Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)

Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)

Skechers and Merrel are both footwear brands with a wide variety of products: hiking boots, sandals, slippers, slip-ons, and so on. Merrel is famous for its outdoor boots (trekking, trail running, and movement on water), whereas Skechers shoes are famous for casual wear, walking, and running. So, what makes these two brands differ from each other?

Apart from sandals and slip-ons, Merrell footwear brands are heavy shoes for outdoor activities. In contrast, Skechers are lightweight shoes, even shoes for physical activities. Both brands gained popularity for their unique traits. One is popular with trekkers and hikers, while the other works perfectly for casual wear and lighter physical activities.

Merrell vs Skechers

Merrell and Skechers have different features suitable for certain activities. Here are the comparative design features so the wearers can pick the best pair of shoes.


Even though Merrell is famous for outdoor activity footwear, the company also launched boots, casual sneakers, sandals, and slip-ons. The lightweight inner cushioning gives the wearer comfort on every step. Merrel designed shoes (Trail Glove 6) to give the barefoot effect for a more natural foot movement. Hence, from casual to outdoors, all Merrel shoe styles provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Merrell Boot
Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Merrell Sneakers
Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Merrell Sandal
Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Merrell Flip-flop

Skechers creates lightweight podiatrist-designed footwear shapes with patented Arch Fit insole. The mesh and synthetic upper with an ultra-lightweight midsole provide maximum comfort for the wearer. Skechers trail and hiking shoes are the best options for light outdoor activities for design aspects such as breathable insole, waterproofing, and cushioning platform.

Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Skechers Sneakers
Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Skechers Sandals
Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Skechers Flip-flop


Merrell casual wear comes in a heavier weight compared to other casual shoes. The outsole pattern and design provide added durability, stable movements, and improved grip on wet and dry surfaces. Increased abrasion-resistance toe cap gives the wearer stability on rocky and slippery surfaces. The external lateral stability arms with spray rubber of MOAB from Merrell ensure security and durability.

Skechers boots have patented Goodyear® performance outsole for enhanced traction, stability, and durability. Skechers compiled 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans to achieve a stable design approved by the Podiatrists. Skechers shoes deliver sporty comfort and durable traction for all of their style, which is excellent for steady movements.

Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)
Merrell vs Skechers (Key Differences)


Merrel’s unique Vibram® TC5+ outsole design instills security in the wearer with each stride, from mountain routes to metropolitan sidewalks. Vibram® TC5+, along with a rock plate for protection, provides perfect grip, traction, and reliability for regular use. Not only outdoor shoes, but Merrel’s casual footwear also secures the wearer with distinct design aspects. Merrel’s slip-on has an articulated heel with a strap for a secure fit.

Skechers created shoes with changeable insoles that conform to the wearer’s foot, reducing impact and increasing load distribution. Equal load distribution protects the feet from injury and pain during prolonged wear and outdoor activities. Skechers has a flexible traction outsole- allowing the wearer to make flexible movements on harsh terrain. 


Merrel and Skechers are both popular among wearers for their particular functions. The wide range of products from both brands can be confusing at times. In general. Skechers are great as casual footwear and for light outdoor activities. On the other hand, heavy-duty trekkers and outdoor activists prefer Merrel footwear. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Skechers for heavy-duty trekking?

Skechers designed its hiking footwear with memory foam and an attractive design. However, heavy-duty trekking needs more durability, waterproofing, and flexibility- which Skechers lack. Considering the stiffness, lack of waterproofing, and support, you should not use Skechers for heavy-duty trekking.

2. Is Merrel outdoor activity footwear better than Skechers?

Merrel created outdoor footwear based on specific activities: hiking, jungle exploration, trail running, etc. Skechers have shoes for outdoor activities, but those are not classified by particular task and are beginners friendly.

So, reviewing the variety and design aspects, Merrel outdoor activity footwear is better than the Skechers. 

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