Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Air Force 1 & Jordan 1 are two separate shoe lines from Nike that provide a range of sneakers. But they do differ from each other.

The main difference between Jordan 1 and Air Force 1 is their design, size & material. Also, the cushioning of Air Force 1 (Af1) is thicker than Air Jordan 1 (Aj1).

To provide you with a clear comparison, I compared my Nike Air Force 1 ’07 SE and Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Utility based on performance, design, comfort; size &  fit. So let’s explore our article Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1. At the end of the article, you will find a quick comparison chart on Air Force 1 vs Air Jordan 1.

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Main Differences)


Did you know that White Air Force 1 (Low band) is the best-selling shoe of the best? It first came to the market in 1982 and was designed by famous basketball trainer Bruce Kilgore. Nike created a cultural reset through the all-white design and the new cushion inner-frame. In 1983, six prominent NBA players starred in Air Force 1 promotion and became a hit on the basketball community. 

Later in 1985, Michale Jordan rose to fame representing the Chicago Bulls and already became the heart of American basketball. In that year, Nike made a special endorsement deal with Jordan that debuted the Air Jordan 1.

Unfortunately, Jordan was not a fan of the blue & white iconic sneaker. But the ankle support, overlay on feet, tie, and pocket heel design caught the public’s attention and quickly became an iconic shoe of history. 

Let’s explore Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 in the case of design.


Both the Air Force 1 & Jordan 1 were designed regarding basketball players’ requirements. Nike has upgraded some of the features and brought multiple designs for both lines. The examples are my ’07 SE & Mid SE Utility. Aj1 has an upper layer of leather and canvas material.

On the contrary, Af1 has a light side lining and a crate-based lightweight cushioning inside and canvas anterior. Af1 has more design options, including high, mid, low & customization, than Aj1. 

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 comes in 23 different styles and colors. My jordans are in the utility version, which means ankle protection cushions and narrow toe support. I give both five stars designs because both provide excellent foot support. 

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1Comfort

I found Air Force 1 to be more comfortable because the silhouette shape on the toe creates space for my toe to move. Also, I bought both in female size 8.5, and Af1 had more width than the jordans. Also, the air cushioning technology I mentioned earlier provided extra arc support to my feet. Jordans low tend to bug at the ankle due to the firm ankle grip being strong. However, the rubber sole of the Jordan provides more support while working out than the Af1. Both have lace dubraes made of metal that are rust-resistant. As a result, I don’t need to tighten my shoes hard and cause side pain. 

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Air Force 1

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 – Sizing

Let’s discuss Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 in sizing. Even though it’s the same size, the air force is a bit wider and roomier than the Jordan 1s. My jordans fit my feet like a glove and are pretty narrow to fit towards my toes. On the contrary, the Af1 has quite a space and provides my sides and toes flexibility. Overall, Jordan 1 is suitable for the slim and narrow feet at max size seven, and for broad and small fit, Air Force 1 is the best option. You can always wear a Jordan even if you have a wide fit, but it might not be a good option as these are inspired for basketball. 

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Jordans have a swoosh design that prevents my upper feet from any interior damage. Also, my utility ankle supports extra protection to my ankle. I wear my Jordans to the gym & for walking what I like these because they grab my fit and keep them in a solid position. As a result, I get a harder ground for putting strength while

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Nike Air Force 1

working out with weights. However, I love my Air Force 1s because they are better for my everyday office, shopping, and walking. I’ve worn Af1 for six-plus hours, and the cushioning always saves my feet. The only thing I have to complain about is that my feet get sweaty after six hours.

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There is not much difference between Air Force 1 vs Jordan 1 when it comes to pricing. These shoes will cost you above $80, and jordans will cost you more. Jordan 1 is one of a kind retro iconic sneakers, so that it will be a bit expensive. The range usually goes at max to $500. Also, Jordan 1s has different styles that vary in price. However, the classic white or black Air Force 1 is cheaper than the Jordan 1s. But they offer more variety in design and color. Also, the price changes if you choose to customize. Some of the Air Force 1 goes up to the pricing as Jordans. 

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Air Force 1 | Air Jordan 1

My experience

My Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Utility looks heavier than the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 SE, but surprisingly it weighs much lighter than the Air Force. However, the  ’07 SE has a stunning design, and it’s great for everyday wear. I always get compliments when I wear these. Also, I mentioned above; they are great as casual shoes. However, my feet are narrow, and the extra width is nice but sometimes causes me to stumble. Also, my toes are a bit longer, and the SE Utility front shapes better comfort my feet. Whenever I wear my Jordan 1, I always get an eyebrow raise due to the high ankle support. Still, these are too comfortable to care about somebody’s opinion. 

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Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1: At A Glance

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Are Air Force One shoes and Jordans the same?

No. Both look the same but have different designs and purposes. Air Force 1 includes Nike’s air technology, so the sole is a bit larger than in Jordans. It is better for wider feet. However, the Air Jordan is an evolved version of Air Force 1. As I mentioned, it was initially made for NBA star Michalke Jordan. These are refined, and the midsole is thin & narrow. In other words, it was made for playing basketball. But you can wear Af1 & Aj1 for regular use. 

Which one should you buy?

Nike always makes the best kinds of shoes. Between Nike Air Force 1 vs Jordan 1 should go for Jordans. Also, if you play basketball, then Jordan 1 is your sneaker. But for more laid-back casual wear and overall work, I recommend going for Air Force 1. It is better for wide feet. After the pandemic, it is pretty tricky to buy a pair of Air Jordan 1s because they aren’t sold in retail shops. I bought mine from the Nike app, and that too was on the verge of being sold out. However, the Air Force 1 is available in every retail shop worldwide and isn’t so difficult to purchase.

Jordan 1 vs Air Force 1 (Summary)

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