Vans Filmore vs Sk8-Hi : Which One Stands Out?

Vans Filmore vs Sk8-Hi : Which One Stands Out?

Are you interested in skateboarding? If yes, you must have heard about two of the most popular Vans Skateboarding shoes – Vans Filmore and Vans Sk8-Hi. While Vans Filmore is a minimalistic and simple skateboarding shoe, the Sk8-Hi shoes are entirely out there.

Even though both styles are famous for skating, they have differences that make them unique. In this article, we will discuss the similarities and the key differences between Vans Filmore and SK8-Hi shoes to let you make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

What is So Special About Vans Filmore?

The Old Skool Platform shoes inspired Vans Filmore shoes. The shoes were designed to be targeted more towards skateboarding and as a fashion item in your closet. Nonetheless, a few features make Vans Filmore unique for users and still a popular choice.

The Incredible Comfort

Vans Filmore shoes are constructed with a super cushioning footbed and padded collars to avoid blisters. The shoes are easy to slip on and do not require too much work to put on and fix the fit. Furthermore, pull tabs make everything easier.

Durability of The Structure and Material Construction

If you have seen or worn the Vans Filmore shoes, you have definitely noticed how sturdy the design of the shoes is. Their reinforced toe caps and high-quality materials make them durable enough to withstand skateboarding pressure for a long time. Moreover, the shoes are water resistant!

Wearing for Multiple Purposes

Unlike other skateboarding shoes, Vans Filmore can be worn for almost anything. Their simple design gives them a typical sneaker look you can style with any outfit. The shoes are super versatile!

What is So Special About Vans Sk8-Hi?

Vans Sk8-Hi  shoes look like classic skating boots that make you look like an expert in skating. The Sk8-Hi was the second model to feature their recognizable jazz stripe, and this pair has been a success for years. The specialties of the shoes make them popular even now.

The Classic High-Top

High-top shoes have the unique looks that users want all the time. The shoes have become a cultural icon since the 1970s and never turned back. Their signature side stripe and overall design made them a trendy choice.

Additional Ankle Support

High-top shoes are best if you prefer ankle support. The padded collars and the material hugs your ankles comfortably. Their flexibility does not restrict your motion and lets you comfortably bend your feet.

Durability and Comfort

Comfort is a given for Vans Sk8-Hi shoes because of all the extra padding and cushioning. The durability is a bonus because suede and canvas uppers built-in with reinforced toe caps.

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Brief Comparison Table : Vans Filmore vs Sk8-Hi

FeaturesVans FilmoreVans Sk8-Hi
MaterialCanvas, suede, mesh, leather, rubber, etc.Canvas, suede, mesh, leather, rubber, etc.
Break-in Period  
Arch SupportNot enoughDoable
SizingTrue to sizeSnug fit
VarietyAround 200 stylesAround 150 styles
CostMostly around $60Mostly around $80 or above
AvailabilityAvailable on other retailing websitesAvailable on their official website and other places

Similarities Between Vans Filmore and Vans Sk8-Hi

Being from the same brand, Vans, the Filmore, and the Sk8-Hi shoes are similar in many ways. Let’s talk about that for a bit.

Both Are Skating Shoes

As you already know, Vans Filmore and Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are popular skateboarding shoes. They are the go-to shoes for skating for many users and are versatile enough to style for other events.

The Design of The Shoes

If you look at Filmore and Sk8-Hi shoes, you can see how similar their appearance is. Both shoes feature a flat outsole with the classic skating shoes look. The seams and borders are almost identical.

Structure of The Shoes

The structure of both shoes is very similar, especially the toe box and toe cap. The toe caps in both shoes protect your feet while providing optimum space for comfort.

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Difference Between Vans Filmore and Vans Sk8-Hi

Tongue of The Shoes

If you have noticed carefully, you would see that the brand’s logo is stitched in white and red to the tongue of Vans Sk8-Hi shoes. However, it has a different design in black and white for Vans Filmore shoes on the tongue.

