How Much Do Jordans Weigh?

How Much Do Jordans Weigh?

It helps to know how much your shoes weigh. It is particularly helpful if you are ordering a pair of shoes online. It is simple to calculate the shipping cost if you know how much the shoes weigh.

I was searching the internet to find out how much Jordans weigh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a mention of Jordan shoes’ weights. So, I did some digging myself and weighed in the shoes I owned. 

In this article, I have mentioned Jordan 1, 3, 4, 6 and some other popular models. It would be helpful if you read the full article. 

Let’s get started.

Weight of Different Jordan Shoes

How Much Do Jordan 1s Weigh?

Jordan 1 is one of the most popular models in the Air Jordan lineup.  The shoe is basketball-inspired with the Air Cushion technology. It’s breathable and comes in a lot of cool colorways. Jordan 1 comes in high-top, mid-top and low-top designs. The weight of these variants varies slightly.

The high-top version of Jordan 1 is the heaviest of the bunch. It weighs around 950 grams without the box and almost 1.2 kilos (1200 grams) with the box.

The mid-top version of Jordan 1 is slightly lighter compared to the high-top. The mid-top version weighs around 780 grams without the box and around 1 kilo with the box.

The low-top version of Jordan 1 is the lightest. It weighs almost 700 grams without the box and around 960 grams with the box.

[Note: I wear a US size 9. If your shoe is larger or smaller, the weight may vary slightly.]

How Much Do Jordan 3s Weigh?

Jordan 3 or Air Jordan 3 Retro is a stylish, comfortable and premium shoe. You will love the soft leather finish on the shoe. Supportive collar, excellent lockdown and the wrap-around feet are unbeatable.

The Jordan 3 is a heavy shoe compared to modern sneakers. It has a meaty design. A pair of Jordan 3 weighs around 540 grams without the box. I couldn’t figure out the weight without the box as I don’t have the box. 

How Much Do Jordan 4s Weigh?

Air Jordan 4 also has a similar design to Jordan 3. It’s an excellent sneaker for everyday wear. In my opinion, it is the dopest-looking Air Jordan so far. I just love the knit on the upper. However, I prefer it as a regular sneaker rather than a basketball shoe.

Air Jordan 4 Retro is lighter compared to the previous two sneakers. It weighs around 480 grams without the box and approximately 700 grams with the box. 

How Much Do Jordan 6s Weigh?

Air Jordan 6 is a decent basketball shoe, if not among the best. It has a great grip on clean courts. It’s breathable and has a stylish design for daily wear as well. My complaints with the shoe are narrow toebox, poor cushioning and the dirt-prone nature of the outsole.

Jordan 6 is not a light sneaker. It weighs around 510 grams without the box. Including the box, Jordan 6s weigh around 750 grams. If you are looking for lightweight daily wearable sneakers, this is certainly not good.

How Much Do Jordan 11s Weigh?

I don’t like the Jordan 11’s design. However, it’s my personal opinion. Many people consider the Jordan 11 as a head-turner shoe. The shoe is quite stiff. It needs to be broken in before regular usage. If I had to consider the positives of the Jordan 11, the grip and the mesh upper and the weight will top my list.

The Jordan 11 is significantly lighter than some of the most popular Air Jordan sneakers. The sneaker weighs around 415 grams without the box and about 620 grams with the box.

How Much Do Jordan 12s Weigh?

The Air Jordan 12 has a very versatile and unique design. It has a premium build. The leather attachments throughout the shoe will surely catch your eye. If you are looking for a lightweight casual basketball shoe, this might be a great pick for you. 

You can easily pair the Jordan 12 with your favorite outfits because the shoe comes with a lot of cool colorways. The Jordan 12 weighs about 460 grams without the box and around 710 grams with the box.


Jordan sneakers have a retro vibe. Typically, Air Jordans were basketball shoes. However, the sneakers quickly became a fashion statement. So, many Jordan sneakers today are made for regular wear.

You need to remember Jordans are usually heavy shoes. They weigh around 400-600 grams on average. It is much heavier compared to other sneakers and athletic shoes. Jordans are ridiculously expensive and have crazy resale value. If you are ordering Jordans, you will need to pay a higher shipping charge compared to other regular shoes because of the added weight. 

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