Are Nike Blazers Leather? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Blazers Leather? (Complete Guide)

Why are Nike Blazers so popular? Nike Blazers were initially designed to be basketball shoes which later made their way to the category of popular skateboarding and casual shoes. People love the simple, low-profile design that makes the shoes super versatile for almost any use.

Since the Nike Blazers are so popular, users tend to rely on the quality of the shoes very easily. However, some of them might have a few questions about their material. Are Nike Blazers leather? Are they real? It is also a significant concern for vegan users.

In this article, you will know everything about the materials of the Nike Blazers and whether or not they are made of genuine leather.

Are Nike Blazers Real Leather?

In general, the Nike Blazers use real leather to construct the upper portion of the shoes. Some of the models use synthetic leather as well. Many of the earlier releases were made of suede and nubuck as well. You will find styles with different materials available depending on which one you prefer.

The leather used on Nike Blazers defines quality by the smoothness and shine you can see. Suede shoes tend to be a little more matt, whereas the authentic leather shoes of Nike Blazers have an elegant glow that proves their quality.

I have the Nike Blazers Mid ’77 that has crisp leather, which makes it super easy to break in. It’s a leather and synthetic upper mixture that ensures durability and a unique glow.

Are Nike Blazers Canvas or Leather?

Nike Blazers are available in both canvas and leather. The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 that I own is also available in a canvas version that is perfect for users who prefer a matt finish.

The Blazers are also available in combinations of leather and canvas to extend the options according to the users’ preference.

What Material Is Nike Blazers?

There are different types of Nike Blazers made of different combinations of material. Some have leather, and some got the canvas, etc.

In general, Nike Blazers are made of leather and synthetic upper, canvas, solid rubber outsoles, foam-based tongue, etc. Many of the vegan canvas options make it easier for vegan users to shop.

Why Is There Foam on My Nike Blazers?

Many users wonder about the exposed foam on the tongue or the collar of the Nike Blazers. Is there any design defect? Or are they supposed to be that way?

Some Nike Blazers are designed with exposed foam to add a vintage vibe to their shoes. It gives an old-school look and a retro aesthetic.

Can I Wash My Nike Blazers?

It is not recommended to wash your Nike shoes in the machine. You can wash them gently using mild soap and a brush and later let them air dry to avoid damage.

Even if your shoes have stubborn spots, it is best to hand wash them and clean the spots using different spot cleaning methods, like using baking soda or warm water with detergent.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Popular?

Nike Blazers never really go out of style. There are uncountable shoe brands and styles that became popular and phased out in no time, but Nike Blazers have always been consistent with popularity. Ever wondered why is that?

Nike Blazers usually do not go for funky patterns or unconventional styles. They have retained their classic low-profile designs with consistent quality that helped them stay versatile and popular for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are they called Nike Blazers?

The NBA icon George Gervin initially wore the Nike Blazers. The brand was highlighted to the NBA fans in this way; hence this particular design was named after the regional NBA team, Portland Trail Blazers.

2. Are Nike Blazers considered sneakers?

Nike Blazers have been considered basketball sneakers from the very beginning. Now, they are also well-known as a line of classic sneakers releases. Their shoes have various options like high-top, low-top, slip-on, etc.; all of them are called sneakers by the users and the sellers.

3. How old are Nike Blazers?

Nike Blazers were officially released as basketball shoes back in 1973, making them 49 years old. Their increased popularity made them super versatile, and now people use them as skateboarding and casual shoes.

4. Are you supposed to tie Nike Blazers?

Yes, you are supposed to tie Nike Blazers to adjust the fit of the upper portion of your shoes.

You can tie your Nike Blazers and be creative by making different patterns while passing the laces through the eyelets and then just tying a knot according to your desired fit.


Are Nike Blazers real leather?

In conclusion, Nike Blazers use many materials, including genuine leather. Vegan options primarily use synthetic leather and rubber without animal ingredients.

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