cloud Shoes?

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Where are On Cloud running shoes made?

On’s Cloud running shoes are primarily made in Vietnam, although the company is in Switzerland.

Nothing about this is new or unique as other shoe companies are known for being located in one place but making their shoes in other areas.

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Do On Cloud shoes have a warranty?

Yes, On Cloud shoes have warranty periods, within which you can be provided a replacement pair by the company.

Of course, it is a time-limited condition, so you better find issues within the time allocated for your warranty; otherwise, they may not offer a replacement pair.

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