Vans UltraRange EXO vs Rapidweld (Complete Guide)

Vans UltraRange EXO vs Rapidweld (Complete Guide)

Vans have always been iconic with its wide range of unique sneaker lines and among them my personal favorite is UltraRange. I have always wanted to own a pair of UltraRange EXO or UltraRange Rapidweld but picking one out of the two was not an easy task. Until finally, I gave up and got both.

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one to suffer in this regard. And just because I had to buy both of them doesn’t mean you will have to either.

Here I have tried to break down all the small details and differences between the two models, so you have a better understanding of which works best for you.

What is So Special About Vans UltraRange EXO? 

  • Extra thick insole
  • Ultracush midsole 
  • Great responsiveness
  • Good for all-around usage
  • Reverse waffle lug outsole

What is So Special About Vans UltraRange Rapidweld?

  • Can be used as temporary hiking shoes.
  • Superior support on the midsole 
  • Extremely versatile 
  • Sock-like sung fit 
  • Waffle rubber outsole 

Comparison Table : Vans UltraRange EXO vs Rapidweld

Let’s look at some of the obvious differences between the two shoes.

ParametersUltraRange EXORapidweld
Price Cheaper Not as cheap 
Comfort More comfortable Adequate comfort 
Durability More durable Less durability
Flexibility Higher flexibility Less flexible 
Construction Wider shape Slightly narrower


Being part of the same line, the manufacturers used many similar materials for both models. So initially it feels like there’s not much difference. This was another reason why I was skeptical about getting both pairs. But after trying them on, there are some definite differences that I have noticed.

First, let’s talk about the UltraRange Rapidweld. Rapidweld shoes feature breathable suede and textile upper like most classic Vans sneakers. Alongside, they have an Ultracush midsole which feels like a mixture of foam and rubber. For the outsole, they went with Van’s iconic waffle lugs rubber outsole. 

On the other side, with the UltraRange EXO shoes, you have a synthetic nylon fabric upper. Unlike Rapidweld’s suede upper, it feels like this one has slightly better breathability. The midsole in this one is the same Ultracush technology and is well-responsive and comfortable. 

Additionally, they have used the Ultracush material for the shoe tongue as well. It feels like a unique direction but actually works great because of the comfy padding and ports for better breathability. 

For the outsole, the manufacturers again used rubber outsole but in this case, the lugs are reverse waffle patterned for traction and grip on rough terrain. 

To top it off, both models come with standard polyester lace and foam padding on the collar and some other areas. 

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The Rapidweld model features a stitchless construction instead of Van’s conventional stitching technique. It gives the shoes a neat and clean look which I appreciate. 

Another claim I have seen on the internet Van’s community is that the stitchless construction makes them lighter than shoes with regular stitching but I don’t know how true that is. 

Apart from that, the shoes fit like socks. So while it is very snug on the feet, that doesn’t cause any irritation or blisters because of the luxliners construction on the interior. 

Some other important factor to note about their construction is the narrow toe room and rugged body.

UltraRange EXO, on the other hand, is not as rugged with its construction as Rapidweld. Instead of a single stitch method, they stitched several pieces together to make the outer part.

Additionally, both shoes have a pull tab on the tongue and the collar for when you don’t want to use your hand to put them on. 

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Comfort is always a big factor when comparing shoes and UltraRange EXO definitely owns this sector. In no way, Rapidweld is what you might think uncomfortable, rather they lack some of the comfort points that Exo shoes have. 

For starters, both shoes have an extremely fluffy and comfortable Ultracush midsole. However, with UntraRange EXO, they have used the same material for their tongue as well. Plus the insole is thicker too. So, it envelopes your feet from all sides in such a way that it feels like you are stepping on clouds. 

Then we have the upper which we have already mentioned is much more breathable. Even though it’s a small fact, I learned to appreciate it a lot more during the warmer seasons. 

As for the Rapidweld, they are pretty comfortable themselves. Especially the luxliners padding which prevents your feet from chafing. The suede mesh upper on Rapidweld is also much softer than Exo’s nylon upper. 


The next question is which one is more flexible and the answer is obviously UltraRange EXO. The softer outsole and synthetic upper give them the upper hand in this regard. 

Rapidweld shoes are generically rugged and sturdy. And while that serves great in durability, it makes them not as flexible. The toe box on EXO is also slightly softer which contributes to their flexibility too.


We have tackled everything but which pair will last you longer? This depends on a lot of things from materials to how frequently you are wearing them and where you are wearing them. 

If we only consider the materials, UltraRange EXO has a better shot at holding out longer. The soles are of better quality, the upper is more durable plus the insole is much thicker. So, for the same scenario, soles on Rapidweld tend to start wearing out much sooner and faster than EXO shoes. 

Now if I have to talk about my personal experience, I have to confess that the Rapidweld shoes lasted longer than my EXO pair. The reason is I used the Rpaidweld shoes as training shoes and EXO shoes more like a casual pair. 

So while Rapidweld went through more strain, EXO pairs were worn for a much longer time, sometimes even for the whole day. Hence, the difference. 


Speaking of price point, UltraRange Exo is certainly more affordable than Rapidweld. You can get a decent pair of EXO for under $100 while Rapidweld will cost you slightly over that.

Now even though Rapidweld cost more, it still felt like a good deal personally, considering all the qualities I am getting. But I guess for EXO, the brand wanted to go for a more cost-efficient route so it’s cheaper among the two. 

Final Words

Overall, I would say there’s no specific winner between the two pairs. Being part of the same line and having a good amount of similarities, it’s hard to choose between the two. 

Having used them both I would say they were enjoyable in

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