Aetrex vs Vionic (Complete Guide)

With there being tons of supportive shoe companies out there wanting to steal the market for themselves, it can become challenging to find the right company for your foot issues. Most companies may look or offer the same as you keep browsing them. How do you overcome this confusion?

Aetrex vs Vionic sandals

To clarify your confusion, we will look at two companies that are aimed at comforting their users above all other things. Let us compare Aetrex and Vionic to see which company is better than the other one. Which one has the better slides?

Aetrex vs Vionic (Key Differences)

The main difference between Aetrex and Vionic is that Aetrex uses 3D foot scanning to get a scan of your foot.

This, in turn, ensures Aetrex can get you the best fit for your slides and shoes and the proper orthotics to provide support as reliably as possible. No other company does this, which also explains why the shoe return rate of Aetrex is lower compared to other companies.

Comfort (Is Aetrex or Vionic better?)

In general, both Aetrex and Vionic are equally comfortable, so much so that you may not even be able to tell the difference in comfort between the two. It is negligible at best.

However, Aetrex’s insoles are well known among shoe users on the internet because of how reliable they are, which can give them an advantage over Vionic.

Sizing (Do Aetrex and Vionic fit the same?)

Both companies provide sandals that fit true to size, which relieves most users who desperately want true-to-size options but cannot find ones of their choice.

This being said, Aetrex does suggest sizing up for their slides that only offer half sizes. On the other hand, in Vionic’s case, they recommend going down half a size on their website for their half-size slides.


Vionic sandals are made from different material like soft suede and durable leather, according to their website, because they help make their slides breathable. Some of their models are also made of EVA which gives a soft texture. Not just this, but their products are also designed to be worn all day long. For this reason, such materials are needed.

Aetrex vs Vionic (Complete Guide)
Aetrex vs Vionic (Complete Guide)

Although Aetrex is a different matter, they use materials like memory foams, slow recovery foams, and even polyurethanes that are supposed to be both lightweight and high-tech.

Aetrex vs Vionic (Complete Guide)
Aetrex vs Vionic (Complete Guide)


When it comes to choosing the right sandals, durability plays a significant role. Who would prefer wasting money and replacing your slides within a few months? Now the question is, which ones are more durable? Aetrex or Vionic?

On average, Aetrex is more durable than Vionic, at least according to the reviews that are all around the internet. I have seen tons of people complain about how some Vionic flip-flops wear and tear off easily within a few days or weeks of use. Even in my case, wearing a pair for weeks showed signs of damage.

I used my Vionic slides lightly, yet they looked like they came out of a warzone, judging from how my sandals were peeling off.

But Aetrex slides have significantly fewer cases of durability issues, while most users praise them for making sandals that last long and are comfortable at the same time.


Aetrex offers only 7 sandals for men but a whopping 122 sandals for women. Meanwhile, Vionic offers only 9 sandals for men but 46 for women.

Both companies focus on providing quality, comfortable and supportive slides, mainly for women with foot issues.


Men’s Aetrex sandals range from $48 to $60. Women’s Aetrex sandals range from $36 to $140, quite the difference!

Men’s Vionic sandals range from $69 to $80, while women’s Vionic sandals range from $55 to $150.


Different models from both brands are always available and on shelves. There is no issue with stocks running out from either end.

Table for Comparison (Aetrex vs Vionic)

ComfortGreat comfortGreat comfort
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
MaterialSoft suede and durable leatherMemory foams, slow recovery foams, and polyurethanes
DurabilityGreater durabilityEnough durability
Variety7 options for men, 122 options for women9 options for men, 46 options for women
CostCheap rangeCheap to moderately expensive range
AvailabilityEasily availableEasily available


From the looks of it, Aetrex is the better choice for the average user looking to get their feet fixed by support flip-flops that are also durable and comfortable without compromising much in any other way.

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