Cushioning of The Shoes

Vans Sk8-Hi shoes have a bit more cushioned footbed compared to Vans Filmore shoes. Even though the difference is negligible, you would still notice if you are into skating. The board feel is better in Vans Sk8-Hi shoes.

Style of The Shoes

There only have been a little modification in the Sk8-Hi shoe series of Vans. The shoes mostly feature retro styles for boarding enthusiasts. On the other hand, Vans Filmore is available in modern styles and colors more than the Sk8-Hi.


Vans Filmore shoes are mainly made of rubber outsoles paired with suede, mesh, and canvas uppers. However, they have a few versions of suede canvas as well. Similarly, Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are also made of canvas, suede, and rubber. Both shoes have their leather versions as well.


Both shoes are comfortable for skating since they are made for that purpose. However, Van Sk8-Hi shoes are reviewed as more comfortable shoes than Vans Filmore shoes. Vans Sk8-Hi shoes have a slightly thicker footbed that gives the shoes more flexibility and a better board feel.

Break-in Period

In general, Vans Sk8-Hi shoes may take a while to break in, according to some users. They have a narrow fit, and if you have regular to wide feet, you must wear them a few times to make them comfortable.

For Vans Filmore, there is no need to break in for most of the shoes. They are spacious enough to feel comfortable right out of the box. With a few times of wearing, they will start to shape and mold into your feet.

Arch Support

Vans Sk8-Hi shoes have better arch support than Vans Filmore shoes. Even though both shoes look flat towards the bottom, the Sk8-Hi shoes have padded insoles that provide good enough arch support. The padding avoids discomfort inside the shoes, giving arched feet the desired features. People with flat feet would enjoy Vans Filmore shoes more.


In general, Vans Filmore shoes fit true to size for most of their styles. However, Vans Sk8-Hi has a snug fit, so you may have to size up if you have wide feet. People with regular or narrow feet can go true to size for both shoes.


Vans Filmore shoes are structured with vulcanized midsoles, sidewall trim, and the Original Waffle outsoles for additional grip and durability. The combination of materials of the upper part with the laces ensures that the shoes do not fall off your feet while skating, as well as minimal creasing. The durability extends with their water-resisting features, allowing your feet to get wet without damaging the shoes.

I have used a number is skating shoes, and Vans Sk8-Hi was one of the few styles that did not disappoint me with durability. After a few skating sessions, my regular skating shoes tend to show more damaged parts than Vans Sk8-Hi did. There were a few spots on the soles and side panels, but the shoes felt as good as new after wearing them.


Vans Filmore has more than 200 options on many websites and stores. Vans Sk8-Hi shoes have fewer varieties, but you can choose from around 150 styles, which is a good deal too.


Vans Filmore shoes are more affordable compared to Vans Sk8-Hi shoes. Vans Filmore can be found at $35 to $60 for most of their styles. They also have other options that cost up to $90.

Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are a bit more expensive. Most of their shoes are priced around $80 to $150. They also have options under $60, but the bestsellers are more expensive.


Vans Filmore shoes are not available on their official website. However, most of their styles are available in different sizes on other retailing websites. Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are available on their official website as well as other websites as well.

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Why Choose Vans Filmore?

Filmore shoes are water-resistant, making them preferred since users don’t have to worry about sweating and damaging the shoes. Some of their styles are oil-resistant as well. For those shoes, you don’t have to worry about grease sticking to the exposed parts of the shoes. They are easier to clean.

Why Choose Vans Sk8-Hi?

Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are preferred mainly because of their style and design. The shoes look more street-like and retro, which gives the original skateboarding vibe. The quality of the shoes is incredible, and they tend to last longer than the Filmore shoes despite not being water-resistant.


Vans Filmore and Sk8-Hi shoes are popular skating shoes, while Sk8-Hi is the older version. Despite being old, Sk8-Hi shoes are still more popular than Filmore shoes in style, comfort, and

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