Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)

Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)


Vionic shoes gained recognition in the footwear industry with their high arch style. The unique part of Vionic shoes is their arched heels for all shoe styles: beach sandals, regular sandals, sneakers, performance shoes, and even some slippers. Even though Vionic shoes reigned over other companies for comfort and lightweight designs, there are cases of foot pain in the wearer. So, what causes the pain to a Vionic shoe wearer? Vionic shoes take longer than other footwear to break in, resulting in pain. Also, picking up the wrong style according to your feet, flat feet, high-performance works, and extended wear can hurt your feet while wearing Vionic.

How Can Footwear Cause Feet Pain?

Any pair of shoes can hurt the foot, considering the material, style, and shoe silhouette. Some people take long walks with new shoes, which is a common cause of foot pain. Other reasons for foot pain include chronic foot ailments, prolonged wear, and incorrect style according to foot type. When buying a pair of shoes, a wearer should diagnose his feet type and existing problems before going for an attractive design.  

Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet?

Vionic designed its footwear with supportive technology to rejuvenate the wearer’s feet-proved by doctors. Vionic has its innovation lab to develop and upgrade existing shoes according to wearer data and recurring foot ailments. Hence, any pain caused by Vionic shoes is often the result of the things like wrong buying of Vionic styles, sizing errors, longer break-in time, and prolonged physical activity with the wrong kind of Vionic shoe kind.

Four Problems that Lead to Vionic Shoes Hurting the Wearer’s Feet

1. Improper Sizing and Style

All Vionic shoes have defining features perfect for avoiding heel pain, arch pain, and ankle pressure. The boots come in mid-width, protecting the feet from additional stress. If you buy a pair of Vionic shoes of any style without following their size charts, you might get foot pain.

Vionic offers a wide range of styles that everyone can wear. However, picking the wrong kind, such as shoes for plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, will ensure that your foot is in pain.

2. Feet Ailments

Bunions, bone Spur, flat feet, and Arthritis can cause foot pain- no matter how well designed the shoes are. Vionic shoes have in-built arches on the footbed and the shoe heels. So, people with plantar fasciitis can wear them quickly.

Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)
Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)
Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)

However, if you have hypersensitive feet caused by neuro diseases, you might find the Vionic shoes unbearable. Also, a person with bunions and bone spurs should avoid closed shoes, including Vionic sneakers, which can lead to pain.

3. Longer Break-In Time

Vionic has a longer break-in time compared to other brands. For the most satisfaction, wear new Vionic shoes for only a few hours the first several times. It will give your feet time to acclimate to the increased orthopedic stability and relaxation. The shoes should be light and comfortable for about one to two weeks.

Due to the extended break-in time, wearing new shoes for consecutive days will cause foot pain. Also, you should avoid wearing new Vionic shoes for prolonged hours to protect your feet from discomfort.

4. Physical Activities

Vionic sandals, slippers, loafers, and other casual wear are suitable for light physical activities. Wearing them for strenuous physical activities such as weight lifting, trekking, gym training, and sports can lead to foot pain.

Regular Vionic shoes lack the stability, durability, enhanced forward motion design, and fluid heel-spring performance that the Vionic performance shoes have. Because of the design aspects, regular wear of Vionic shoes can cause foot pain for exhausting physical activities.

Why Do Vionic Shoes Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)

How Can I Avoid Pain While Wearing Vionic?  

Vionic shoes can give you a smooth experience if you pick the appropriate style. If you want to do extreme sports and physical activities, you should choose a pair of shoes from the Performance Shoes (walking, sneakers, and recovery). If a wearer has plantar fasciitis, they should consider trying to Restore Recovery sandals. You should be patient during the break-in time of Vionic shoes to avoid any sort of pain and discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Vionic shoes hurt the feet?

Vionic shoes hurt the feet at the beginning as they have a longer break-in time. Also, the special Recovery footwear from Vionic might hurt the feet of individuals. Apart from these two leading causes, Vionic footwear doesn’t hurt the feet.

Will my feet hurt wearing Vionic shoes for a prolonged period?

Your feet will hurt if you wear casual Vionic shoes for a prolonged period for physical activities or use them too often during break-in time.

Are Vionic shoes good for arch pain support?

Vionic has its lab to design shoes for people with foot ailments. The company created the arches of all kinds of shoes in such a way that they can support and relieve arch pain.

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  1. Hi!

    I don’t have any problems with my feet. Should I wear Vionic or they are only for people with feet problems!

    I tried a pair of flat shoe but I’m not sure they are for me!

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  2. I bought vionic shoes 2 years ago recommended by private podiatrist for problems with my left ankle. Wore twice but acute pain in both feet and abandoned them. Since then I have swelling of right ankle and and now increasing pain when walking. There was no problem with right ankle until I wore the vionics. Am waiting for NHS appointment, may take a while so can you help?


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