How to Dry Hey Dudes Fast? (Complete Guide)

How to Dry Hey Dudes Fast? (Complete Guide)

Hey Dudes don’t have water resistance. So, the shoes get easily wet, and if you don’t dry them quickly, they might get smelly. Who wants a smelly shoe? I’m sure I don’t. You may also need to wash the shoes occasionally. After washing, you also need to dry up them up fast.

Whatever reason you may have, you need to dry up your Hey Dudes fast. I’m here to help you with that. Stay tuned to find out the dos and don’ts of washing Hey Dudes and drying them fast. 

Are Hey Dude Shoe Machine Washable?

Before you know how to dry shoes faster, you need to know how to wash Hey Dudes properly. Yes, you can wash Hey Dudes on washing machines. Just be sure to follow my suggestions so you don’t wreck your shoes. 

The following suggestions are based on expert recommendations from Hey Dude.

Important note: [Only Hey Dude Canvas and Sox-styled shoes are machines washable. Even these shoes need to be cleaned carefully. Follow my instructions to learn how to do that. Never wash leather, suede, stretch or wool shoes in a machine. Your shoes will get spoiled.]

Hey dude in Washing machine

How to Wash Hey Dudes

If your shoes are muddy, wait until the mud has dried up. Gently tap the soles together and the dirt particles will fall off. Take a soft wet cloth and wipe the remaining dirt. After that, remove the laces and the insole (if removable).

Now, put your Hey Dudes into a washing machine on a cool wash setting with a non-spin or slow-spinning cycle. After washing the shoe and drying them up properly, stuff some brown paper bags or old newspapers so the shoes retain their shapes.

how to wash hey dude?

Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

No, Hey Dudes are not waterproof. They get wet easily and take a long time to dry up. However, the canvas shoes and sox-styled shoes dry up fast because of their lightweight build. That’s why you need to learn how to speed up the drying process. Let’s help you with that now.

How to Dry Hey Dudes Fast?

As I have mentioned earlier, you need to learn how to dry Hey Dudes fast. But what are the exact steps? Let me share the dos and don’ts of drying Hey Dude shoes.

Hey Dudes Drying Dos

You can try out the following methods to dry up Hey Dude shoes fast. There are multiple options. You can choose whatever you like.

Method 1: Natural-air drying

This is the safest method for drying your Hey Dudes. After the wash, take a clip or a spare pair of laces and hang the shoes from a rope. But make sure the shoes don’t come into contact with direct sunlight. Ensure that there is some protection from direct sunlight. It may be a shade or anything similar.

How to Dry Hey Dudes Fast? (Complete Guide)

Method 2: Placing the shoes by a fan

It’s one of the simplest methods that I have been following since I was a teenager. Trust me it works well. Here’s how it works. 

After washing your shoes, let the dripping water go away. Then, turn on a fan at high speed. Place the shoes close by the fan. The wet shoe will dry up fast in this method. After the shoe has dried up, you can put the insoles and laces back in place.

Method 3: Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are budget-friendly options for drying up shoes. They may not work as fast as the previous two methods, but they will get the job done. If you have a couple of dryer sheets, put them inside your Hey Dude shoe and leave them like that overnight.

In the morning, take the dryer sheet away. The dryer sheets will soak the moisture away and deodorize your shoe at the same time. You can use scented dryer sheets to have a fresh smell off your shoes.

✦ Method 4: Stuffing newspapers

You can stuff dry newspapers inside your shoes after they have dried up. It will help your shoes to stay in shape. You can also stuff newspapers to dry your shoes. The process is quite simple. 

You need to stuff rolled-up newspapers inside the wet shoes. You need to fill the shoe from the toe to the ankle. You will need to wait 6-7 hours for the shoe to dry properly. You may also need to change the paper 1-2 times. 

Method 5: Warm air blower

Before you apply this method, read the warning.

[Warning: Hey Dudes should never be dried on a dryer. The dryer’s excessive heat may damage the shoe material and cause discoloration. I mentioned a warm air blower. You must not blow hot air on your wet Hey Dude shoe.] 

If you have a warm air blower, turn it on. Keep the blower at least 15 cm away from the shoe. The shoe should be dried within 10-15 minutes. This method will give you fast results. But you need to be careful. For this reason, I advise you not to use this method if you are confused. If you can wait a while, use the previous methods as they are completely safe.

You can also check our article on how to get stains out of Hey Dudes.

How to Dry Hey Dudes Fast? (Complete Guide)

Hey Dudes Drying Don’ts

You can dry Hey Dudes indoors or outdoors. But you must avoid the following things while drying.

  1. You must avoid direct sunlight. It may affect the appearance of your shoe.
  2. Never bleach Hey Dudes and never put it in a hot air dryer. It can have the same implications as direct sunlight.

If you do these, your shoes may get discolored or the shoe fabric may get spoiled.


Hey Dude shoes are not great against water. If your shoes are wet for a long time, they will get smelly. You surely don’t want that. That’s why you need to dry up the shoes fast.

It’s best to clean Hey Dude shoes by hand. There’s no chance of damaging the shoe if you wash it yourself. But remember, you can only wash canvas and sox-shoes in the washing machine for a cold wash in slow-spinning or no-spinning cycles.

You need to be careful while drying your Hey Dude shoes. Don’t put them in direct sunlight and never use dryers. You can follow the methods I discussed in this article instead.

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