Vans Stackform vs Platform : Which One Is the Better Option?

Vans Stackform vs Platform : Which One Is the Better Option?

Vans released their Stackfrom series, completely taking over the sneakers market. Users went crazy over the shoes since they had longed for a cool pair of sneakers that would make them look taller.

However, you might wonder if Vans already had its Platform shoes to make the users look tall enough – what is new with the Stackform shoes? This article will discuss all these questions about the difference between Vans Stackform and Platform.

What is So Special About Vans Stackform?

Vans Stackform shoes gained so much popularity within a blink for several reasons. They are pretty impressive in terms of design, comfort, and materials.


Vans believe in using sustainable materials for most of its shoes, and its Stackform series is no different. The upper of the shoes consists of recycled materials, and other components are also eco-friendly.


Since they are “Stackform” shoes, they are taller than most other Vans shoes. They are designed to add height without compromising comfort. Moreover, their unique colorways range from funky to casual, like magic!


As mentioned above, Vans Stackform is a comfortable shoe. They add height without stabbing your feet like regular heels. How incredible is that? Furthermore, you would assume them to be heavy shoes for all the stacked structure, but guess what? They are comparatively lightweight because of the materials and are super easy to wear.

What is So Special About Vans Platform?

◈ Lightweight

Vans Platform shoes add a decent amount of height without making your feet bulky. The shoes weigh around 480 grams, but many users complimented that they did not feel the weight was uncomfortable.

Comfortable Material

Many platform models like the Vans Old Skool Platform shoes have a leather rim at the opening of the shoes to avoid blisters on your heels. It makes walking around in them without socks even more comfortable.


The unbeatable durability of the shoes impressed many users. The Platform shoes were released as a slightly elevated version of the regular ones, and users went crazy seeing how sturdy the shoes were. Even though they are pretty tough to be damaged, their comfortable materials do not compromise their flexibility.

Brief Comparison Table on Vans Stackform vs Platform

FeaturesVans PlatformVans Stackform
Height31.75 mm34 mm
MaterialCanvas, suede, rubber, etc.Canvas, suede, rubber, etc.
Break-in PeriodMay take a few wearsMay take a few wears
Arch SupportMinimum arch supportMinimum arch support
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
VarietyNot a lot of optionsAround 40 different styles
Cost$70 to $95$70 to $95
AvailabilityNot very availableEasily available

Difference Between Vans Stackform and Vans Platform

The main difference between Vans Stackform and Platform shoes is the design of the soles and height. Vans originally had their regular sneakers, and then they decided to release a Platform version to make you look tall comfortably. The demand for additional height increased, and finally, they launched their Vans Stackform shoes that add even more height!

Since the Stackform shoes are more high-heeled, their soles have additional complex layers of foam, which can be good because of the extra cushioning.

How Tall is Vans Stackform?

Vans Stackform shoes have a height of 34 mm. These shoes are famous for their additional height, and certainly do not disappoint.

How High Are Platform Vans?

Vans Platforms changed the game of the sneakers industry with their heeled version of Vans sneakers. The side walls of Vans Platform shoes have a height of approximately 31.75 inches. It was a dream come true for users who wanted to look tall without wearing uncomfortable heels.


In general, Vans platform shoes are made from suede and canvas. The canvas is mostly stain resistant, and the suede is easy to clean. Moreover, the shoe’s sole is usually rubber for extra cushioning.

The material of the Stackform shoes is similar to the Vans Platform. T’ey have the traditional side and canvas uppers, padded collars, and Van’s signature rubber waffle outsoles.

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The comfort of Vans Platform and Stackform shoes can vary from person to person. If you prefer something other than super elevated sneakers, Vans Stackform shoes may not be the best option for you in terms of comfort. However, the added layers of foam make the Stackform shoes more cushioned and shock-absorbing compared to the Vans Platform.

If you are looking for a little elevated pair of sneakers, Vans Platform shoes are best since they have adequate cushioning with good enough height to satisfy your comfort and style at the same time.

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Break-in Period

The break-in period for both Vans Stackform and Platform shoes is pretty similar. Some users did not have to break into them at all after purchase. They were perfect right out of the box! However, a few reviews show that the shoes are painful despite getting larger shoes. I have tried both the Platform and Stacy versions of the Old Skool Vans, and they took a few times of wearing to start feeling comfortable.

If you are facing difficulties breaking into your Vans Platform or Stackform shoes, it is best to try a few times or get modified insoles for better arch support so that the shoes feel comfortable.

Arch Support

In general, both Vans Stackform and Platform do not provide excellent arch support. They are usually somewhat flat and best for flat feet. However, the shoes can still feel comfortable with a prominent arch under your feet because of the cushioned structure and materials.

If you still feel like the arch support is inadequate, you can always get a different pair of insoles to modify the arch of the shoes.


In general, Vans Platform shoes are true to size, with enough room to wiggle your toes. Going true to size would be the best if you want the perfect fit. However, if you like extra roomy shoes, you could quickly size up by half a size because their sizes do not change drastically, and you can find your comfortable fit.

Vans Stackform shoes are true to size as well. They are quite roomy but still hold onto your feet comfortably. You can easily adjust the fit with the laces, and are good to go.


On average, both Vans Platform and Stackform shoes are made to be durable. Even though these shoes are comfortable to wear because of the materials, the structure of the shoes makes them super sturdy to withstand pressure. Cleaning the shoes from time to time can make them last for years.


Vans Platform shoes are only available in a few versions on their official website. On the other hand, Vans Stackform has about 40 different options with super cool colorways and designs.


Both Vans Stackform and Platforms are sold in a similar price range. The shoes cost about $70 to $95 on their official website. The price range may vary on different websites.


Vans Platform shoes are not very available on their official website anymore. Most of them are replaced by the new Stackform versions, easily available on their official website and other retailing websites. However, you can still find a few more versions of the Vans Platform shoes on Amazon and other retailing websites.


In conclusion, you can easily understand that Vans Stackform is basically a taller version of the existing Platform shoes. They may have extra cushioning, but they are very similar. Now the choice is entirely up to your preference of style and comfort.

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