How Long Do Nike Air Force 1 Last? (3 Minute Read)

How long do Nike Air Force 1 last?

When you get your new shoes from a shoe company, the priority in your head will be to make sure they last as long as possible to get your money’s worth without regretting it. Isn’t that true?

Well, in today’s topic, the shoe we will be investigating for its longevity is the Nike Air Force 1. Do Nike Air Force 1 last a long time? How long do Nike Air Force 1 last? Are they good enough to be worth your money in the long run without disappointing you? Without any further ado, let us find out.

Do Nike Air Force 1s Last for A Long Time?

Yes. In reviews by users of Air Force 1s, these pairs of shoes are meant to last a long time and be durable for almost any and every situation you can throw at them. These shoes are made with the right amount of functionality for their price.

I have been using my Air Force 1 pair for the last 3 years without any hassle. But there is a catch when you involve the color of the Air Force 1s you own. Any color except white may require less management and cleaning and can last longer.

But if you have white Air Force 1s, you will notice that no matter how much you try cleaning, they will have to be replaced after a certain usage period.

There is also the matter of oxidation and creasing, which we shall look into further later in the article, so keep reading!

How Long Do Nike Air Force 1 Last? (3 Minute Read)

Are Air Forces Durable?

Air Forces are durable under harsh conditions and considering you clean them right after putting them through rough usage. Otherwise, they may have to get replaced if not appropriately managed.

Do keep in mind that there are other versions of Air Forces made from different materials and have different soles, possibly being more durable and long-lasting than the original Air Forces.

How Long Do Nike Air Force 1 Last? (Quick Answer)

According to reviews online, most customers have claimed to be in the third year of their Air Force 1s, which is not a bad accomplishment for these pair of shoes as this supports its longevity aspect very clearly and can leave the worry out of customers’ heads.

Nike Air Force 1 will not last for a long time if you decide to use them for situations like rough weather (rainy, windy, etc.) and do not take constant care of them. Whether they are white or not is not a deciding factor. All shoes have to be taken care of properly to last long and keep your feet comfortable.

How Long Do Nike Air Force 1 Last? (3 Minute Read)
A pair of old worn-out Nike Air Force 1

Can You Wear Air Force 1 Every Day?

Wearing Air Force 1s every day is not a problem, but there have been cases of people’s Air Force 1s being bruised after a specific time has passed by. But as mentioned before, color is a concerning factor. You can keep wearing black or other dark colors Air Force 1s every day without an issue.

However, the white Air Force 1s cannot be worn everyday as they tend to wear out more accessible and need to be constantly cleaned, meaning white shoes, in general, are heavy maintenance for every customer no matter what brand you buy.

I hope that you have already got decent ideas on your query, how long do Nike Air Force 1 last.

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How Long Do Nike Air Force 1 Last? (3 Minute Read)

How Long Do Nike Air Force 1 last? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s discuss some questions related to the main query, how long do Air Force 1 last?

How long does a Nike shoe last?

There is no exact answer to this question. A pair of Nike shoes can last for however long possible depending on how much you decide to use them on your routine basis and situation.

Nike shoes will last longer if you rarely take them out, as suggested by most people. But that is not why you buy shoes, right?

Are Nike Air Force 1 heavy?

Nike Air Force 1s have been criticized for being heavy. The heaviness does not exactly bother most people as they have gotten used to the weight entirely, while to some, they can be a deal-breaker and ruin the experience of the shoe completely.

It comes down to whether you can adapt or not.

How many times can you wear Air Force Ones?

As implied before, there is no exact value for questions like this. It all comes down to how much and how long you use your pair of shoes in your everyday routine. If you use them less frequently, you can wear your Air Force Ones for many years to come.

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  1. These are the worst shoes ever purchased for my 11 yr old. They lasted 3 weeks of wear to and from and at school before the heals have worn through. A $15 dollar pair of cheap rubbish from a warehouse store lasts at least 4 months of similar wear.


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